One Piece Luffy Family Tree – Currently Appear In Anime

One Piece Luffy Family Tree - Currently Appear In Anime
Luffy’s past is a mystery. Even during the part that might give us an idea of his childhood or family ties, we still are given only pieces of information.
One Piece Luffy Family Tree
Often times, when individuals are going through tough times, they grow stronger because of their extended family. This idea is explored in the One Piece series. Now that we’ve talked about some of Luffy’s extended family members, let’s talk about who many of One Piece Luffy Family Tree – Currently Appear In Anime.

Luffy’s Able Bodyguards – One Piece Luffy Family Tree By Blood

Monkey D. Garp – Grandfather Of Luffy

Monkey D. Garp
Even though Garp is Luffy’s grandfather, he replaced Dragon as the closest thing to a parent that Luffy had. This happened because Garp took on the responsibility of raising him and he wanted to make sure he raise Luffy right and be a Marine when the time came.
Luffy had a difficult upbringing and developed his mind-set in a rather unorthodox way. That may be why Garp forced him to help out on his pirate ship, and then later on he began teaching Luffy his skills. In return, Garp deserves huge credit for shaping Luffy into the man he is now.

Luffy’s Mother

Luffy’s Mother
As of today, we don’t exactly know who Luffy’s mother is. However, there are several fan theories about who Luffy’s real mother is! Take a look at this article if you’re interested in finding out more about one of the most important part of One Piece Luffy Family Tree. 

Monkey D. Dragon – Father Of Luffy

Monkey D. Dragon
Dragon is Luffy’s newest family member. Just like any other Shonen protagonist, Luffy didn’t grow up with his father either. Dragon has been absent for the majority of time, and the reason is still unknown. He has only made a few cameo appearances as the leader of the Revolutionary Army.
Luffy’s relationship with Dragon remains a mystery, so much so that it’s almost impossible to predict. The mysterious atmosphere of this father son duo makes the story far more exciting than we anticipated it could be. Now, we just need to wait for Oda sensei to reveal the big secret that he has been hiding.

Luffy’s extended family

Luffy's extended family
Unlike most of shonen-ai protagonists, many people tend to think that Luffy only has blood relatives. However, he actually has other non-blood related members as well, and we’ll take a look at them right now!

Sabo – 2nd Sworn Brother Of Luffy

Sabo - 2nd Sworn Brother Of Luffy
The history of Sabo is an important part of the One Piece lore. He is Luffy’s second sworn brother, and they all form the trio together. His backstory revealed that he died at the end – but he made a surprising comeback and took power from Ace to join Dragon’s Revolutionary Army.
Sabo did not initially trust or approve of Luffy when they first met, but as time went on, like Ace, they grew close to each other. It is also fair to say that during their reunion, many viewers got teary-eyed.

Portgas D. Ace – 1st Sworn Brother Of Luffy

Portgas D. Ace
The relationship between Luffy and Ace was one of the strongest and most important aspects of the story, and the anime has shown this many times. Little did either of them know that this friendship would end up changing their lives in such an interesting way.
Ace always took care of Luffy like a big brother, and he was much stronger than him. It’s a shame that we couldn’t see more of these sworn brothers adventuring together.

Curly Dadan – Foster Mother Of Luffy

Curly Dadan
Grandpa Garp loved his adopted grandchildren, Ace and Luffy. But because he was busy with work, he asked their foster mother, Dadan, to take care of them. Dadan is a mountain bandit and earlier on she was blackmailed into taking care of them.
On the outside, it may have looked like Luffy and Dadan didn’t have a great bond. But on the inside, they loved each other. She was indeed like a mother figure in her life.
The next question you might have is, “So, who are his parents?” You can find the answer on our FAQ page.

Some FAQ About One Piece Luffy Family Tree

Does Luffy’s Mother Live?

The original author of One Piece, Oda Eiichiro, stated that Luffy’s mother was still alive and speculated that we might have already seen her appear. We don’t know who she is yet, but if you want to read more about the possible identity of her mother, check out this article!

Would Luffy have gotten his rubber powers if he hadn’t been exposed to the effects of Gol D. Roger’s experiments?

No. Luffy is not related to Gold Roger and Ace, who was Gold Roger’s son. However, they have the same initial ‘D’ in their name, which is an entirely different concept called the ‘Will of D’.

Luffy, Does Your Avatar Have a Girlfriend?

Luffy isn’t married, nor does he have a girlfriend, and it’s likely that Oda Sensei will never plan romance in One Piece. He has also said, however, that he is open to shipping different One Piece characters together as fans like.
We’ve walked through Luffy’s family tree and answered some of the most common questions about him as well. Hopefully this helps you better understand the world of One Piece!

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