Unveiling the Secrets of Attack on Titan: 15 Little-Known Facts

Unveiling the Secrets of Attack on Titan: 15 Little-Known Facts

let’s unveiling the Secrets: 15 Little-Known Facts about Attack on Titan

Unveiling the Secrets of Attack on Titan: 15 Little-Known Facts

Attack on Titan: Fact number one

Starting off at number one, Hajime Isayama, the creator of the series, has admitted that the inspiration for designing the Titans the way that we see them in the series, which is infamously renowned as weird, creepy-looking, was because he encountered a drunk customer while working at an internet cafe.

He was inspired by the inability of the drunk customer to communicate with him even though they were both of the same species. This train of thought made him think the most familiar and scaring species in the world is actually the human being.

Attack on Titan: Fact number two

Fact number two, Hajime, the creator of the series, has also mentioned that the setting of the series is inspired from his childhood in which he lived in a rural Japanese town which was surrounded by mountains. This motivated the idea of creating mountains and trees as the barrier for the Titans.

However, he deemed it too unrealistic as walls seemed more permissible and solid to stop Titans. Hajime also stated that one day he wanted to go beyond those mountains, and this goal of going beyond one mountain is conveyed to the character Aron as he also wants to go beyond the walls.

Attack on Titan: Fact number three

Fact number three, Hajime, the creator of the series, has admitted in an interview he originally planned to end the series in a dramatic way such as killing off a huge amount of main characters much like the infamous ending in the film, The Mist.

However, after the release of the anime and its huge success with audiences around the world, literally going viral, he changed his mind as he didn’t want to create such a traumatic and daunting ending to the series.

Attack on Titan: Fact number four

Fact number four, Hajime Isayama has stated his favorite character of the series is Jean due to his ability to be blunt and say exactly what he’s thinking despite the circumstances.

Attack on Titan: Fact number five

Fact number five, the character Sasha was originally supposed to die after the female Titan arc around the manga chapter 36, but due to her popularity with fans, the writer decided to keep her alive. So let’s keep going guys, let’s play our favorite game, how to stay alive, let’s just make the popular come on back.

Attack on Titan: Fact number six

Fact number six, MMA fighter Yushin Okami, as well as WWE star Brock Lesnar, were used as the design models for Eren’s Titan form and armor Titans. Hajime stated that Yushin Okami has an ideal middleweight physique and he based the Titans off this.

Attack on Titan: Fact number seven

Fact number seven, in the pilot of the manga series, the freely maneuver-gated actually exists in the pilot. Humans were actually able to jump tall buildings when fighting Titans. I think the freely maneuver gear actually is a great addition to the series as it helps lock points that makes things a bit more realistic and adds physics.

I think one of the great things about the show is how it kind of makes it more acceptable in terms of thinking, “Yeah, I can see this type of shit happening. I can see us building free time 3D terrifying time. Come on, hell it, but we’ll all be shitting our pants.”

Attack on Titan: Fact number eight

Fact number 8: all the Titans in the series, including the ones we see in the city, are based on real people with minor changes. This is what adds to their creepy faces as you are witnessing real faces in an anime type environment. The creator of the series has actually even portrayed himself in the series, as you can see from this picture.

Attack on Titan: Fact number nine

Number 9: the top five favorite characters in all polled for Attack on Titan. At number one is Levi, and number two is Eren. Number three is Mikasa, and number four is Sasha (that’s why she stayed alive), and finally, it’s Krista.

Attack on Titan: Fact number ten

Fact number 10: two main characters from the series are based on the movie Watchmen. Levi is based on Rorschach, and Erwin is based on Ozymandias (hopefully I pronounced that right).

Attack on Titan: Fact number eleven

Number 11: Dot Pixis’s character design is modeled after a general in the Japanese Imperial Army, which resulted in the creator of the series receiving some death threats. Talk about taking things too seriously. What the hell?

Attack on Titan: Fact number twelve

Fact number 12: Hanji Zoe, a character, is deemed to be one of the most questionable characters in the series in terms of sexuality and gender. The creator of Attack on Titan has admitted himself that he does not know whether or not Hanji is a girl or boy and always makes playful remarks about it in interviews by not confirming it on purpose, making us fans debate upon the topic.

I guess it’s much like Haku in Naruto, when we found out he was a boy, we were like, “What the hell?” And in the anime, we know she sounds like a girl, but if you go back to the manga, it’s not clear at all because her or his gender is not explicitly said, and no pronouns or suffixes are used or anything. She kind of looks like a boy or girl in the manga pictures, so it’s pretty much up to us to judge upon.

Attack on Titan: Fact number thirteen

Fact number 13: if you translate “Shingeki No Kyojin,” it actually translates to “Advancing Giants,” which makes a lot of sense once you understand the enemy and the plot.

However, the creator of the manga wants you to name it “Attack on Titan,” even though it doesn’t make a lot of sense. As the name “Attack on Titan,” but if you’re the creator of this series and you’re making multi-million dollar bucks, no one’s gonna say anything to you.

Attack on Titan: Fact number fourteen

Number fourteen, Attack on Titan is the first manga in many years, I believe it’s five years, to break the top three and come first in manga sales, which we all know is One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach that always comes up.

Attack on Titan actually creeped up to eight point four million copies in some of its best weeks, which is almost double what One Piece sells, coming in at second at four point nine million copies. So I guess it just illustrates to us how popular and viral the anime has actually become.

It is receiving two live-action movies. Imagine becoming that popular and viral that two movie Hollywood star movies are being created. That is mad crazy.

Attack on Titan: Fact number fifteen

Fact number 15, Isayama has admitted in an interview that while creating the Colossal Titan, which we know he was actually using a very second drawing app for practicing drawing human beings, originally he made the enormous Titan to be a stone-like body with teeth growing all over it, which should have been disgusting as hell anyway.

He wanted to use him as an iconic character for the manga but then he decided to change the chief and disgusting type creature that you all just imagine it making me sick. He decided to change the teeth into muscles as it would have been cool instead and they ended up the way he did first.

Anyway, guys, that’s the end of the blog. I hope you guys enjoyed. Go mars me for the next blog, and hopefully, like and comment and say whatever sentence. See you next time!

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