Top 12 Outstanding Anime With Villain MC

Top 12 Outstanding Anime With Villain MC
There aren’t many anime where the protagonist is the bad guy. After all, the entire premise of storytelling centers on the good guy taking on and defeating the bad guy. But every so then, we come across these uncommon anime in which the main character is a villain. Some of them are purely wicked antagonists, while others are antagonists who occasionally do good.
Anime With Villain MC
In this post, I’m simply taking into account what the people/mob characters inside the anime think about the main character, even though it all rests on our personal judgment to determine if a character is bad or not. This list will thus include several anime with main characters who, while not having done anything particularly wicked, are seen as villains in their own societies.
The Happy Sugar Life is not all joy and sweetness. Despite its misleading title, this anime is actually rather gloomy. A high school student who is fixated on a little girl is the main character (MC) of this anime.
The MC’s outward appearance of being a cute, regular girl is only a mask used to conceal her obsessive Yandere side.
The main character of this anime is a villain because she would stop at nothing to be with the person she loves.
She has brutally injured some others while killing numerous individuals.
What else? In contrast to most other anime, friendliness doesn’t triumph in this one. The main character (MC) of this anime doesn’t have any regret since she thinks what she’s doing is right. She is a genuine villain because of this. She is not like one of those “broken heroes turned villains” who, despite feeling bad, choose to remain evil.

11. Akudama Drive

Akudama Drive

One of the newest anime on this list is Akudama Drive. It was broadcast last season and undoubtedly had an impact on the viewers. The main antagonists in this anime break the law in order to make money. They carry out everything from killing people to delivering dubious goods.
They are unable to go back and lead a regular life because they are despised by society and can be easily identified by sophisticated police systems wherever they go. As a result, they take risks while performing the tasks for which they have been employed, not even fearing death because they have nothing to lose and nowhere to go. This anime’s lead male character was a villain from the beginning. Though she was once a nice, kind-hearted person, the primary female MC got caught up in an incident and ended up turning into a despised criminal.

10. Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied

Elfen lied’s protagonist straddles the line between innocence and malice. How? because she possesses several personas. One is lovely and nice, whereas the other is pure evil.
If you have been reading this blog, you may have also noticed that I included this anime on the list of the bloodiest anime ever. Many regular, innocent characters in this anime meet their demise at the hands of the main character.

9. Angels Of Death

Angels Of Death

All of the Angels of Death characters are murderers or other kinds of heinous criminals. They are confined in a prison and are forced to take part in a survival game. They are required to carry out their supervisors’ orders to murder other prisoners in order to be released or receive any other equivalent advantages.
The male main character is a bad guy known as “Jack the Ripper.” With his scythe, he has slain countless people. He may be a psychopathic killer, but he also has his own set of values. He despises lying. He neither tells lies nor permits those who do to live.
On the other hand, the female MC is presented as a helpless girl who is memoryless and must survive the attacks in order to flee the facility.

8. Saga of Tanya The Evil

Saga of Tanya The Evil

The main character of this anime is a villain, as you would guess from the title. In this isekai anime, a salaryman dies and is reborn as a young girl in a fantastical setting. But this universe is not charming and enjoyable like those in other isekai anime. It is always at battle.
Not to add that the MC has rejected the existence of god and declared war on it. In order for her to survive and ultimately destroy god, she is now required to take part in the battle and rule over other nations.

7. 91 days

91 days

A vengeance anime is 91 days. It is simple to imagine the main character of this anime as merely a victim seeking his own form of retribution. But there is no denying that he joined the mafia to exact his vengeance and killed a number of people as a result.
The main character of this anime is a villain whose sole ambition in life is to get retribution. He is only concerned with this, and he is willing to play the villain himself to make it happen.

6. Overlord


Another isekai anime with a skeleton as the main character is Overlord consider as a Anime With Villain MC. Although he does not have a particularly evil personality, he is the leader of a vast army of monsters and has carried out numerous wicked deeds via his minions. He has done everything, including making people his slaves and killing anyone who stands in his way.
In order to further his own goals, he even killed thousands of people just to demonstrate his strength to a kingdom.

5. Code Geass

Code Geass

One of the best anime ever made is Code Geass. The tale initially centers on an exiled prince who wants vengeance on his own country. His persona does, however, change during the course of the show. He starts off as a self-centered individual who only cares about himself and his little sister. But towards the conclusion of the show, he transforms into a man of great virtue and selflessness.
Then how, do you ask, is he a villain? because he has killed a number of individuals to further his objectives. “You have to become a greater evil in order to combat evil.” His credo is this. Yes, he did a good deed, but he did it by treating people like chess pieces and throwing them away when he wasn’t using them. He actually wanted to be the ultimate villain to whom everyone would direct their hatred in order to carry out his schemes.

4. Terror in Resonance

Terror in Resonance

This anime’s main character is a terrorist and also an Anime With Villain MC. The MC pair is trying to get the media and the police’s attention. They launch a bombing campaign to do this, but they make sure no one is harmed in the process.
The plot of this anime is intriguing. It is extremely emotional when the major characters discuss their backgrounds and give reasons for their actions. I won’t discuss this program in any further detail in this post to avoid giving away any major plot points.

3. Death Note

death note
What would happen if a regular person was granted divine power? They get tainted. The main character of this anime sets out with a lofty objective after finding the “death note”: to stop crime and kill only the most evil people still alive. But over time, he began using the death note to execute anyone who stood in his way. His plan to rule the world as god resulted in the deaths of several good people. So if we listed all Anime With Villain MC, will be a miss if we don’t count Death Note.

2. One Piece

One Piece

The primary characters in One Piece are pirates, which still consider as a Anime With Villain MC, if you are already aware with that series. But they are not inherently bad. In actuality, they don’t even do anything harmful to decent people. They only interfere with the navy and steal from other pirates.
However, simply because they are pirates, the inhabitants of One Piece see them as evil. The major characters of One Piece are therefore neither good nor wicked, but neither are they “good people” either.

1. Tokyo Ghoul – The Most Popular Anime With Villain MC

Tokyo Ghoul

The anime series Tokyo Ghoul epitomizes the use of a villain as the main character. Previously, the MC had a regular life as a quiet, reserved boy. But all changed when he came into contact with a ghoul and ultimately had a piece of the ghoul’s body implanted into him.
He was shown the evil side of his planet and now he must survive as a man-eating ghoul. But being tormented by a lunatic is what truly turned the MC into a villain. He was altered by pain, and this altered his viewpoint. As a result of this event, he evolved into a vicious and terrifying ghoul.
That concludes our Top 12 Outstanding Anime With Villain MC. Good luck and stay tuned for more!

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