Top 6 Strongest Weapons In Anime World

Top 6 Strongest Weapons In Anime World
With every war, a new weapon is developed that can destroy buildings, kingdoms, or even the entire population of the planet. Some anime shows never shy away from eradicating humanity. Some anime characters have divine powers, godlike abilities, while others use weapons that are equally devastating for the planet without having magical abilities.
Strongest Weapons In Anime

From Death Note: Death Note

Death Note

The self-proclaimed god, Kira, used Death Note as a weapon of mass destruction to kill thousands of people. Among Top 6 Strongest Weapons In Anime, Death note may the most popular.
Light Yagami, who is a high school student, is known as Kira. He writes people’s names on Death Notes to kill them. Death Notes act as remote controllers that can cause heart attacks to people whose names are on them. If you know how and where Death Note can be used and how lethal it is, you will be surprised at how and where it can be used.

FLCL Haruko’s Guitar

FLCL's Haruko's Guitar
When Haruko plays her guitar, she makes beautiful melodies. It sounds nice, and is why we like it so much. Or is it? Well, that’s exactly what has been happening in FLCL with Haruko’s guitar. She plays fewer songs and likes to beat people up with it. Apart from hitting everyone with her guitar, Haruko can also summon objects, villains, and even alien technology with it. She uses the guitar to open a loophole between the universes. Her power allows her to bring anything from light-years ahead up to her convenience. Imagine what she can do if she had this ability as a weapon of mass destruction!

Neon Genesis Evangelion’s Spear Of Longinus

Neon Genesis Evangelion's Spear Of Longinus
Neon Genesis Evangelion is weird, seriously weird. From weapons to stories, the show creates a tension between the characters, and viewers. Another powerful extraterrestrial weapon is the Spear Of Longinus. If it can attack even the strongest creatures in the universe, imagine how devastating it would be against human flesh! It can pierce through anything that moves. Imagine using it against humans!

Trigun Punisher

Trigun Punisher
This giant cross-like gun has more than enough power to kill one thousand or more soldiers in just one shot. It was designed by Nicholas D. Wolfwood, and it weighs over 300 pounds (unfortunately, we don’t know the length of this gun), so it must be pretty large. It can wield a rocket launcher, a machine gun, and packs of eight special pistols that shoot at the same time. If the push comes to shove, you can use its full potential to eradicate an entire army in minutes. Although this weapon is shaped like a cross-like figure, it’s just not holy in nature.

Hellsing Harkonnen II

Hellsing's Harkonnen II
Harkonnen II is the heaviest of our weapons and comes with multiple 30 mm automatic cannons that are capable of destroying even the toughest of armies. It is only intended to be used by Seras Victoria – the lone owner, who uses it originally for 1 vs 100 style battles. With Harkonnen II, Seras can put a hole in tens of thousands of people with ease. If someone could just provide enough ammunition, she can easily destroy even small life forms.

Speed Grapher’s Saiga’s Camera – The Strongest Weapons In Anime

Speed Grapher's Saiga's Camera -
What makes the Saiga-12 so dangerous is that it loads 12 gauge rounds of ammunition, not to mention the ability to fire ten shots. There has been some speculation that this would be an attractive weapon for terrorists, with one side of its stock becoming a grip, and the other side changing from a hand-grip to a shoulder strap. Even if you’re caught using it there’s no way that it could persuade authorities into believing you’ve done anything wrong. It can even be used for natural disasters like tsunamis and wildfires. It’s also been speculated that Light from Death Note could use the camera in order to give punishments out of thin air.

In conclusion

The reason they are not on this list is that most of the bigger mass destruction weapons in the anime world aren’t even weapons, even though there are sinister things that can vanish even molecules of humanity on earth. During fights, the weapon must be a physical object that people can wield during the fight. In addition to being part of one’s powers, they are something they use from their body.

That is the end of our Top 6 Strongest Weapons In Anime World

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