7 Most Cute Anime Horse – Girls Version!

7 Most Cute Anime Horse - Girls Version!
There are anime horse girls, which might surprise some people, but anything and everything can be turned into an anime character.
I am referring to both “centaurs” (half human, half horse) and “fully human with horse ears and tails” when I say Cute Anime Horse – Girls.
However, I found that there aren’t enough horse girls in anime. I searched several anime databases and found only seven (there were others from hentai, which I did not include).
Here are the 7 Most Cute Anime Horse – Girls Version! Enjoy!

Centaur girls from anime

Kimihara, Himeno – A Centaur’s Life

Kimihara, Himeno - A Centaur's Life
A slice-of-life anime, Himeno Kimihara is about the daily life of a centaur girl named Himeno Kimihara.
BEASTS pirate Speed ate the horse SMILE fruit and became a horse. However, she was later tamed by Tama’s devil fruit ability.

Centorea Shianus – Monster Musume

Centorea Shianus (Monster Musume)
Centorea (Cera) is a self-proclaimed knight who is skilled in archery, sword fighting, and cooking.
The anime Monster Musume features a variety of monster girls and their day-to-day lives with humans.

Cute Anime Horse Girls

Shirohime – Lance n’ masques Cute A

Shirohime (Lance n’ masques)
Despite being just a female horse, Shirohime can sometimes be shown as a human girl who walks and talks normally.
It is unclear if she can transform into a human, or if it is merely a visual effect used to keep things interesting. Regardless, she clearly has her horse girl moments.

Chestnut Horse – Kemono Friends: Uma no Friends

Chestnut Horse Kemono Friends Uma no Friends
This list only features Chestnut, a horse girl from Kemono friends: Uma no Friends. There are a few other horse girls in the series, but I think Chestnut is the cutest.
Back in 2017, Kemono friends was pretty popular in Japan, but not in the west.

Uma Musume – Pretty Derby Special Week

Uma Musume - Pretty Derby Special Week
In order to realize her dream, Special Week transfers to Tokyo’s Tracen Academy in order to become the best horse girl in Japan.
Horse girls participate in races and play the role of idols at the end of the race as an idol.
The show would be perfect for fans of sports anime and idol anime.

Uma-tan  – Etotama

Uma-tan  - Etotama
It is very difficult for Uma-tan to be confident and she always breaks down into tears when she feels overwhelmed. However, she is very kind and supportive and cares for everyone.

That is the end of our 7 Most Cute Anime Horse – Girls Version! 

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