The Top 10 Action Anime with Female Protagonists

The Top 10 Action Anime with Female Protagonists

Top 10 Best Action Animes with Female Main Characters. Action anime that features a badass female protagonist might be few and far between, but the few that get it just right are genuinely delightful to watch and experience. I was asked to do a top 10 best action anime with female main characters blog, and here we are. Well then, shall we talk about these badass ladies?

Number ten, Canaan

The Top 10 Action Anime with Female Protagonists

Sister, the story begins with a Japanese photographer named Maria who is living and working in China together with a man named Minoru. It’s a tough world out there, both of them had to repeatedly come up with more and more interesting stories to share, or otherwise they’ll be in the red.

Though it doesn’t take long before something interesting comes up. While investigating what was happening at a local festival, the duo is caught up in a heated battle between a crazy white-haired girl named Canaan and a few masked men.

Fortunately, Canaan helps them escape before things get any more complicated, but this was still the beginning of what was about to happen next. As you might have already guessed, the badass girl we are talking about is Canaan. Her village got destroyed because of a war, and she was the only survivor.

Her heart burns with the desire for revenge, and it keeps getting stronger and stronger. But will this encounter with Maria finally bring some change in her dark life?

number nine, Gunslinger Girl.

The Top 10 Action Anime with Female Protagonists

Gunslinger Girl is a prominent anime from the early 2000s. The story takes place in the heart of Italy, where there is an organization called the Social Welfare Agency, which essentially gives young, disabled girls a second shot at life.

However, it’s not that noble. With the use of cybernetics, the girls get artificially enhanced bodies and are brainwashed into becoming assassins that repeatedly get their hands dirty for the sake of the government.

But as ruthless as they may be while carrying out their mission, they are still young girls at heart and have plenty of emotions to deal with. I’d say since Gunslinger Girl features more than one female lead, you can also expect plenty of badasses.

Number eight, “Bofuri: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, So I’ll Max Out My Defense.”

The Top 10 Action Anime with Female Protagonists

Of course, this list is incomplete without a solid Izakaya anime in here. The story follows a girl named Kaide who is essentially talked and baited into playing a popular virtual reality game called New World Online.

She names her avatar Maple and begins the journey. Though because of her inexperience with such games, the element of caution, she ends up putting all of her stats into defense-oriented skills, and thus in turn becomes almost impossible to defeat. Her defense skills compound and give birth to even more defense skills.

It’s a spiral, and before she knows it, she becomes the literal embodiment of resistance.

Number seven: VIVY: Fluorite eye’s song

The Top 10 Action Anime with Female Protagonists

Song Vivi is a solid with Studio Production as well as one of the most prominent anime of 2021. With an emotional-rich tune and extremely visual appeal, it tells us the story of Vivi. She is the first autonomous humanoid AI in history, and her sole mission is to make everyone happy with her songs.

And it’s integral that she does it, because if she fails, mankind will be destroyed because of artificial intelligence that’s not a prediction, rather an absolute fact which took place before a scientist named Masamoto managed to return to the past and set things right. I’d say if you enjoyed Violet Evergarden, you’ll enjoy Vivi too, and if you haven’t watched Violet Evergarden, you should definitely do so.

That anime also features a badass female protagonist, foreign exceptional Adventure fantasy that makes itself stand out because of the Immaculate execution of the plot. The anime is wonderful, and the manga is amongst the highest rated on anime databases.

Number six: Yona of the dawn.

The Top 10 Action Anime with Female Protagonists

The story follows a princess named Yona. She is beautiful, blessed, and childlike. The only major worries she has is whether or not she’ll be able to marry her childhood friend and, of course, the unconventional color of her hair as well.

Things don’t go smoothly, and her father rejects their marriage for one reason or another, but this was still only the start of what was soon going to shake the very essence of Yona’s existence at its core. I won’t spoil, but this anime features one of the most well-executed anime betrayals of all time.

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Well then, let’s get back to this list.

Number five: Claymore.

The Top 10 Action Anime with Female Protagonists

Claymore is an anime adaptation of an exceptional manga. The story gets dark and makes you wonder if it’s even a shonen or not. It takes place in a medieval time period. Shape-shifting creatures called Yoma just roam around to quench their thirst for human blood. They also take up human appearances and destroy societies from the inside.

And their greatest adversaries are strong, ruthless women called Claymore. They are half-human and half-Yoma. People are generally scared of them, which leaves killing Yoma the only major career option for them. This is the story of a Claymore named Claire and an ordinary boy called Rocky, who willfully accompany her on her journey.

Number four: Kill la Kill.

The Top 10 Action Anime with Female Protagonists

I bet most of you saw this anime coming. Kill la Kill embodies the whole idea of having badass female protagonists. She is likable, smart, beautiful, and of course, a badass. It’s about a young girl named Ryoko who sets out on a crusade to find the one who killed her father.

She has half of the weapon of her father had come up with, and she is more or less aware that whoever has the other half is related to her father’s death.

Just like that, she rolls into an obscure school where the student council has more power than the president and the story hasn’t even gotten to the good part yet. Watch it guys, you’ll have a good time.

Number three: Spy x Family.

The Top 10 Action Anime with Female Protagonists

Spy x Family has completely shaken up the anime community.

Despite the fact that we are only a few episodes in, the anime is already fighting with other highest-rated anime for a spot in the top three highest-rated anime on MyAnimeList.

Hype is indeed a factor, but you can’t ignore the impact this anime has had on the whole anime community, and one of the three primary protagonists is Yor Forger, a badass innocent lady who plays the role of a dunce mother and a ruthless assassin simultaneously. She’ll elegantly take her life for granted.

Number two, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean.

The Top 10 Action Anime with Female Protagonists

Stone Ocean is the sixth installment in the legendary JoJo franchise. The anime adaptation of this part is currently ongoing, but unlike a weekly release, the episodes are getting released in a batch of 12.

So far, only the first batch has been released, but the anticipation for the upcoming episode is at an all-time high. You should also catch up before it returns. Now, unlike the previous JoJo parts, Part 6 features a female JoJo. It’s Jotano’s daughter Jolene. She messed up and got imprisoned at the Great Dolphin Street Jail.

However, it doesn’t take long before her father comes up and explains to her imprisonment was a ploy to take her out. Considering she’s a descendant of the Joe Scott bloodline, things are heating up, and the next batch of episodes will be out sometime later this year. Let’s wait and see how Jolene’s bizarre adventure in this prison goes, you know?

Number one, Black Lagoon.

The Top 10 Action Anime with Female Protagonists

More than Kill La Kill or any other anime on this list, this anime that truly embodies the badass female main character element is an exceptionally high complex and just genuinely intriguing badass protagonist.

She doesn’t fall into a particular trope and has plenty of nuanced traits. She isn’t morally right either, as there have been multiple cases of her simply murdering innocent people for her sake. She is the combatant of a group called Black Lagoon and is nearly impossible to defeat. So there you have it, folks.

These were the top 10 best action anime with female main characters. What do you guys think? These anime, have you watched them? Are you planning on watching them? Share your thoughts in the comments down below.

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