Eldia’s 9 Types Of Titans In Attack On Titan Ranked

Types Of Titans
The types of titans in Attack On Titan are the key players in the story. While the current inheritors of the nine titans are split across Marley and Eldia, they all originally emerged from Ymir Fritz, who is the founding titan.
After the death of Ymir Fritz, her power was split among her nine daughters. Nine Titans were born; each would have a special skill or ability. Unfortunately, there was an obvious difference in power between the Titans. Now let’s take a look at which one is the strongest to the weakest!

1. Leader of the nine types of titans in Attack On Titan – Founding Titan

types of titans in Attack On Titan
The Titan who founded the world was the most powerful of all of its brethren. With the founding Titan’s ability to manipulate the minds and bodies of other Titans and Eldians, it could erase their memories or even alter reality itself.
It was able to control large numbers of colossal Titans with ease, setting up a wall that separated both races from monsters lurking outside of it. The power this Titan wields leaves nothing to be desired, showcasing how overwhelming its force is and how leadership this types of titans in Attack On Titan have.

2. Attack Titan – Fearless and strongest in all types of titans in Attack On Titan.

Attack On Titan
The attack Titan is the most powerful types of titans in Attack On Titan. It has been seen fighting against the strongest female Titans, an extremely large and powerful giant, and even a completely different kind of Titan. Its deadly attributes include hardening any part of its body as needed and inheriting a strong willed individual. In terms of combat, it’s an absolute monster.

3. Beast Titan is a combat-focused types of titans in Attack On Titan that specializes in long-ranged attacks.

zeke yeager

The Beast Titan is called the Beast Titan because it’s an entirely different beast. In currently, this titan is the only one capable of using human language. Its scream can manipulate pure titans that were created by its spinal fluid. It has immense physical strength enough to fight colossal and great accuracy which was displayed when it destroyed the survey corps with rocks.
However, as they mentioned in season 4 of Attack On Titan, this types of titans in Attack On Titan pretty useless in close combat.

4. Armored Titan – the most durable types of titans in Attack On Titan

Armored Titan
Anja’s body is covered in a durable armor that is exceptionally tough to break through. It can also withstand missiles, but it can’t withstand a strong enough attack or strong enough push. Other than its abilities, Reiner’s ability to control his consciousness allows him to behead himself and remain alive.

5. Female Titan – the fastest ability inheritance types of titans in Attack On Titan

Female Titan
Annie is a skilled fighter and can use her special abilities to cause considerable damage. She’s able to call upon the most powerful titans like Eren and Mikasa, but can only do so for a short duration of time. Her skills include holding her own against half of the other types of titans in Attack On Titan on this list, as well as being an expert at close combat techniques and having great mobility in combat.

6. Warhammer Titan – The only types of titans in Attack On Titan that can create weapons

This Warhammer titan is incredibly strong and tough to take down. The user needs to be on the inside of the Titan, while the enemy must find out where it is hiding. Success depends on whether or not the opponent believes the enemy is inside of a hardened Titan shell.

7. Colossal Titan – Biggest types of titans in Attack On Titan

Colossal Titans
Determined to rank even higher, the Titans of the Air seeks to surpass all other Attack On Titan ‘s titans. While it’s larger than all others on this list, it’s slower and weaker in combat than most. Its attacks are more powerful when it remains still, but during battle as soon as it releases steam, its power dramatically drops. This titan typically excels at short and explosive battles designed for fast kills.

8. Jaw Titan – Nimblest types of titans in Attack On Titan

This types of titans in Attack On Titan has the most powerful jaw of all the Attack On Titan, able to pierce through Titan’s hardening. It is known for being the swiftest and can be extremely mobile in areas with trees or houses. It’s small and powerful, but it’s a lower-rank Titan because it can’t jump in comparison to others.

9. Cart Titan – Most useful, multipurpose platform Types of titans in Attack On Titan

The Cart Titan in Attack on Titan
The powerful cart Titan has the high endurance needed to push tiring tasks for hours, as well as a good speed that allows it to carry loads. It also can transform into a titan and keep going without rest for hundreds of time, with the speed of second only to the Jaw titan. The cart Titan is primarily used to transport gun-toting luggage and other important objects, but isn’t quite fit for fighting on its own.
Here is a list of types of titans in Attack On Titan and their ranking. What do you think about them?
Let us know in the comment section below!

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