Which Side Attack On Titan Zeke Yeager In Attack On Titan?

Which Side Attack On Titan Zeke Yeager In Attack On Titan?
What makes Attack on Titan a unique and suspenseful show is how the protagonist’s appearance changes throughout the story. He starts out as a villain, but in later episodes, we see he’s been doing his best to save humanity whilst fighting with what he believes is justice. With all this confusion, who can truly say if he’s good or evil? I’m going through every episode of Attack on Titan to find out exactly Attack On Titan Zeke Yeager Side

A Look at Attack On Titan

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Hajime Isayama is the creator and artist of this epic series. This series is also known by its Japanese name, “Shingeki no Kyojin.” With its first season, this series gained huge popularity not only in Asia, but around the world. Whenever a new season is released, it exceeds all expectations and raises the bar for the anime genre.
What makes this series interesting is that it features a variety of different characters, each with their own goals and motivations. Everyone wants to protect their loved ones, whether they’re good or evil. There’s not a single person who falls into either category in this phenomenal book series.
We have revealed an extensive amount of unknown information from the perspective of a main character in one installment so far. This leaves a lot of questions for viewers to ponder. Will he be good or evil?
Let’s find out all the information about Zeke Yeager. Maybe he’s a good person, or maybe he’s an evil one.

About Attack On Titan Zeke Yeager

Attack On Titan Zeke Yeager

One of the main antagonists of the Attack on Titan series, Zeke Yeager is Eren Yeager’s belligerent half-brother and the son of Grisha Yeager and Dina Fritz. He has a tall, well-built body with grey eyes and blonde hair. His personality is very sarcastic and sadistic.
Zeke is also a member of the royal family on his mother’s side. He lived in Marley and worked as a captain in the military unit of the Marley Warriors. As an intelligent and thoughtful person, he always puts the mission first when doing things, putting his goal ahead any other concern. Zeke is one of the heirs to one of the most powerful titans ever, called Beast Titan.
Zeke is known for being curious, as seen in the Clash of the Titans arc. In this arc, he explores a soldier’s machine to learn how it works. Zeke takes his work seriously, and as a result became a great leader during the Warrior Marley arc. He also had excellent control when commanding Marley’s troops and even the Titans followed his every order.
In many ways, Zeke is considered the strongest warrior by his fellow Titans’ holders and Marley’s army. He also uses manipulation to achieve his goals and objectives.

Attack On Titan Zeke Yeager ‘s Past

Zeke Yeager childhood


Zeke Yeager was born in the year at a very young age, with what his parents thought to be too sweet and bright of a personality. His father, Grisha Yeager, is an Eldian living in the Marleyian internment zone of Marley. His mother, Dina Fritz, is the last descendant of royalty living in Liberio City, a territory under the Marleyian administration. They were planning on sending Zeke to the Marley Warrior Program to play the role as a spy for them in overthrowing the current government.
As a child, Zeke joined the Marleyan Warrior Guild and helped hold up the world’s ideals. Although he never intended to share his grandfather’s racist views, a lot of listening to old men with blades told him his opinions in turn. His heart was slowly but surely filled with hate towards Eldians and nothing he does seems good enough.
Beast Titans are mythical creatures that have both physical and mental strengths. Zeke was close to getting a Beast Titan, but things didn’t work out in the end. Ksaver, a former Beast Titan holder, also complimented him on his pitching abilities.
Zeke is best known for being Marley’s most loyal warrior and one of the surviving members of the Survey Corps. They have in turn succeeded in inheriting one of Beast Titan’s powerful Titans, which also happened to be Zeke.

Attack On Titan Zeke Yeager ‘s Titan Form

Zeke Yeager titan

Zeke is the most loyal soldier in all of history who starts receiving power when he’s 17. His instructor happens to be the Beast Titan himself, Ksaver. Zeke has a unique ability due to his spinal fluid which comes from his royal blood. This ability allows him to transform any subject into a Titan and control them by screaming.
Zeke is a Titan of unusual size. He’s 17 metres tall and has an ape-like appearance with the typical body posture of Titans. As much as it took him time to get used to his new form, he became one of the only ones who could speak human language.
In the return to Shiganshina arc, Zeke uses his Beast Titan form to bombard enemy soldiers with rocks. In it, he becomes very cold and ruthless by becoming an unstoppable entity that can’t be stopped. He’s also willing to let a group of Titans eat Mike when he pleases.
Attack On Titan Zeke Yeager ‘s Titan form surprises Erwin Smith and his entire survey corps by effortlessly killing them. He showcases his excellent pitching skills by throwing pieces of rock at them. He is also able to fight Levi Ackerman, but unfortunately, he can’t defeat him. The most popular action sequence in the Attack on Titan series is Zeke’s gloves-off fight with Levi.

Is Zeke Yeager considered a right-side person?

Zeke Yeager

Attack On Titan Zeke Yeager may be considered dark and twisted, but the man does have some good qualities. It’s true that he is the Fallen for a reason because his ideology is dark and twisted, but he did do some good things as well. He was also a hero to Marley before betraying them. Zeke only used his titan power to help Marley fight against their antagonist’s nation.
Zeke exhibits his warm and kind nature outside of the battlefield. He has charisma, acts modest around those in power, and shares a friendly relationship with his colleagues. He is quite approachable, and even cracks jokes for them. He also believes that he, Eren, and Yeager are all victims of their father’s decision to have them turned into Titans.
Zeke worked to protect and help the Eldians. He helped Marley’s invasion fighters fight against them. He doesn’t want to fight, but rather he wants Eren Yeager’s help in order to complete his goal. In the end of Season 3, it turned out that he had been betrayed, and so he gathered all of the unconscious titan shifters against him. He wants to stop Eren from destroying the entire world.

Is Zeke Yeager an evil man?

Zeke Jaeger evil
Attack On Titan Zeke Yeager was originally introduced as a villain for the inhabitants of Paradise Island. His views on the Eldians’ prospects in society were extremely negative and destructive, which led to him plotting a plan to remove all the Eldians from the world by any means.
Zeke is the commanding officer of Marley’s army, and he proved to be an effective and aggressive warrior. His conduct can be quite extreme at times, especially when it comes to punishing or abandoning people who fail him. Zeke is always focused on his mission, and he will put himself in harm’s way to complete it.
Zeke had a life of suffering, hardship, and the uncertainty of death before he joined Marley’s army. Just like Holden Caulfield before him, he saw no hope or life outside of being with the regiment. His childhood was characterized by experiencing evil first-hand as well as feeling powerless and only having attention paid to him when he committed evil deeds (like turning his parents in to Marley’s army).
In the Clash of Titans arc, Zeke turned an entire village on Paradise Island into Titans. He compassionlessly killed all those innocent men, women and children with no remorse, however in the series finale he ran away from his own murderous acts and fled to somewhere unknown.

What is Zeke Yeager’s ultimate goal?

Zeke Jaeger goal

Although Attack On Titan Zeke Yeager wants to abolish the power of the Titans, he would rather do it in a merciful way. His ultimate goal is called “Euthanization Plan,” and it’s to relieve the world from fear brought on by the Titans and rid the Eldians of their suffering. As a result, he would like to use the power of the Founding Titan to be able to sterilize all Eldians. So that they cannot reproduce and will become extinct within 100 years.
Zeke believes that the Eldians are the greatest threat to humanity and that they’re the cause of all war. He thinks it would make a world free from the Eldians if they were liquidated.
Zeke Yeager is one of the Eldians, yet he was the one that wanted to see their extinction. He saw this extinction as their salvation and loved them all nonetheless and Attack On Titan Zeke Yeager being one of the most loveable Attack On Titan Character.

Is Attack On Titan Zeke Yeager successful in completing his goal?


Zeke Yeager didn’t succeed in his ultimate goal, but was close to doing so. Sadly, Eren Yeager prevented him from achieving it, and Zeke is trying to get his brother to agree. Unfortunately, he can’t for the time-being because of Eren.
After learning the truth about the danger of his brother’s future memory ability, Zeke no longer loves him. Zeke also knows that their father is innocent and should be manipulated by Eren.
When Zeke is risking his life to achieve his goal, Eren tries to take the power from him. However, Ymir is able to convince and manipulate him into not granting Zeke’s wish. Finally, Eren succeeds in convincing her and gets all the power of the founding titan, failing Zeke’s goal.


Attack On Titan Zeke Yeager is a good person as well as an evil person. He is a character that isn’t all good or all bad, he’s gray. In the Attack on Titan series, there are many gray characters and they do both good and bad things. Zeke gave all his power to Marley’s army, but then betrayed them and helped or supported Eren when they went against Marley.
Zeke was the grandson of a general and got military training in the books his grandfather liked. One day, he came across The Book of Number Seven and loved it so much that he quickly devoured all the other books in that series as well. Zeke’s personality comes from his lack of guidance from parents during his childhood.
That is all about one of the most questionable about Attack On Titan Zeke Yeager!
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