The FIRST 9 Titan Shifters In Attack On Titan: Exploring Their Powers and Appearance

The FIRST 9 Titan Shifters In Attack On Titan: Exploring Their Powers and Appearance

The FIRST 9 Titan Shifters In Attack On Titan: Exploring Their Powers and Appearance

Hello everyone and welcome back to another  attack on titan blog. We saw many titan shifters throughout the anime but did you ever wonder  how did the first 9 titan shifters look like. In this blog, we will talk about all nine titan powers and their users.

The first titan power we are going to talk about  is the power of the beast titan.

The FIRST 9 Titan Shifters In Attack On Titan: Exploring Their Powers and Appearance

This titan is usually slightly larger than most titans and its  appearance always resembles a certain animal. In the anime, we saw Zeke Yeager, who looked like a monkey. and Tom Ksaver who looked like sheep. Later we also saw few other beast titans  and each one of them resembled a different animal. Since Zeke was from the royal family, his  beast titan had several unique abilities that  no other beast titan had.

For example, with  his royal blood, he was able to transform some subjects of Ymir into titans. However, this was  only possible if the person consumed Zeke’s spinal fluid. Now let’s get back to the topic of the blog and let’s see how did the first beast titan look like. This is the only picture we have where the first best titan is shown, my artist did a very good job drawing him, so you guys could better see how he looked like.

The first beast titan had more facial hair and he had a really cool haircut. Judging by its appearance, I think that the user of this titan was much older than Zeke.

Female titan was one of the nine titans, it could selectively harden parts of its skin and attract pure titans with its screams.

The FIRST 9 Titan Shifters In Attack On Titan: Exploring Their Powers and Appearance

According to Annie, Female titan could mimic other titan’s abilities if it consumed the part of them, as a result, Marley heavily experimented on her. We never got to see if this mimic ability actually works, but I think it would be very cool to see Annie uses some of the war hammer or colossal titan’s abilities.

The female titan was also known for its high endurance and mobility, the greatest instance of this being the journey to the walls, where Annie ran from the coastline of a paradise island to the distant walls. Female titan also had the ability to harden its skin, and most importantly the female titan user could protect himself by forming a crystal cocoon around his body. This is how the first-ever female titan looked like.

It had slightly longer hair than Annie, but other than that, they look very similar.

The war hammer titan was the last titan we were  introduced to in the show. It could produce and manipulate structures that were made of hardened titan flesh. These structures could be weaponized,   for example, forming spikes that were strong enough to lift a titan.

The FIRST 9 Titan Shifters In Attack On Titan: Exploring Their Powers and Appearance

Much like the female titan, this hardening could also be used to protect the user inside a titan crystal. It was also possible for the War hammer  titan to remove its control center from its nape.  This means that the user of the War hammer titan  could hide outside of the battlefield and control   his titan remotely.

Even though the war hammer titan was defeated pretty quickly in the anime, to a lot of people, this is still their favorite titan, probably because of his incredible design and unique set of powers. The first war hammer titan looked very different from Lara’s version. The first thing we can notice  is that it had long black hair. I Don’t know  about you guys but it seems to me that the  user of this titan was actually a male, which is very interesting since in the  show we only got to see Lara’s version.

The next titan is no other than Armored titan.

The FIRST 9 Titan Shifters In Attack On Titan: Exploring Their Powers and Appearance

The defining feature of an armored titan is the   layers of armor protecting this titan’s body.  This armor is capable of shielding the titan   from significant amounts of damage, for example shielding him from direct cannon hits or blades   of the vertical maneuvering equipment.

Armored Titan is also the only titan that can withstand   colossal Titan’s explosive transformation.  Although this armor is pretty strong, it is not  capable of protecting its user from anti titan  artillery or thunder spears. This titan also has   some disadvantages, It couldn’t run very fast  due to the weight of the armor, In this case,   the user could choose to shed segments of the armor to achieve more speed and agility.

The first armored titan actually looked very  cool. I really like the design of this titan,   its body is very similar to Reiner’s, but  it looks much more buffed and muscular.

The cart titan was one of the nine titans  and it is known for its devastating speed and endurance.

The FIRST 9 Titan Shifters In Attack On Titan: Exploring Their Powers and Appearance

This titan is perfect  for long missions since it doesn’t need   to rest. It is capable of maintaining  titan form for long periods of time,  It could also be equipped with body armor or  machine gun platforms if needed. Pieck claims   that the power of the cart titan allowed her to  perform hundreds of consecutive transformations   before she got tired, which is very impressive since a normal titan shifter could only   transform a few times.

Cart titan possesses an  incredible speed similar to the jaw titan’s, Pieck used this speed to retrieve Zeke and  Reiner during the battle of Shiganshina.  One of the downsides of using a cart titan is that  after a long period of time in the titan form, its user would forget how to walk normally and would instead have to crawl. For some reason, the design of the first cart titan looks very funny to me.

The FIRST 9 Titan Shifters In Attack On Titan: Exploring Their Powers and Appearance

It’s a little bit different than Pieck’s version, it has smaller eyes and a different nose. Attack titan was also one of the nine titans, it is sad that attack titan always fought  for freedom throughout the generations.  While all of the nine titans could  receive memories of the past inheritors, the attack titan could also receive memories of its future inheritors.

In the world of the attack on titan we saw 3 people that wielded this power, first one was Eren Kruger, he was Eldian  spy posing as a Marley security officer. The second attack titan user was Grisha Yeager, he inherited his power from Kruger, and his mission was to steal the founding titan power from the royal family.

And finally, the last attack titan is of  course the main protagonist, Eren Yeager.   He inherited his power from his father Grisha, and his only goal was achieving freedom.  Now we are getting to the interesting part,  the first attack titan looks breathtaking.   It’s looking very different from all  attack titans we saw in the show so far.

Its hair is long and it has some very  scary titan marks across its face. The colossal titan was the primary antagonist  of the first three seasons of the attack on   titan series. This titan is notable for  its massive size and significant control  over the steam emitted by its titan body.

Although all titans generate enormous   amounts of heat and energy when transforming,  colossal titan takes this to the next level.  during the battle of Shiganshina, when  transforming, Bertholdt released an incredible   amount of energy similar to the small nuclear  device, which destroyed part of the district  and set surrounding area on fire.

The FIRST 9 Titan Shifters In Attack On Titan: Exploring Their Powers and Appearance

One of the colossal titan’s unique powers was that he was capable of emitting great  amounts of steam at will to prevent anybody  from reaching its nape. The first colossal titan looks a lot scarier than any other colossal titans   in the show. In my opinion, this titan seems like  it was designed for some kind of a horror movie. Even though the jaw titan is the smallest out of  all nine titans, he is also the fastest and he has   a powerful set of jaws and claws that  are able to tear through almost anything.

Those who held the power of the jaw titan  demonstrated significant amounts of speed   and agility in their titan form. They could  even move fast enough to catch most of the  other titan shifters off guard. The force of  its jaws was shown to be strong enough to chew   through the hardened titan armor, as well as the  titan crystal surrounding the war hammer titan.

Throughout the series, we saw many jaw titans,  and each of them was very unique. The first jaw titan had an armored mask on his face similar  to Porco’s version. But the mask on this titan  actually look a lot scarier  since it’s resembling a skull. The founding titan, also known as the coordinate, was the first of all titans.

The FIRST 9 Titan Shifters In Attack On Titan: Exploring Their Powers and Appearance

Its scream could create and control other titans and modify the memories   and body compositions of the subjects of Ymir, but this power had in the past only been available   to the members of the royal family. According to  Marley, the founding titan was the point where the   paths connecting all subjects of Ymir cross. The first-ever founding titan was Ymir fritz.

She came into contact with the mysterious spine-like creature which attached to her   back and triggered the first titan transformation. It is said that nobody can surpass Ymir and that because Ymir died 13 years after awakening her  powers, no one is allowed to live beyond that, this phenomenon is also known as the “Curse Of Ymir”.

To all of you who watched this blog through the end, thank you guys so much, you are amazing. I will see you very  soon in one of my next blogs, bye.

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