Top 10 Mind Game Animes You Need To Know!

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Here are some of Top 10 Mind Game Animes You Need To Know! Anime is famous for its crazy mindgames in which characters outsmart each other to the point of absurdity and outrage. However, watching someone completely dominate their opponent with just their brains is also a treat. Here’s my top 10 list of such anime series filled with intellectual warfare.

10. Monster

Monster  Mind Game Animes
Despite being a great anime, Monster is extremely slow-paced and isn’t completely about mindgames. That’s why it’s at the bottom of this list.
As an anime, it is truly psychological and can mess with your head. It is not based on any supernatural elements, but it has the same eerie feeling of being under the control of a super villain. The character development is also noteworthy.

9. Kakegurui

This show had excellent facial expressions and bizarre execution. Kakegurui will literally show you what compulsive gambling is and how quickly you can lose everything. Whether it’s school shootings involving horny, suicidal female psycho maniacs or ripping off your fingernails, it’s got it all. Despite its randomness, Kakegurui has some of the best mind games in anime too.
As a compulsive gambler, Jabami Yumeko must outwit every other intellectual rival in their mindgame battle.

8. Steins;gate

There is no other time travel anime/show/movie in this genre that has a unique time travel concept, and when time travel is involved, it’s going to be complicated.
MC of this anime wants to build a time machine, but when it comes to it, it becomes the very thing he wants to destroy! You’ll enjoy the way he solves problems, but you’ll enjoy the character development in this anime the most. It’s definitely worth a watch!

7. Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

Kaiji Ultimate Survivor
One of the best mind games is gambling anime, such as Kaiji, in which a young man gambles for his life and money against a wealthy, sadistic old man.
The story of this anime series was originally published as a manga and then adapted into a Japanese television series. Since most of his games are illegal, the main character spends most of his time gambling and taking risks that could lead to trouble. As a result, he must face some adversaries and win a few mindgames in order to continue playing. Excellent show.

6. Moriarty the Patriot

Moriarty the Patriot
What if Moriarty was the main character, and Sherlock just played a role? What if the villain we’ve come to know isn’t as evil as we think? His intentions are noble, but his methods aren’t. William Moriarty is a crime consultant who works to expose London’s nobility’s heartlessness.
When Moriarty meets Sherlock, his life becomes a mindgame of cat and mouse in which he is able to get away with anything without evidence.

5. Detective Conan – Most Popular Mind Game Animes

Detective Conan
As far as psychological animes are concerned, this anime is severely underappreciated. I mean, the protagonist is extremely intellectual, and even the criminals can rival L (from Death Note). In this film, Shinchi, a teen detective, is transformed into a small boy by a drug and must solve crimes ranging from robberies to murders while trying to regain his original body.

4. One Outs

One Outs

As much as One Outs looks like a regular sports anime on the outside, it isn’t. It’s more about gambling and how the MC outwits other characters and plays mind games with them.
One Outs is a great anime if you like mind games. However, the overall plot isn’t as interesting, so I’m not placing it higher.
In One Outs, a man strikes a deal with the owner of a baseball league team in which he receives 5,000,000 yen for each out he pitches and loses 50,000,000 yen for each run he allows.

3. No Game No Life

No Game No Life
The NEETs, who are such avid gamers that they are regarded as urban legends, are transported to a new world in which all decisions are based on games. It is a world ruled by mind games, where only the intellectual wins. Having conquered the weakest race in the world, Imanity, they will be able to meet the God who brought them here after progressing through all 16 races.

2. Code Geass

Code Geass
There is no better anime in terms of mindgame than this. The plot revolves around a boy who gains the ability to command anyone. Of course, it has limitations, and he must overcome them with his smarts and make the right moves. His goal? The destruction of a nation and the rise of a new world where his sister can live in peace.
Code Geass is one of the few mecha anime out there that is actually enjoyed by non-mecha fans. The show is jam packed with action and fight sequences, mind-numbing plot twists, and a lot more.

1. Death Note –1St Mind Game Animes You Need to know!

Death Note

What happens if a normal human is given divine power to grant death? As soon as the MC of this anime discovers the “death note,” he sets out with an ambitious goal: preventing crime and killing only the most evil people in the world. As time passed, however, he began to use the death note to murder anyone standing in his way. His plan of becoming the world’s god resulted in the death of several good people.
The brilliant detective ‘L’ must now stop the MC’s killing spree by defeating him in his cat-and-mouse game.

That is the end of our Top 10 Mind Game Animes You Need To Know!

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