Top Of Best Quotes From Attack On Titan Season 1 To Season 3!

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Best Quotes From Attack On Titan

Attack on Titan is an anime which features a world in which humanity has been enclosed within walls to stay away from the Titans, who are huge, nearly-humanoid creatures that have caused destruction and mayhem . Titans, also known as “mythical creatures,” are creatures that only exist in legends. They feed on humans by instinct, but generally don’t need food to survive.

There were few brave souls in their time who ventured outside the walls to return their land. They were called the Scout regiment and have lived peacefully within the city for over a hundred years. One day, when humans were vulnerable and exposed, titans began to lay waste to the planet. This marks the beginning of this legendary anime that we all know and love!

What are some the best, meaningful quotes from Attack? Lets take a look at Top Best Quotes From Attack On Titan

Erwin Smith Quotes – Best Quotes From Attack On Titan

best quotes from attack on titan erwin

Sometimes when we think about the significance of a move, we may forget all the little things that led up to it. – Erwin Smith


When necessary, we must be willing to take risks, and have the ability to lose everything. – Erwin Smith


The one thing you’ll do is cast out all the negativity in your life and start acting with positivity for a better future. – Erwin Smith

Hange Zoe Quotes – Best Quotes From Attack On Titan

Hange Zoe

Learn how to understand things that might be challenging for you. It’s definitely well worth the risk if it means having a better life. – Hange Zoe


Screw your inferiority complex. Don’t run from reality. – Hange Zoe

hange zoe best qoutes

Wouldn’t you rather face up to your enemy, even if it means risking your life? You’re just cowardly hiding in a corner or scampering around like a scared little mouse because you can’t be bothered. – Hange Zoe

Eren Yeager Quotes – Best Quotes From Attack On Titan

eren yeager

From the day we are born, we are free. It doesn’t matter how strong they are that deny us that freedom. – Eren Yeager

best attack on titan qoutes

For the most part, we’ll live forever. But we’re not really living anymore… We’re just existing. – Eren Yeager


If you think reality is just living comfortably and following your own whims, can you seriously call yourself a soldier? – Eren Yeager

Sasha’s Father Quote – Best Quotes From Attack On Titan


If you’re not there for your audience, don’t expect them to care about what you have to say. – Sasha’s dad

Ymir Quote – Best Quotes From Attack On Titan


You’re going to be someone that you don’t even like when you’re older? – Ymir

Levi’s Quote – Best Quotes From Attack On Titan


You have a choice. Whichever decision you make, it’ll be the one that leaves you with less regret down the road. – Levi Ackerman

Miche Quotes – Best Quotes From Attack On Titan


As long as we fight, we’re not beaten! – Miche

miche qoute

When somebody gives up, they lose. – Miche

Armin Arlet Quotes – Best Quotes From Attack On Titan


The world is a complicated place. The strong do what they must to survive, and that’s why it’s easy for the weak to understand. – Armin Arlet

armin arlet

If there’s anyone who can bring change, it will be someone willing to make sacrifices. – Armin Arlet

Kenny Ackerman Quotes – Best Quotes From Attack On Titan


Keep drawing breath till I run out and die? Can you even call that living? – Kenny Ackerman

kenny ackerman

Something keeps pushing us even when we know that we should stop because we’re reaching our limit. It’s like a slave driving us onwards. – Kenny Ackerman

Eren Kruger Quote – Best Quotes From Attack On Titan

eren kruger

There is no truth. The one and only reality in this world is that there is no truth. The power lies with people – anyone can become god or devil if they believe that it’s true. – Eren Kruger

Mikasa Ackerman Quotes – Best Quotes From Attack On Titan

mikasa ackerman

The world is a cruel place for many reasons, but it’s also very beautiful. – Mikasa Ackerman

That’s it! Here are 20 meaningful Best Attack on Titan quotes from season 1 to season 3. Hope you enjoyed this post (^^).

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