List 5+ Outstanding Anime Like The Rising Shield Hero

List 5+ Outstanding Anime Like The Rising Shield Hero
You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for more anime like The Rising Of The Shield Hero (Tate no yuusha no nariagari). I’ve compiled the best of List 5+ Outstanding Anime Like The Rising Shield Hero

Overview Of The Rising Of The Shield Hero

Anime Like The Rising Shield Hero
In Rising Of The Shield Hero, the main character gets transported to another world in order to save it from destruction.
In contrast, Naofumi, the main protagonist, only gets a shield and is looked down upon by the other heroes summoned in a similar manner.
He soon becomes the most hated man in the country after the King and his daughter of the kingdom in the other world betray him and frame him for crimes he did not commit.
His personality changes when he sees the harsh reality of the world and decides to survive no matter what. Thus his adventures as the shield hero begin.

Anime Like The Rising Shield Hero

8. The Absolute Duo

The Absolute Duo

In Absolute Duo, students possess a power called “Blazers” that allows them to materialize their souls into weapons.
It is required that students partner up with one another in order to attain the power of the Absolute Duo one day.
In terms of setting and plot, this anime is probably the furthest removed from Rising of the Shield Hero, but it has one thing in common. The fighting style of the protagonists.
How are they similar?
Each main character has a female counter-part to act as their sword, and they act as their party’s shield.

7. The Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody

The Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody

It’s your average anime. Overpowered protagonist, harem of girls, lameass villains, main character too nice to the point where it’s dull and awesome settings.
Despite being only level 1 at the beginning, a game programmer in his 30s becomes the world’s strongest in minutes.
A devastatingly strong spell he used wiped out an entire army of lizardmen, and then he set off to explore the magical world.
How are they similar?
You will enjoy this show if you liked the part in The Rising of The Shield Hero where Naofumi was adventuring as a merchant and creating new items.
The Rising of the Shield Hero is a fantasy-medieval time anime that takes place in a similar setting.

6. Re: Zero – Starting Life In Another World

Re Zero - Starting Life In Another World
Among Anime Like The Rising Shield Hero, this maybe the most popular. After leaving a grocery store, Subaru finds himself in a magical world. Subaru is the weakest of all the isekai characters, with no powers.
The problem is that he finds himself in trouble all the time and gets himself killed over and over again.
It’s thanks to the White Witch’s curse that he revives again in the past, but of course, the trauma of being killed over and over again gets to him.
Is it possible for him to overcome that trauma and save the world?
How are they similar?
There is a lot of trial and tribulation in both of these Isekai animes.
After they learned how to harness their powers, they became the greatest reason why their kingdoms survived.
Two anime have a lot of suffering in store for their main protagonists.

5. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon
The Gods have come to Earth and are ruling over humans in Danmachi, another dungeon crawling anime.
With the blessings of their affiliated Gods, the brave dungeon explorers venture deep into the dungeons and fight dangerous monsters to discover new areas and treasures.
Ais Wallenstein saved Bell Cranel from a dungeon, where he was about to die. The very moment Bell saw her, he fell in love with her.
In order to achieve the strength of her, he starts rigorous training and chases her with all his might, but his rapid progress attracts the attention of all the other Gods.
How are they similar?
As in The Rising of the Shield Hero, the main characters start out as weak and are looked down upon by everyone. But through hard work, they level up and people start to acknowledge their abilities.

4. That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime

That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime
In this anime, a real-life person who died is reincarnated as a Slime in another magical world. He somehow retains his past memories, so he believes he is a Slime.
By engulfing everything, he discovered that he could gain the powers of anything he devoured.
As a super powerful Slime, he saves a Goblin village from danger and begins building an empire for the monsters.
How are they similar?
Our cute slime-san, Rimuru, is similar to Naofumi’s shield in Rising of the Shield Hero.
As Naofumi did with the demi-humans, Rimuru helps the local monsters establish their own city.
The enemy invasions and battles in both anime are very similar.

3. Legends Of The Legendary Heroes

Legends Of The Legendary Heroes
There are people who are known as Alpha Stigmas because of their insane magical abilities. They are viewed only as objects of destruction.
Ryner Lute, one of the Alpha Stigma bearers, wants to find the Legendary Heroes’ relics to prevent war.
As he searches for and retrieves these ancient artifacts, he uncovers the truth behind his cursed eyes (Alpha Stigma).
How are they similar?
They fought to protect the people who hated them. Naofumi was hated for being the shield hero. Ryner was hated for being an Alpha Stigma.
Naofumi can enter rage mode, and Ryner has a berserk mode, in which he loses all control. In both cases, only their closest companions can stop them in that state.

2. Rokka no Yuusha

Rokka no Yuusha
In terms of its plot, Rokka no Yuusha is one of the most amazing anime you can find.
In order to fight off the Demon God, six heroes were chosen, but Alder Mayer, the self-proclaimed “strongest man in the world”, was falsely accused of betraying the heroes.
In order to prove his innocence and find the true traitor, he must now survive the attacks of the other heroes.
It is non-stop thrills and action after the first 4 or 5 episodes of this anime.
How are they similar?
What did you think of Naofumi being betrayed and framed for crimes he didn’t commit? Have you enjoyed seeing him suffer and struggle to escape his ‘once companions’ and prove himself innocent? If so, Rokka no Yuusha has all of those features for you to experience again.

1. Arifureta: From Commonplace To The World’s Strongest – Best Anime Like The Rising Shield Hero

Arifureta From Commonplace To The World’s Strongest
You might be wondering why this anime is at the #1 position of Anime Like The Rising Shield Hero. People said it was crap, right? But guess what, it actually has a decent story. People just hate it because the animation isn’t that great. They might not understand the first episode because they are too stupid to get it. (It goes from the present to the past.) Or maybe they have another reason. What do you care?
It actually gets better after that first episode.
It doesn’t have great animation or sound effects, but I watch anime for the story, so for me it was a treat!
As for why this anime tops the list, it’s because of the characters’ personalities. How naive they were at the beginning, and how they changed completely after the very first episode.
In Arifureta, the main character is summoned to another world in order to save it from destruction.
Nevertheless, he was betrayed by one of his party members. He was let to fall into a deeper level of the dungeon without being rescued.
In the high-level dungeon, he had to eat monsters to survive.
How are they similar?
In Rising of the Shield Hero, Hajime is betrayed by one of his comrades and literally goes through hell. His personality is completely swapped and has become a badass who does not trust anyone.
Just like Naofumi’s shield, Hajime can devour monsters and gain their powers.
Hajime’s party, like Naofumi’s, consists primarily of non-human beings whom he absolutely trusts.

That is the end of our List 5+ Outstanding Anime Like The Rising Shield Hero

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