Top 10 Zombie Anime

Top 10 Zombie Anime

Top 10 zombie animes. Zombie animes are quite hectic, but that’s what makes them so entertaining. The zombie epidemic and undead joke cliche can never be too much. Well, we’ll be talking about zombie animes today – the top 10 zombie animes. I have quite a wide range of premises, you’ll definitely find at least a couple of them that you haven’t watched yet. Well then, shall we begin?

Number ten of zombie anime: “Gyo Tokyo Fish Attack”

Top 10 Zombie Anime

Number 10: Ito Junji’s manga “Gyogyo Tokyo Fish Attack” was made into an anime film. For those of you who don’t know him, this man has established a solid reputation as a master of the horror genre. The focus of the one-hour film is a young woman by the name of Kauri. She is looking forward to the seaside and all that beauty and is extremely enthusiastic about her vacation to Okinawa.

She has no idea, though, that this journey will be anything but the excursion she had in mind. The water creatures gain legs and start devastating the land like mindless zombies as a result of something. The approaching horror and the horrible smell of death make the situation even more serious. How will Kauri and the rest deal with this?

Number nine of zombie anime: “Seoul Station”

Top 10 Zombie Anime

You might be familiar with the movie “Train to Busan” if you recognize number 9: “Seoul Station.” It’s a well-liked action-horror movie with a South Korean setting. Although this particular video is a prequel to the renowned “Train to Busan” movie, it was directed by a Korean filmmaker, and its plot shows how the zombie pandemic begins in downtown Seoul. Now, if you like the movie “Train to Busan” and want some strange zombie content, you might appreciate this one. But, bear in mind that the CGI in this one is enhanced.

Number eight of zombie anime: “The Outcast”

Top 10 Zombie Anime

The animation “The Outcast,” which is also accessible in Japanese dub, comes next after South Korea. Zhang Tulan, the protagonist, is followed throughout the story. He had just happened to be visiting his grandma’s grave in the cemetery when a swarm of zombies appeared out of nowhere and began assaulting him. Zhang Chulan did not find it amusing.

Thankfully, a mysterious female showed up at the scene and used kitchen knives to stop the zombies before they could grow in number. Later, Chulan runs into her at his college and quickly realizes that the problem isn’t yet solved. There have been numerous episodes of this anime over the years; heck, the recent fight sequences have been on par with what Japanese top tier animations have to offer.

Number seven: “High School of the Dead”

Top 10 Zombie Anime

High School of the Dead, which comes in at number seven, flexes its animation through fluid oppai movement. The fan service is amazing, and although there is a plot, it takes a backseat to the action and lets those elements take the lead. It starts one day when a zombie outbreak appears out of nowhere. A young guy, his friend, the girlfriend of his best friend, a few more girls, and then some are among the few survivors of a large high school.

The majority of their time is spent finding new hiding places and attempting to defend themselves against the zombies. In addition, this series has an OVA sequel that goes over and above in terms of fan service.

Number six of zombie anime: “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress”

Top 10 Zombie Anime

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, which comes in at number six, is sort of a Titan-related assault. No, actually, if you’re only considering the basic premise, not much distinguishes it from the widely praised Attack on Titan. Yet, if I stated they were the same thing, I’d be lying. Nevertheless, the kabane—zombie-like creatures—in this anime have forced civilisation to dwell partially in seclusion. Then there is Akoma, an engineer. These cabins irritate him more than anything else.

If he could, he would put everything into a blender and then turn it on, but he is unable to do so. In fact, sooner rather than later, before the boy could use his weapon to exterminate them, something happens that triggers him to take a half-human, half-cabin autonomy. I’d say if you’re looking for light fantasy comedy, this anime definitely checks the boxes.

Number five of zombie anime: “Sunday Without God”

Top 10 Zombie Anime

The fifth is a Sunday without God. The characters in this story’s world face a serious conundrum. Simply put, God has given up on the world. Life can no longer be created or ended. The dead can do nothing except continue to move around among the living.

Ai is a little girl who is one of the mystical beings called grave guards that God did create before abandoning the world to its sorrow. They employ a special power of burial to assist the dead in finding peace in their graves. In place of her deceased mother, she has assumed this duty. But one day, an enigmatic man shows up and massacres the entire population of her community. Ai decides to as she has nothing else to do. Since Ai had nothing else to do, she decides to accompany the man on his travels. Little does she know this fellow is her father.

Number four of zombie anime: “Is This a Zombie?”

Top 10 Zombie Anime

The fourth one is Is This a Zombie? Ayumu Aikawa is the little boy in this picture. He ultimately decides to investigate a location that appears somewhat odd after his curiosity wins out over him. Nevertheless, before he could satisfy his curiosity, the young boy tragically dies at the hands of someone. He clearly passes away, but the story is not over yet.

He opens his eyes once more after a little interval to discover a strange girl standing next to him. She presents herself as a necromancer and claims that it was she who used her powers to bring him back to life as a zombie. Instantaneously, Ayumu sets out to find his murderer and adapt to life as a zombie.

Number three of zombie anime: “School-Live!”Top 10 Zombie Anime

The third option is School-Live! This anime may initially appear to be just another slice-of-life about pretty high school ladies doing pretty things, but there is more to it than that. Yuki Takeya and the other School Living Club members are followed throughout the narrative. The head of the club, the counselor of the club, a few other girls, and their dog are all present. They all reside on campus. Yeah, their group has just one rule: members must stay on the grounds of the school. You’ll have to research the reason for such being the case. Just be aware that this anime is not what it first appears to be.

Number two of zombie anime: “Zombieland Saga”

Top 10 Zombie Anime

Oh, my, what’s wrong? Zombieland Saga is ranked second. Sakura Minamoto and a few other ladies are followed in Zombieland Saga as they battle to establish themselves as an idol brand. Sakura had always wanted to be an idol, but 10 years ago, a truck hit her and killed her instantly before she could realize her dream. She once more opened her eyes, but she has no memory of the past at all.

She is informed by a guy by the name of Kyotaro Tatsumi that she and six other females from various times have all been resurrected and that their purpose is to become an idol group in order to boost the Saga Prefacture’s economy. Their careers as music stars get underway in an instant. How will they reclaim their former selves while also concealing their zombie selves? If you approach this with the expectation that it will merely be a music anime, I think you’ll be pleasantly pleased.

Number one of zombie anime: “Gungrave”

Top 10 Zombie Anime

Number one, Gungrave. The story follows two manly men named Brandon and Harry. They are both best friends who share a bond equal to that of brothers. Usually, they live quite simple lives, end up in street brawls, seduce women, and do a little crime every now and then to make ends meet.

But when a notorious mafia organization appears, everything is different. They are forced to join their ranks; however, Brandon, a buddy of Harry’s, wants the mafia to just vanish after they kidnapped a girl he loves. Harry aspires to become the next mafia boss. Their ideologies clash, things happen, and Harry plans the murder of Brandon, his best friend. Even though the man is resurrected as a zombie, this time he is unstoppable and prepared to reclaim the one he trusted the most.

That’s all, folks! Now guys, what did you think of these animes? Have you watched them, or are you planning on watching them? Share your thoughts in the comments down below. Press that like button if you enjoyed the blog. Leave a comment and I’ll personally reply to your comment. Well then, I’ll see you guys on my next blog.

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