Top 10+ Best Anime Comedies Of All Time!

Top 10+ Best Anime Comedies Of All Time!
Anime isn’t always about a shonen hero battling villains to rescue the world or a high school romance. It may also occasionally be an extremely silly, humorous, and lighthearted animation. While not as popular as pure shounen anime, this subgenre nevertheless has respectable animation, good sound effects, and occasionally a really moving story.
Best Anime Comedies
Gag anime aren’t for everyone, though. These are not for you if you want storyline in your anime. The majority of the anime that follow hardly even have a plot. Given that these are not your typical comedy anime, it might not even be as humorous for some of you. Some of you could thus find these dull. But this will be a pleasure for anyone who like this style of humour.
Anime isn’t always about a shonen hero battling villains to rescue the world or a high school romance. It may also occasionally be an extremely silly, humorous, and lighthearted animation. While not as popular as pure shounen anime, this subgenre nevertheless has respectable animation, good sound effects, and occasionally a really moving story.
If you’ve been in the anime scene for a while, you’ve undoubtedly already heard of this anime. Nichijou depicts some high school girls’ daily lives. The character’s personality plays a huge role in this sort of slice-of-life television. And Nichijou goes above and beyond there. Every single character in this anime is distinct and entertaining to watch.

11. Pop Team Epic

Pop Team Epic

Of all the anime on this list of Best Anime Comedies Of All Time, this is the oddest. It makes allusions to contemporary pop culture as well as having wacky character designs and bizarre humor. This program is amusing in the most unlikely ways.
It fuses comedy, drama, action, and parody together.

10. Daily Lives Of High School Boys

Daily Lives Of High School Boys

The majority of anime slice-of-life comedies focused on girls. This company needed a boy’s version so that the male audience could identify with them.
And that is precisely the purpose for which Daily Lives of High School Boys was designed. It tells the tale of a trio of individuals, each with a distinctive personality, living life to the fullest.
This high school anime is different from others because there is no romance or drama. It’s pure humor.

9. Haven’t you heard? My name is Sakamoto

Haven’t you heard? My name is Sakamoto

Sakamoto is the epitome of excellence. Everything he does is flawlessly fashionable. Of course, this causes some people dislike him, but it’s fun to see him handle these bullies expertly!
In this anime, a perfect character deals flawlessly with all of life’s occurrences.

8. Asobi Asobase

Asobi Asobase

Another anime that revolves around the daily activities of three high school girls is Asobi Asobase. In essence, it is a group of females going about their daily lives and enjoying various activities.
Even though these shows don’t have a lot of narrative, people find them intriguing because of how relatable they are. Each of us has had times in school when we’ve gone out with our pals and done fun and crazy things. This anime will bring back pleasant memories for you.

7. Great Teacher Onizuka

Great Teacher Onizuka

One of the first popular anime series ever produced. superb educator The joke anime Onizuka is renowned for its humor. That’s not all, though. It teaches the audience important lessons about living. It tells the tale of a former criminal who cleans up his act and turns into a teacher.
But he has a dilemma because his class’s pupils can be difficult to control. This anime explores how he wins his pupils’ hearts and the lengths to which he will go to win them over. If you just want to have fun, it contains a ton of humour, of course.

6. Wasteful Days of High School Girl

Wasteful Days of High School Girl

This anime is comparable to Nichijou but is superior. Three high school girls are once again seen going about their regular lives, but this one is actually rather humorous.
Its characters are all incredibly compelling and engaging. Unlike the few other anime like this that just make efforts at humour, this one succeeds.
This is absolutely my opinion, but in terms of “slice of life of high school ladies” anime, this is the best.

5. Konosuba


There’s no need to introduce Konosuba. It boasts one of the strongest and most devoted fan bases in the anime world. A youngster named Kazuma dies and is reborn in a another realm in this story. He has to vanquish the demon king, just like in every previous Isekai anime.
For this group of four individuals, who scarcely have the resources or expertise to execute it, that objective is, nevertheless, so far away. As a result, they go about carrying out guild activities to make a livelihood.
Some of the strangest characters in anime history may be found in Konosuba. It is made up of a masochistic female crusader who enjoys being mistreated. the fiery demon girl who enjoys detonating stuff. A deity who causes more problems than she solves is another.

4. Is This A Zombie?

is this A zombie

This anime is a zombie anime, as the title indicates. However, this zombie anime is really humorous and has a considerable amount of fanservice, in contrast to the more common terrifying zombie anime.
Numerous fantastical creatures are featured in this anime. It has them all, from Dullahan to magical girls!
It is guaranteed to be enjoyable when such a diverse set of personalities is there. When I first watched this anime, I can still clearly recall how much I laughed.

3. SKET Dance

SKET Dance

The anime SKET Dance used to be known in Japan as the “poor man’s Gintama.” This is due to the fact that the creator of this series began his career as an assistant to Gintama’s author before starting his own project.
SKET Dance is undoubtedly influenced by Gintama (the Best Anime Comedies Of All Time) , but it is also entirely unique and fantastic in its own right.
This anime doesn’t contain any d*ck jokes or, for that matter, any other filthy humor, unlike Gintama. Three students create a group called “SKET Dan” in their high school, where they assist those in need.
This anime contains excellent characters, likable gags, heartwarming backstories, and most all, profound life lessons that you can utilize to improve your life, even though it isn’t as fantastic as Gintama.

2. The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K.

The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K.

At the second place of Best Anime Comedies Of All Time, Another wildly successful and well-liked comedy anime is Saiki K. It centers on Saiki, a youngster with strange psychic abilities. Anything and everything that one can think of, he is capable of. He has all of them, including telepathy and x-ray vision. Saiki, though, finds all of this to be a pain in the neck. He only wants to live a regular life free from unwanted attention.
But he doesn’t get to live that life, as you might have guessed from the title. He is surrounded by eccentric individuals, who ultimately encourage him to act eccentrically as well.

1. GintamaBest Anime Comedies Of All Time


The anime that Best Anime Comedies Of All Time  is Gintama. Gintama comes to mind when people think about silly anime. For amusement, this anime has made fun of other anime, Japanese characters, and some well-known figures like Jackie Chan and Arnold.
Given its unusual setup and the difficulty in understanding native humor, Gintama could be difficult to get into at first, but once you get used to it, this program will delight you beyond your wildest expectations.
What makes Gintama unique is that it begins as a typical humor animation that makes fun of everything. However, as the performance progresses, the author skillfully begins developing astounding tale arcs that will have you on the edge of your seat. The only anime that can make you cry, laugh, or feel any other emotion at all is this one.
The story’s three main characters work odd jobs to support themselves. They do anything, from locating a lost kitten to apprehending interstellar criminals. However, each of them has a troubled background that they must confront as dangers from the past materialize in the present.
That concludes our Top 10+ Best Anime Comedies Of All Time! . Good luck and stay tuned for more!

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