The Ultimate Guide to Eren’s Founding Titan: Uncovering its Secret Powers

The Ultimate Guide to Eren's Founding Titan: Uncovering its Secret Powers

The Ultimate Guide to Eren’s Founding Titan: Uncovering its Secret Powers

Eren Yeager, the main character in Attack on Titan, had quite a lot of transformations throughout the anime. Not only did his character change from an immature child to a complex mastermind, but his titan form -Founding Titan- also transformed in the latest season, and it was shocking to say the least. Let’s go through how exactly Eren acquired this godly power and what he used it for during the war with Marley.

The Ultimate Guide to Eren's Founding Titan: Uncovering its Secret Powers

Zeke sides with Paradise and Eren fights against the Armored Titan. Zeke is shot in the nape and pretends to die while Eren uses hardening to trap Reiner. He then starts running towards Zeke but is decapitated by Gabby. Eren’s head goes flying, and Zeke tries to catch it in his hand.

The contact is made, and the two brothers end up in the Paths, a location that connects the subjects of Ymir together in the Paths. Eren revealed his true intentions for protecting Paradise and destroying the outside world, whereas Zeke also reveals how he used Eren just so he can unlock the true powers of the Founding Titan, using it to carry out his plan of sterilizing the subjects of Ymir.

Zeke then tries to convince Eren that he is being controlled by Grisha and chosen Grisha’s memories. However, he realizes that Eren was the one who actually manipulated Grisha and was given the freedom that Zeke never had as a child. Zeke then chains Eren and commands Eren to put a stop to the bloodline of the Eldians.

Eren breaks his chains and goes after Ymir. He convinces her that she no longer has to be a slave to the royal family and that he will set her free. Ymir grants him the full power of the Founding Titan, and Eren is seen transforming in the Shigen China District into a monstrosity of a titan.

The Founding Titan’s spine connected with Eren’s decapitated head, which led to him being larger than even the Wall Titans. His transformation undid all kinds of hardening, releasing the Wall Titans and even destroying Annie’s crystal. The Wall Titans started marching towards other countries, laying waste to anything in their path.

Eren then communicated with all the Eldians through Paths and told them that he was coming for them. The Marleyan soldiers immediately started to retreat, and only a few remained on the island: the Warriors, Theo Maggath, and the Survey Corps. They started working together to stop Eren from completely destroying the outside world.

Eren in his Founding Titan form is extremely powerful and is even capable of summoning all the previous incarnations of the Nine Titans. He used the previous incarnations to fight against the Warriors and the Survey Corps. However, during the fight, some of the Titans chose to fight with the Survey Corps instead, meaning they had control over their thoughts and actions to a certain point.

Zeke also emerges from the spine and is decapitated by Levi, which stops the rumbling. Gene then detonates the explosives, blowing off the Founding Titan’s head. A centipede-like creature emerges, which tries to connect to Eren’s head, but Reiner tries to keep it in place.

Armin then tries to blow away the Founding Titan by transforming into his Colossal Titan. However, even this doesn’t stop Eren, and he emerges from the rubble in his Colossal Titan form. Levi Ackerman then shoots a thundersphere into Eren’s mouth, creating an opening for Mikasa. She enters through his mouth and then kills him with a single swing of her blade.

Eren dies in Mikasa’s arms as she kisses him farewell, thereby freeing him of his burdens and freeing the Amir as well. In short, in his Founding Titan form, Eren spread destruction outside of the Island of Paradise and has killed almost 80% of humanity. He was extremely strong to the point that all the countries combined did not have the technology to tackle him. What’s more, his appearance was quite terrifying as well.

Eren’s Founding Titan looked quite bizarre and terrifying at the same time as it was constructed of only bones. It was quite massive compared to most pure titans and even the Colossal Titans in the wall. The exact height has not been shared, but based on the manga panels, we can assume that it’s at least 250 meters tall.

The reason why it’s so large is due to the special conditions during which Eren unlocked the power of the Founding Titan. Eren’s head was far away from his body when the power was unlocked, leading the Founding Titan’s spine to grow longer and connect to Eren’s decapitated head. The spine kept growing to the point that it ended up looking like a massive and horrifying skeletal frame.

Eren’s appearance is not the only thing that separates him from other Founding Titan users; he also has many unique powers and abilities. Ymir Fritz gave the full power of the Founding Titan to Eren, which he displayed well in the war against Marley and the other nations. The most obvious ability he had was memory manipulation, which allowed him to alter or even erase the memories of the Eldians.

Eren used this power to temporarily steal the memories and meetings with his friends, especially the memories of his meeting with Armin. After Eren died, Armin remembered the time Eren visited him and shared his true feelings with him. The memory manipulation technique was also used by King Carl Fritz to alter the memories of the Eldians inside the wall.

He made them forget about the truth of the outside world, making them think that humanity outside the walls doesn’t exist. It’s important to mention that the memory manipulation technique doesn’t work against the members of the Ackermann clan as they belong to the non-Eldian bloodline.

The most powerful and terrifying ability that Eren possessed as the Founding Titan was the Rumbling. When Eren got the full powers of the Founder, the hardening of the walls and the other Titans were undone, and the Wall Titans were released. They started marching across the land on Eren’s command.

Furthermore, Eren’s scream is also capable of controlling the pure Titans and commanding them as he pleases. Eren first demonstrated this power when he came into contact with the Titan of Dina Fritz and unknowingly commanded the pure Titans to devour her.

Ymir Fritz has also used the ability to command the Titans to perform many tasks, including building the kingdom of Aldia. Eren’s Founding Titan is also capable of summoning all the previous nine Titan holders. It’s capable of summoning an infinite number of Titans with the help of Ymir Fritz. Eren summoned the ancient

Titan shifters on his spine to fight against Marley and the Survey Corps. He used them to keep his enemies at bay so he could proceed with his plan and annihilate the entire world outside of Paradis. What’s really impressive about this ability is that the ancient Titan shifters looked very much alive and possessed the same abilities as they did when they were alive.

This particular power of the Founding Titan proved to be quite troublesome for the Survey Corps, but they managed to find a way around it.

Another ability unique to the Founding Titan is that it can turn any of the Eldians into Titans as it wishes. Aldians can be transformed into massive colossal Titans as well. This technique was demonstrated by King Karl Fritz by creating the wall out of the 50-meter Titans.

What’s even more interesting is that Eren doesn’t require any special conditions to activate this power, unlike Zeke who needs to first inject his spinal fluid into the target. As the Founding Titan, Eren could transform into any of the nine Titans as he wished. He demonstrates this ability when his head is blown away and he transforms into the Colossal Titan to fight against Armin.

The nine Titans each possess unique abilities, and to be able to transform into any of them makes Eren the most terrifying enemy of humanity.

Another ability that Eren gained after unlocking his Founding Titan powers was the ability to connect with all the Eldians of the paths. He used telepathic communication to relay his message of the rumbling to all Eldians around the world.

Furthermore, he also used this ability to talk to Armin one last time and share with him his true feelings about the entire situation regarding the war and why he made all the decisions. He even told him how he felt about Mikasa but then he temporarily altered Armin’s memory so he doesn’t remember any of the details till Eren dies.

The Ultimate Guide to Eren's Founding Titan: Uncovering its Secret Powers

Moving forward, a very unique ability that the inheritor of the Founding Titan possesses is being able to change the anatomy of subjects of Ymir. Zeke Yeager’s ultimate wish was to euthanize the Eldians, and he even commanded Ymir to do so.

Additionally, King Carl Fritz also used this ability to make the Eldians immune to an epidemic in that era. Therefore, keeping this information in mind, Eren as the inheritor of the Founding Titan is also capable of doing so and can command Ymir to make certain changes to the anatomy of the Eldians.

Eren also possesses the ability to foresee the future and directly impact the past as well. This power is the result of controlling both the Founding Titan and the Attack Titan at the same time. However, this can also affect the mindset of the inheritor as they are unable to think coherently and end up going with the flow of the events. That is exactly what happened to Eren as well as he controlled the past to indirectly make Dina Fritz devour his mother. Eren also encouraged Grisha to end the royal bloodline and eat the Founding Titan. Grisha had no intention of killing children, but he did so because Eren manipulated him.

So what about the previous inheritance of the founding titan? Is Eren more powerful compared to them? Let’s compare them to Grisha, Frieda, and Ymir. As the founding titan inheritor, Eren was far more powerful compared to his father and Frieda. Frieda was a descendant of the royal bloodline and was bound by the vow to renounce war.

She was not given the full powers of the founding titan because of the vow, and that’s why she couldn’t fight back against Grisha. Similarly, Grisha was not given the full powers of the founding titan as well, and he immediately passed his powers to Eren. So what about Ymir Fritz then? Compared to Ymir, Eren is quite weak, and that is quite understandable.

Ymir was the first one to receive the powers of the founding titan and is also the one who gave Eren the powers as well. If Eren hadn’t convinced Ymir, she would have never given him the powers of the founding titan. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that Ymir Fritz is far more powerful than Eren.

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