Top 6+ Giantess Characters In Anime Ranked!

Top 6+ Giantess Characters In Anime Ranked!
In anime, giants are pretty uncommon. Even more difficult to find are giantess characters. But just like other things in life, there is always a market for the uncommon. My realization that there are people who have a fetish for giant anime girls came when I recently met a few of them online.
In order to list some of Top 10+ Giantess Characters In Anime Ranked community has ever seen, I’ve created this post. Let’s get started with the listing without further ado!

Pure Anime Giantess Characters 

6. Dione Nephilim (Monster Girl Doctor)

Giantess Characters Dione Nephilim (Monster Girl Doctor)

One of the supporting characters in the anime Monster Girl Doctor is named Dione. She is a female member of the gigas race that resides on the Vivre mountains. Despite being nearly 10 times taller than an adult human, she has a kind and easygoing disposition.
Because she moves so seldom, moss accumulates on her body and hair. She often lives quietly in a cave to avoid startling the mountain animals. Her species has a lengthy lifetime and an exceptionally sluggish metabolism. Despite the fact that all of the fat in her enormous breasts, which are as rough as tree bark, is preserved, her skin has the perfect amount of suppleness.

5. Mana Eimiya (Chou Dokyuu Shoujo 4946)

Mana Eimiya (Chou Dokyuu Shoujo 4946)

Mana is a girl that stands 50 meters tall and just wants to live a typical life. That, however, is not practical given her height. She is currently a government-fighting Japanese soldier. She is praised as protecting Humanity.
She is part human and half youkai, which explains why she is such a large woman. She was involved in an accident when she was a little child that almost killed her. However, a Youkai entered her body at that point and forced her to survive, but at the price of turning her into a giantess.

4. Sky Priestess Farine (Dog Days)

Sky Priestess Farine (Dog Days)

Soaring Priestess One of the supporting characters in the anime Dog Days is named Farine. She appears later in the show (around episode 10 of the third season), and she significantly affected the viewership (pun intended.) Her size astounded all of her admirers. She can create little versions of herself even if she is a huge herself.
She is a highly responsible individual (befitting her role as a priestess.)

3. Matrona (Seven Deadly Sins)

Matrona (Seven Deadly Sins) 

Another figure from the Seven Deadly Sins is Matrona. She is a supporting figure who makes an appearance later in the show as Diane’s mentor. She also serves as the clan’s matriarch.
Matrona’s ripped figure sets her distinct from the other giants. She is the strongest giant girl in anime history.

2. Diane (Seven Deadly Sins)

Diane (Seven Deadly Sins)

One of the pure giantess figures who is born a giant is Diane. She has lived 750 years longer than the average human, although she still counts as a giant on the younger side.
She is a prominent figure in the anime series Seven Deadly Sins. King, a fairy king who has a childlike appearance and harbors feelings for both Diane and her, is Diane’s infatuation.

1. Shirahoshi (One Piece)

Shirahoshi (One Piece)

Shirahoshi is more than just a tall woman. She resembles a huge mermaid. She is enormous and frightening to most people, but she has a kind heart. Despite being rather meek, she has a really nice and pure heart. Passive to the point where, despite having more than enough strength to fight back, she let a regular human to kidnap her.
She also appears to be a major player in the overarching story of One Piece. She’s a manifestation of a “weapon” that might end the planet, it was just disclosed.

Giantess Characters Who Can Transform Into A Giant

6. Nimi Minimi (Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid)

Nimi Minimi (Valkyrie Drive Mermaid)

One of the supporting characters in the anime Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid is named Nimi. She can transform herself into a gigantic and is often quite honest and a little uneasy. When she is in love with another girl, she might get very agitated. She can easily destroy things when she loses control of her power, though, and she transforms into a giantess. Her powers don’t work on her dress, which is the only issue. In her giantess form, she is therefore almost always naked.

5. Klan Klang (Macross Frontier)

Klan Klang (Macross Frontier)

In her macronized form, Klan is a serious and skilled mecha ace pilot (a concept unique to this anime), but in her miclone (human-like form), which results from a genetic flaw, Klan has a childlike look and demeanor.
Her connection to a private military company appears to be motivated by her ancestry. However, her genuine goal is to stick by her childhood pal, for whom she has progressively grown sentimental.

4. Lily Enstomach (One Piece)

Lily Enstomach (One Piece)

The only anime that features such a wide range of giantess characters is likely One Piece. This is so because a giant-filled warrior race exists in the world of One Piece. It is nonetheless energizing to witness the giants in action, even though they aren’t the major subject of the narrative.
Only seen in the anime, Lily is a huge female with green hair who is tanned. She may also turn into a miniature girl since she ate the mini-mini devil fruit (but still strong as a giant).
She is a happy, sassy girl who is just concerned about food (Pretty much a female version of Luffy when it comes to her gluttonous personality)

3. Brandish (Fairy Tail)

Brandish (Fairy Tail)

Brandish is a Fairy Tail character who resembles a goth. She enjoys some popularity among the fans (particularly because of all the fanservice.) She is not a giant at birth, but she possesses the power to grow taller at command. She stops Gray, one of the major characters, while he fights Invel while dressed as a giant, which makes this clear.

2. Annie/Female Titan (Attack On Titan)

Annie Female Titan (Attack On Titan)

The last thing that sprang to me when I thought of anime giants was titans. because of how used we’ve been to them through watching anime. Until I came across Attack on Titan characters in a Google search for anime giantesses, I had no intention of watching this series.
Annie, also known as the Female Titan, is currently the only female giant in the series. There is, of course, the (ex)warhammer titan, but we cannot refer to that as a female titan as the user was only remotely managing it. Not to add that it doesn’t appear to be a woman.

Mt Lady (My Hero Academia)

One of My Hero Academia’s heroes is Mount Lady. Despite having little screen time, she is incredibly well-liked among MHAs. Why? Due in part to her beauty and in part to the perverted nature of anime viewers.
So in a way, she may be the most well-known anime giantess ever.
That concludes our Top 10+ Giantess Characters In Anime Ranked! . Good luck and stay tuned for more!

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