Top 10 number of Characters More Powerful Than Goku

Top 10 number of Characters More Powerful Than Goku

Hey guys, these are the top 10 number of characters more powerful than Goku.

In this list, we’ll be looking at the combatants that could easily KO Dragon Ball‘s resident Super Saiyan.

Number 10, Whis. Dragon Ball Super.

Top 10 number of Characters More Powerful Than Goku

Although while Goku has a couple Heavenly Transformations under his sleeve, he is ultimately only a mortal, albeit a very powerful one. But, it’s still insufficient to compete with true deities.

Goku is obviously not powerful enough either. The two of you combined might at least be respectable enough to make it instructional, but I’m not, no, not by a long shot. Oh, but it hasn’t stopped him from trying, and Whis has consistently shown himself to be in a higher League.

Even if he managed to get close enough to deliver a hit, Goku found it difficult to have the angel utilize anything more than a single finger. Boys, I believe that’s it for now. Whis may currently be at a level that only superhumans can attain.

Moreover, Beerus’ attendant may always travel back in time to assure Goku’s triumph if he ever catches up. “I have the power to go back in time. I occasionally have to use it, such as when my Lord mistakenly destroys the star in our solar system.”

Number nine, Giorno Giovanna. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind.

Top 10 number of Characters More Powerful Than Goku

There are three key reasons why this tough brawler consistently prevails in fights. He possesses dedication, style, and—most significantly—Gold Experience Requiem. Giorno can surely deliver it without his Stand, but there isn’t much of a point because “Back to Zero” is the most comprehensive backspace on all causality.
Hence, Goku’s situation entails no power-ups, no showy techniques, and virtually no chance of winning. The Saiyan fighter would then quickly regret that he had spent more time learning the foundations, but since Gold Experience Requiem could just wipe that out as well, it wouldn’t have done him much good anyway. Giorno’s physical strength would make this happen.

Number eight, Altair. Re:Creators.

Top 10 number of Characters More Powerful Than Goku

It’s hardly a leap to argue that the Military Uniform Princess’s power is only as great as her, or more specifically, her supporters’, imagination. She is as strong as the world perceives her to be, which turns out to be quite strong, given that she is a fictional figure who has now left the constraints of storytelling.
The Almighty Hollopsicon was later given to her by the populace, which transformed Altair into the proverbial author of her own tale. He’s being killed by them?
She has the power to change the world in any way she sees fit, erase the Past, and summon armies. Although she has several swords as well, in this instance the pen is unquestionably mightier than the sword. Seventh, the Anti-Spiral. The Gurren Lagann.The Anti-Spiral may be an exception to the rule that bigger things fall harder.
Yes, Goku has accomplished some extraordinary things over the years, but this Spiral Star truly is extraordinary. Therefore it stands to reason that a Mecca the size of a Galaxy was required to engage in combat. A single person can’t really accomplish the same thing, especially if they can’t even breathe naturally in space. Many thanks
To be honest, Goku had previously battled a Big Bang Attack, but the anti-vision spiral’s more closely resembles its name. Goku may at least find comfort in the fact that other fighters would also lose the battle. Godzar would die immediately, and the entire Dragon Ball universe would also.

Number six: Haruhi Suzumiya, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Top 10 number of Characters More Powerful Than Goku

Even after defeating warlords, androids, demons, and everything in between, Goku is helpless against this naughty schoolgirl. Nicely done, Haruhi; now people are referring to you as a deity. What do you think? She can eliminate the same Warrior from existence before he enters the ring, although she probably doesn’t believe it herself.
Particularly since Goku has a bad habit of gaining power up far too slowly. What’s worst? The fact that Haruhi is unaware of her own godlike skills makes the entire situation feel even more disrespectful. We initially found it hard to believe as well. Nobody could fathom the idea that the cosmos may have been altered or even formed as a result of one girl.

Additionally frightening. After all, the only thing scarier than a Goku-beating opponent is an adolescent accidentally altering the nature of the cosmos. These giants arise out of nowhere when Miss Suzumiya’s annoyance threshold is reached. With those creatures operating on her behalf and causing destruction, I believe it serves as a type of stress relief for her.

Number five: Shinji Ikari, Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time.

Top 10 number of Characters More Powerful Than Goku

At first glance, an ever-evolving Saiyan warrior seems like an easy pick over a hesitant Eva pilot. Or that would have been the case up until the final rebuild film. There, Shinji finally gets in the damn robot again, but he also picks up the Lance of Gaius, which is good for shish kebabbing enemies and rewriting the whole world.

Eva’s angels and everything else included, for one self-reset of reality. Shinji proved that he’s far surpassed the impact of a single measly Saiyan. At least as far as their resumes are concerned. After all, Goku only saved the world. Shinji created a whole new one. Genesis.

Number four: Haruka Kaminogi, Knowing to Your Other Self.

Top 10 number of Characters More Powerful Than Goku


Ah, oh God. That doesn’t sound like a good idea to entrust a 12-year-old girl with the balance of reality. But even though Goku was already tearing up armies at Haruka’s age, that doesn’t imply it’s a good idea. The so-called “ultimate observer” more than lives up to her almighty name, so it must have worked out in either case.
Even Gods are put to shame by Haruka’s unmatched power to make existence bend to her will—and that’s when she hardly understands how to utilize it. Someone who can ripple the Multiverse with a single thought is beneath combat in new defense. It’s a good thing Goku enjoys engaging in physical combat because if he weren’t already so powerful, he wouldn’t ever need to.

Number three: EUA , Higurashi: When They Cry series.

Top 10 number of Characters More Powerful Than Goku

EUA doesn’t have the most deaths overall, even with the use of time loops, but she undoubtedly enjoyed watching them add up the most.
While the vicious mistress is satisfied to sit back and watch the spectacle, you have learned the hard way that you can surely throw down.
She then grants her time manipulation powers to deserving individuals, such as a group of youths who enjoy going on killing sprees, as an example. You are essentially the Puppet Master behind the whole series as we know it, and you do it all with only a few simple finger movements. Just be happy she doesn’t exist in his realm, Goku.

Number two: Lord of Nightmares, Slayers.

Top 10 number of Characters More Powerful Than Goku

It should come as no surprise that the position requires complete omnipotence given the moniker. Actually, this Almighty entity has control over pretty much anything and anything. “I am the Night. Beyond pitch black, beyond than the longest night. That’s how you’d characterize me.” That doesn’t even take into account her skill in battle.
Despite the fact that Goku wields dragon balls, the Lord of Nightmares is unkillable. Since there is no way to become more powerful than the source of existence, she is actually impossible to defeat. You will be destroyed if you so strongly want to be destroyed.
Lena learned that most battles may be won by simply invoking the Lord’s might.

It’s no hyperbole to say that this is the Lord of Nightmare’s world, and the Slayers are just living in it. “The chaos that forever exists within me has consumed her. Ah, damn it all.”

Number one: Kami Tenchi, Tenchi Muyo series.

Top 10 number of Characters More Powerful Than Goku

Admittedly, very little is known about this fabled creature. No history, no purpose, and no recognized name. Yes, but despite the plethora of unanswered questions, one thing is certain. The anime character known as Kami Tenchi is arguably the most powerful due to his or her limitless knowledge, unimaginable might, and presence outside of reality.
That is all you truly need to know. Nonetheless, Kami Tenchi worked extraordinarily quickly to rewrite infinite as proof. Goku couldn’t possibly hope to even catch a sight of such a beast, much less compete with it. The power of a harem protagonist appears to be unparalleled because only the original Tenchi was deemed worthy enough.

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