From The Start – List Of Death Note Characters That You Need To Know

list of deathn note characters
In this article, we’ll be taking a look at all List Of Death Note Characters
Death Note‘ is the most popular thriller series on TV. After originally debuting in 2007, it has continuously gained more viewers over the years and still continues to provide a great viewing experience for viewers.
List Of Death Note Characters
The reason for Death Note’s huge popularity is its large cast of diverse characters. The series’ main characters, Light Yagami and L are the reason it has reached such a large status. Here, we will discuss all the major and most prominent characters from the Death Note series in order to succinctly summarize and understand what makes them fascinating and memorable.
In this article, we’ve listed all the major characters from the Death Note series–from detectives to agents to police. Some of these characters play a significant role in the story, while others are just minor characters. We also provide you with information about Shinigami!
Let’s take a look now at the human cast of Death Note.

The main characters in Death Note are Light Yagami and the enigmatic L.

Light Yagami (L) – One of The Main In List Of Death Note Characters

Light Yagami
Light Yagami is the main protagonist and antagonist of the Death Note series, and also the main in List Of Death Note Characters.
He is a high school student who has been discussing the idea of crime becoming more commonplace due to the rise in technology.
After obtaining the Death Note, Light decides to kill all criminals in order to stop crime and violence.
Kira is also known by his killers’ name, Light, and was given this name by the Japanese police and citizens.
The protagonist begins to take actions that make him an evil killer. He has a great sense of justice, and he only wants to bring peace to the world. However, in order to conceal his identity, he begins to kill innocent police officers.
Light is in the midst of a police chase with a P.I., L, who is on the verge of catching him.
It was later revealed that he created a world in which no one had committed crimes because they were afraid of Kira.
Light Yagami had a character that readers could love to hate. It’s no wonder why he is the most interesting and likeable villain in the history of anime.

L – Lawliet – The Other Main Character In List Of Death Note Characters

L is the most intelligent character in the Death Note manga series and in List Of Death Note Characters.
He is a gifted child who grows up specially. He is under the guardianship of Wammy’s House, an orphanage founded and built by Mr. Watari himself.
At a young age, he became the world’s greatest detective due to his superior intelligence and analytical mind.
Despite his jarringly unusual body posture, he is a world class tennis champion and an adept martial artist.
Few individuals could fathom what L went through in a day. L was given a single day to investigate the Kira case by the Japanese task force, and he quickly found his location and what he wanted to do.
Light was the first to suspect L was a Kira, and he was moments away from learning his true identity.
His investigation leads him to discover that Amane was the second Kira. He then forces Kira to relinquish control of The Deathnote and locate him.
L created the world of the Death Note, which lead to its success. Without L, the series would not be able to reach the heights it has.


Ryuk is a supernatural being within the Death Note universe, and the only supernatural in List Of Death Note Characters.
When bored, he drops a Death Note in the human world and watches how humans react. Through this, he can see how they live their lives, and what they do to entertain themselves.
Light was the right person to find out more about the unusual story of Ryuk, and he felt bored again.
Ryuk is surprised to see Light’s unique ways of killing criminals with the Death Note in interesting ways.
He doesn’t know much about Death Note, but he keeps telling Light to trade with Shinigami as it helps him obtain his goals.
Ryuk, who is very addicted to apples, also loves playing video games.
He is mostly an invisible and inaudible character to most characters in Death Note.

Misa Amane

Misa Amane
One of the main characters in the series is Amane Misa. She works as a model and actress.
Finding out who Kira really was was the first step in her journey to becoming the second Kira.
In total, her power is greater than the original Kira because she made the trade for shinigami eyes.
Her power gives her the ability to see any person’s name and the amount of time they’ve been alive on their head.
Misa decided to show her gratitude by providing Kira with a home and supporting him in his battle against the man who killed his mother and father.
Kira falls in love with Kevin, and she spends her life helping him find L’s real name.
Kira’s more intelligent and careful, so she doesn’t get caught while L gets distracted by a careless student.
While imprisoned, she is freed from her charges by the help of Light’s grand plan and married to him.

The Death Note Shinigami Characters: Who Are They?

Armonia Justin Beyondormason

Armonia Justin Beyondormason
Armonia, among List Of Death Note Characters, who specializes in information and communication technology (ICT), is a Shinigami that Sidoh encounters on his journey who tells him about the stolen death note. Armonia is the smartest Shinigami, and everyone always comes to her for advice.
He has a vast knowledge of the Death Note and Shinigami realms
Armonia is a sophisticated robot who is able to teach Sidoh all of the things he needs to know about interacting with humans.
His character generally doesn’t get much screen time, but he also has a lot of potential. He’s given more attention in the anime, though.


Gelus is a doll, like Shinigami, who only appears in the flashback of Rem, and a side character in  List Of Death Note Characters
Meet Misa Tsukino, a unique shinigami who deeply cares for humans and wants to help them. With the help of Shinigami-kun, Misa was saved from an impending death and fell in love at first sight.
When Gelus found out that Misa’s intended murderer wanted to kill her, he took matters into his own hands. He broke the rules of the death note and killed Misa’s murderer instead.
His body rematerializes and becomes incorporeal, turning him into a misty mass. The original Death Note sustained no damage, but the aura surrounding it is gone.
In the film, Rem takes his death note and delivers it to Misa. From there she tells everything about Gelus’s love for her to Light.


For a Death Note fan looking for villains with some uniqueness, the salamander monster from the One-Shot Special may be a good choice.
Kurosaki Ichigo only had a brief appearance in this episode and she didn’t get much screen time.
Ryuk loves apples just like Midora loves bananas.
When she came into the human world, her old friend C-Kira used her death note to kill elderly people.


Rem is a Shinigami who comes to the human world to deliver death note gelus’s fate when she is told by Gelsus that Amane Misa will write her story.
After meeting with Misa, she decides to accompany her to the afterlife. She is so different from other shinigami. Misa sees humans with respect and contempt, not with hatred like other shinigami.
Rem, despite being a Shinigami and possessing a good heart,among List Of Death Note Characters,  has warm feelings towards Misa.
After Light saves Misa from L, she again helps him by using her death note to kill L and Watari. As a result, she dies at the sacrifice of her own life for the sake of saving others.


The Shinigami, peace be unto them, guards Death Note. It is in the hands of Light Yagami, who tries to use death note for his own ambitions and purposes, and is the only supernatural in the main line of List Of Death Note Characters.
Kira is often the focal point of his storylines, but he’s also not a character who goes out of his way to help humans. The reason for this is that he only sees them as an entertainment source. So sometimes he even meddles with human affairs when it suits him.

What are the detective characters in Death Note?



Among List Of Death Note Characters, Mello is the oldest successor to L, who was raised in the Wammy’s House orphanage alongside L and Near.
He is very intelligent and will do anything to prove his worthiness as the successor of L. His intelligence level isn’t as high as L and Near’s, but it’s still pretty good for a first grader.
The protagonist, Kira, is the most dedicated person in the entire series. Kira wanted to succeed so badly that she desperately wanted to catch Kira as well. One example of her dedication was when she not only has no time for L’s nonsense, but he can’t even get through to her.
He doesn’t like to work under rules and needs the help of the Mafia to catch Kira.
In order to find Kira, he did a wide range of criminal activities, including kidnapping the daughter of a police officer, murdering innocent officers, and blackmailing the US President.
Without him, Kira cannot be caught. He plays a significant role in the investigation and is at the center of most important moments.

Near – List Of Death Note Characters

The protagonist of the story is L, and he’s one of five children, who was also raised in the same Wammy’s House orphanage as Near.
He likes investigating difficult puzzles and dreams of becoming a detective just like L.
As a detective, he has a knack for noticing details and solving cases.
Near, who looks like a child, might have you fooled, but he has a great sense of justice and his plans are on a grand scale.
After the death of L, he revealed himself as the successor. He also became the head in-charge of the Kira case and dealt with it under the law and rules.
He caught Kira and revealed his true identity, using Mello.

L – Main Line in  List Of Death Note Characters

L is the most loved Death Note character of all time in List Of Death Note Characters, and he is simply the coolest and most amusing character there is.
He has his own quirky personal habits, such as eating a lot of cake.
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Unlike other detectives, Light was actually very good at his job. His genius mind was able to quickly break down Kira’s patterns and uncover his secrets.

Death Note’s List Of All Kira Characters


C-Kira in List Of Death Note Characters is the main protagonist of a one-shot special in the Death Note manga. This character is popularly called C-Kira or “Cheap Kira” by Near.
In addition to Deathnote ownership, he is also able to use Shinigami-stained eyes.
C-Kira, who went by the nickname Kira, is an individual who first used his death note to kill his own grandfather, the man was extremely sick.
After that, he proclaimed himself as the new Kira and started to kill elderly people who wished to die. Translation: After this moment, he started to kill the elderly with his newly declared powers.

Higuchi Kyosuke

Higuchi Kyosuke

Higuchi Kyosuke is one of the eight members of the Yotsuba Group.1
He is the head of technology development at Yotsuba Corporation.
He finally makes his appearance in the third book of the Death Note series, revealing himself to be Yotsuba Kira, also known as Rem’s third Kira that had to use the stress of her father, Ryuk, and her fear of death.
Higuchi used his death note to quickly kill off some of the competition in order to skyrocket the company’s value.
While he was with Rem, he worked as a detective, which allowed him to know details about L’s plan. He plans on going undercover in order to get inside of L’s company – but nothing goes as planned when he becomes trapped and killed while trying to escape when Light blows up the building.

Teru Mikami

Teru Mikami
Light Yagami selects Teru Mikami as the criminal prosecutor who is the fake Kira or X-Kira.
Death Note is one of the most fascinating anime shows you can watch. The protagonist, Light Yagami, uses his Death Note for personal gain, and because he’s so strict with himself he quickly becomes an overlord in the criminal world.
Mikami is determined to do his job well and be the best, even if it means defying his superior. He respects Light Yagami as a god and always strives to be on his level.
Ryuji continued to show his great loyalty towards Kira when he did the trade and got Shinigami eyes.
Kira and Joe are similar in their thoughts on crime and justice. They also don’t hesitate to take anyone out who stands in the way of Kira’s justice.

Minoru Tanaka

Minoru Tanaka
Minoru Tanaka is the main protagonist of the sequel to the Death Note one-shot in List Of Death Note Characters, The a-Kira Story, of which was released in 2020.
He is the successor to Light Yagami as Kira, and also one of Midora’s second-hand Death Notes. He cleverly utilizes it for his own troubles and serves it to Midora.
Minoru isn’t so good at academics, but he makes up for it with his incredible deductive and decisive skills. He also receives praise for his intelligence from Near, who is unable to find him.
Minoru doesn’t follow Light’s sense of justice. He doesn’t kill anyone with his death note. Instead, he plots a plan to make the entire country rich. He knew that the best way to raise Japan’s economy was by plotting one murder free plan, so he created a plan that succeeded in making the people call him “God” once again.

Question: Who is the most intelligent character in Death Note?


Death Note: Tên thật của 'L' và 10 thông tin thú vị xung quanh vị thám tử quái dị

Death Note is an anime series that has a variety of really smart and clever characters. L, who is often referred to as the smartest and most intelligent character, puts up such a great fight against Light. L has achieved so much in his time.
He’s realized that Shinigami exist, and the death note is a magical tool that lets people kill others from afar.
In just a few days, Kira was identified and even narrowed down to a single person. L seemed to find the motive behind Kira’s actions.

Who Are The Death Note Investigation Team Characters?

Kanzo Mogi

Kanzo Mogi

Kanzo Mogi is the most well-built and reserved officer in the List Of Death Note Characters.

No one knows better than Kira what happened to her father, and that’s why he’s doing all the work. He does investigation work on the Kitamura family alone under the Order of L.
Mogi is a talented actor who plays the role of Misa’s manager after Matsuda’s fake death.
It seems as though only one other person supports Aizawa in revealing the identity of Light Yagami.
Aizawa maintained close eyes on Misa and reported her activities to Light. The task force was also leaked to Near, which would enable him to protect his friends and partner.

Shuichi Aizawa

Shuichi Aizawa

Shuichi Aizawa is one of the members of the New Procedure Act and Task Force in List Of Death Note Characters.
He is very serious about his work as an officer. He doesn’t like to do anything outside the law, because that would jeopardize him and his department’s integrity.
L finds himself stuck in the Kira case when L tries to take charge of it, and L is forced to reveal his identity to the police.
When L put a surveillance camera on Shuichi’s house, Aizawa immediately went against him and tried to get it removed. He also doesn’t agree with L going outside the law.
When the NPA discontinues funding for the task force, Light, along with Misa, is released by an organization called Misora. Aizawa is one of the key reasons for these events occuring.

Touta Matsuda

Touta Matsuda

At 18 years old, Japan’s newest officer in List Of Death Note Characters is a Touta Matsuda
One of the youngest members of the Japanese Task Force, he also plays a major role in the Kira Case.
Despite his disorganized and careless approach, Isaac still wants to be a great cop like Soichiro.
Kira may be the best officer a not only in the force, but also in the series. Matsuda said that he will stay on the force even if Kira kills him and proves his worth by staying true to his duty even though it endangers his life.
He manages Amane Misa and gets some information from the Yotsuba Group.
Close to the end of the series, Light Yagami begins questioning his mission. His right wing, who had been trying to kill him since the first episode, supports him in releasing a Death Note within the Mafia’s hand. It is also put under Light’s control, who kills off anyone they don’t like with it and saves L.


Watari is the head of Japan’s Task Force and supplies the Japanese police with information vital to the Kira Case in List Of Death Note Characters.
The man takes the gun out of Higuchi’s hand with a quick move and accuracy, highlighting his proficiency with firearms.
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Watari is known for his work as the founder of Wammy’s House orphanage, where he made some of the most intelligent detectives in the world. His work includes L, Near, and Mello.
He was the only member of the team who had direct contact with L, which he handled all cases. This put him in a great position to have connections with law enforcement authorities from different countries and solve criminal cases.

Soichiro Yagami 

 Soichiro Yagami 
The chief of the National Police agency, Soichiro Yagami, is the father of Light Yagami.
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He is a very kind, honest, and responsible police officer who always follows the rules and regulations to bring justice to society.
He always puts his work before his family. In fact, he cares a lot for them.
Soichiro is also the head of the Japanese Task Force, and he handles the Kira case.
Kira has played a major role in the world’s financial decline. They say that when you see Kira, there is no back from it. That’s why everyone left their jobs for the police and Kira to hunt them down and capture them by themselves.
He is adamantly against L’s accusation that his son is Kira. He has lost all hope in proving him wrong and is looking for any way to prove his innocence.

In List Of Death Note Characters, it’s shown that female characters are prominent.

Halle Lidner

Halle Lidner
Near is a member of Special Provision for Kira and works with Halle Lidner to help investigate Kira.
SPK’s main character, Misa Amane, is a former CIA agent who takes revenge on Yotsuba Kira after the latter kills her best friend.
Halle is assigned by Near to work as Takada’s bodyguard in order to uncover the link between Takada and Kira.
Near helps her to catch Kira.

Naomi Misora

Naomi Misora
Naomi Misora is a wife of Raye Penber, an FBI agent who comes to Japan to investigate the Kira case.
She’s also a former FBI agent who left her job to live a peaceful life with her husband. However, after the death of her husband, she decided to investigate the Kira case on her own.
Naomi is one of the smartest people I’ve come across, and she’s the first person to realize that Kira was responsible for the light. Unfortunately, things took a tragic turn when she was killed before she could deliver her message to L.

Sachiko Yoagami

Sachiko Yoagami
Light Yagami is the protagonist of the series. He has two sisters named Sayu and Sachiko Yagami which introduce in List Of Death Note Characters. 
Kira’s mother is a loving, kind and caring woman. Growing up with a bright and successful son has been hard for her because she worries about him and his studies. She takes pride in his intelligence and good grades.
In a movie full of characters who don’t get much screen time, it’s hard to stand out. Fortunately, Sachiko gets the opportunity to do just that when she inspires and encourages her daughter to recover from emotional trauma.

Sayu Yagami

Sayu Yagami
Sayu- List Of Death Note Characters,  is the daughter of Soichiro Yagami and the younger sister of Light Yagami. She is a celebrity in her own right and has been featured on, and written for, many reputable media outlets.
She believes in her brother’s intelligence and she knows that one day he will become a great detective.
She loves watching TV and getting help from her brother with her math homework.
Sayu is a minor character in the series, and only gets attention during her kidnapping by the Mafia.
Her kidnapping was done under the command of Mello to get a death note from her father.
Accidental injuries, medical emergencies, and other traumatic events are common in children. Traumatic stress can be a difficult situation for young adults to overcome.

Kiyomi Takada

Kiyomi Takada
In the course of a lifetime, an individual will sometimes meet someone who is their very type. For Light Yagami in college, his girlfriend was Kiyomi Takada.
She’s a calm and reassuring individual who is analyzed by guests on a variety of TV shows.
She is also one of Kira’s supporters and believes in his ideology.
Later in the series, Light Yagami chooses her to be his spokesperson.
Takada carries out Kira heartbreakingly well in delivering his message to audiences.
After knowing that Light is originally Kira, she takes him on as a mission with complete dedication to make sure he succeeds.
After Kira died and Mello still did not hand himself in, Karin saved Light from being exposed.
That’s all for this post. These are the prominent characters from Death Note.
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