All About Dragon Ball Z Symbols – The Unique Point!

All About Dragon Ball Z Symbols - The Unique Point!
In the Dragon Ball franchise, Goku regularly changes his fighting outfits as well as other clothing items. His outfits are designed to look life-threatening and make him all the more awesome and so does Dragon Ball Z Symbols
He mostly wears his turtle hermit, which has various symbols on it and each has a specific meaning. Even though he’s been trained in Master Roshi’s Turtle Hermit School, he will still show off the King Kai’s kanji only if he had been trained with the Kai world.
Dragon Ball Z Symbols
All About Dragon Ball Z Symbols – The Unique Point!
Goku, the main character in Dragon Ball, is the only one who wears the maximum number of symbols throughout the series. He only wore these symbols to pay respect to his masters, who had assisted him in developing his amazing martial arts skills. As a matter of fact, every fighter has a symbol they wear that represents their school or master with pride.
In this article, we discuss all the symbols of Goku that he wears over his uniform. You can learn about the significance of each symbol and which arcs he’s wearing them throughout. Some people think the Gi symbol is just a shirt because it’s on his shirt but others have different perspectives on it.
Now, without further ado, let’s get into the list of all the Gi symbols of Goku in the Dragon Ball franchise.

1. Shirt with Goku’s kanji on it

goku kanji
All About Dragon Ball Z Symbols – The Unique Point!
Goku’s Kanji is a gi symbol he created, which represented his thoughts. It was the only symbol that he wore throughout the Namekian and Frieza sagas. This shirt represented Goku during his trip to the planet Namek when trying to help his son Gohan and Piccolo.
Gohan is the only one who is able to wear both Goku’s kanji and those of different characters in Dragon Ball. This indicates that he’s perfecting his skills, likely by watching his own father teach him.
When not fighting in his traditional yellow gi, Goku dons the kanji for “man” on his chest. Most of the time, this kanji will be in red, with some other kanji on it.

2. Master Roshi’s Kanji – Dragon Ball Z Symbols

Master Roshi’s Kanji
All About Dragon Ball Z Symbols – The Unique Point!
Master Roshi’s Kanji is the first gi symbol of Goku’s clothing. He got his uniform from Master Roshi after completing his martial arts training, and it looks like a very simple article of clothing consisting of an orange tank top, loose slacks, and blue shoes. He also has white socks on.
In this uniform, Goku sports a blue wristband and a dark obi. On the back of his shirt is a symbol that reads ‘Master Roshi’s kanji symbol’, while on the front is smaller one. The meaning of this gi symbol is ‘turtle,’ which shows that it’s only obtained by students of turtle school.
In the Tenkaichi Tournament, Goku first wear this symbol on his chest. Throughout the Dragon Ball series, Krillin and Yamcha also wear it. In the Saiyan Saga, Goku wore it until he was killed by his elder brother, Raditz.

3. King Kai – Dragon Ball Z Symbols’s Kanji

king kai kanji

All About Dragon Ball Z Symbols – The Unique Point!

And for the first time, Goku is wearing this shirt on the back of his Master Roshi’s outfit as he continues his training on King Kai’s planet. It means “world king,” which is perfect for referencing that the user has been trained by King Kai and in turn made strong from.
Goku only wears this gi symbol when he fights Nappa and Vegeta in the Saiyan Saga. He does not wear it again after that, but does wear it briefly when training to fight against Beerus in the film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. Other characters that wear this gi symbol on their basic uniforms include King Kai and Yamcha.

4. Whis Symbols

whis symbols

All About Dragon Ball Z Symbols – The Unique Point!

Goku wears a new gi symbol over his super heavy training suit. He had it created by Whis after he decided to train with the old Kaioshin in episode 109 of Dragon Ball Super. It’s orange with silver pocket and lines that allude to its light-up features.
When it comes to symbols, there is always a meaning. The symbol known as Whis is the Angel of Universe 7, signing his name in the God language. In Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F Goku wore this symbol for the first time. Vegeta was the only character who wore it besides Goku. He wore the logo over both his battle suit and super heavy training suit.

5. Capsule Corporation Logos

Capsule Corporation Logo
All About Dragon Ball Z Symbols – The Unique Point!
While this is a cool story, the Capsule Corporation Logo never existed. As you can probably imagine, everyone who wears it does not work for the company and is just wearing it because they want to be cool.
The marketing tactic used by the Capsule Corporation is to create a logo that has no meaning.

6. Galactic Patrol Logo

Galactic Patrol Logo
All About Dragon Ball Z Symbols – The Unique Point!
The Galactic Patrol logo is a symbol of heroes and masters who bravely journey throughout the galaxy to protect its inhabitants. In a recent manga series, Goku wore this kind of identifying symbol for the first time. He was a temporary member of the Galactic Patrol, working with Vegeta.
That’s it for this post! These are All About Dragon Ball Z Symbols for Goku.

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