Unveiling 10 Hidden Facts in Kuroko no Basket

Unveiling 10 Hidden Facts in Kuroko no Basket

Unveiling 10 Hidden Facts in Kuroko no Basket

Unveiling 10 Hidden Facts in Kuroko no Basket

Fact number one

Number one, Tadatoshi Fujimaki’s motivation to create the series Kuroko no Basuke was because when he was in middle school, he used to create sketches of Dragonborn Slam Dunk manga and sold them to his friends for money. Eventually, he entered a competition and won a prize of 50,000 yen.

In his teen years, he realized he may have a talent. As a child, one of his hobbies was to purchase Shounen Jump and talk about it with his classmates on a weekly basis. Tadatoshi only became a manga artist after dropping out of university and was wondering whether or not he left it too late.

In his words, he almost pissed his pants as he didn’t get serialized or win any competitions. At the time he initially wanted to, and still had the desire to create a golf sports manga. However, while entering a competition with a submission inspired by Dragon Ball Z, he received the notion from his editor to make a Sports manga. Thus, Kuroko no Basket was created.

Fact number two

Number two, we all know the concept in Kuroko no Basuke is kind of unique in terms of an anime where side type characters the main protagonist. The reason Fujimaki did this is that he wanted to draw something focused on a side character and created a story in a direction that displays that people work hard in the shadows.

Because usually in animes, protagonists show the feeling of “even if you leave me on my own that we will still win, even if you don’t support me.” The main concept of Kagami, who is the main character, which feels like a side character, was for him to use exaggerated movements.

Fujimaki also said that by being a side character, it means having a low presence. So this train of thought formed his idea in his head to create Kuroko. He also created the skills called “Misdirection” for the character but finds it confusing himself in matches and complicated in theory.

Fact number three

Number three, Fujimaki has stated the main influence for Kuroko no Basuke is the manga Slam Dunk. Also, because he joined the basketball club when he was in middle school, he stated that he eventually dropped out of the club halfway and doesn’t consider himself to be good at basketball at all.

But Kuroko no Basket would not exist if he did not join the basketball club during his school years because he would not have experienced things like being shouted at during practice, which is now reflected in the series.

Fact number four

Number four, the creator of the series admits that he has set a rule for himself, which is to not ignore the law of physics. For example, it would mean throwing the ball from behind the backboard is a perfect example. Fujimaki has said that there is a 1 out of 100 chance for the ball to go in in real life.

However, he only used that fact for Ogiwara to emphasize his presence and skill. However, when talking about Midorima’s super long-distance shot, Fujimaki admits that, given the stars, it would not even be possible in real life.

Fact number five

Number five, when Kuroko no Basket was confirmed for the second year of serialization, Fujimaki visited America to collect information about the NBA. He had also gone to schools to research basketball clubs to help his adaptation of the series and characters, as well as sayings. He also stated his favorite NBA team in Los Angeles Clippers and his all-time favorite players Chris Paul.

Fact number six

Number six in Kuroko no Basuke, each significant players given amazing basketball techniques such as the Vice claw, entering the zone, and overflow. Fujimaki is stated that years also tried to think of new ways for protagonists to win disease.

He explains during media ramas match where he froze the ball from under the basket to score a full court three-point shot, which in American NBA, for example, is a competition to win a million dollars.

In the end, he presented distance edits and was told that this is too much, this is too far-fetched. Fujimaki admitted that he had no idea of how he was gonna come up with an idea of how me dorama will be defeated because he already made himself overpowered and year she had to think it over during eating at restaurants and eventually, oh, we all know he gets defeated.

Fact number seven

Number seven, Kaga me wears Michael Jordan’s signature shoe, the Nike Air Jordan. Once he previously wore the same brand in black and red color scheme, but he broke that prayer and received a new one for our me. This one has the original Air Jordan scheme, which is white, red, and black, and obviously is stated in the show that his shoe size twenty-nine point five centimeters.

Fact number eight

Number eight, in the original conception of Kagamine, he was still tall and muscular, but his hairstyle was completely different. Instead of red and dark red, it was black with a wide stripe of blond in the middle. His hair was also short and spiky, and his name was completely different, which was Sugar Hero II Kawara.

Fact number nine

Number nine, Midorima is Fujimaki’s favorite character to draw but always finds him to be a bit weird because of his lucky I ain’t wise. Karaka is the hardest character for him to draw.

He has also stated that the love interest of Haruka and Satsuki, Muy Muy and Muy Muywe, only because they are childhood friends, is an interesting topic he would like to explore but thinks in a sports anime it will be quite difficult. As well as the reason there are only two female characters in the show is that, in his words, unfortunately, you’ve got the Newseum basketball, there’s not too many women.

Fact number ten

Number ten, the goal of the series has already been set, and this is for the generation of miracles to reunite and eventually compete in bigger tournaments. But the possibility and journey towards that would not be as predictable as everyone thinks.

According to her though, she would you might be the great of this movie, Tadashi Fujimaki believes that he would do everything he can to live up to the readers’ expectations, but he wants something to be lost or to make it intense for Saren to win or whatever to go on. He just wanted to make it amazing. Anyways, guys, there’s way more facts and information about Kuroko no basket, so I made you another blog.

Bye! However, these are ten of the longer and formative facts which I think will intrigue you most because it blew my mind. And anyway, thanks for reading. See you guys next time, please.

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