The Hottest Topic Of All Time – Who Is One Piece Luffy Mom ?

The Hottest Topic Of All Time - Who Is One Piece Luffy Mom ?
You may not have seen the mother of one of the best anime protagonists ever yet-Luffy, from One Piece. Turns out that Oda Eiichiro has given very few clues about who she is. And as an involved topic that has been wandering around the fandom of One Piece for year and year, The Hottest Topic Of All Time – Who Is One Piece Luffy Mom ?
 One Piece Luffy Mom
There’s been conflicting information about her, but she has not yet made an appearance throughout the series. However, the fact that she is Luffy’s mother has not yet been confirmed. The best thing about One Piece fans is that they love theories and since Luffy’s mother is a character with so many questions left unanswered, they’ve created their own theories.
We’ll explore some theories below and discuss whether they seem most correct. Before that, however, it’s important to remember that Oda sensei has said Luffy’s mother is a woman who always sticks to the rules and she is very much alive.

The Imu Sama Theory

The Imu Sama Theory luffy mom

The Hottest Topic Of All Times – Who Is One Piece Luffy Mom?
One of the strangest mysteries in One Piece is how there’s no mention of Luffy’s mother. Many believe that Imu Sama is Luffy’s mom is reality. We have no real idea about her other than that she sits on the empty, golden throne. It’s not strange to think about how only the Five Elders know about this.
Imu Sama’s gender hasn’t been revealed too so that reduces the possibility a little bit. However, I think a lot of theories about this comes from people wanting to sensationalize what they don’t understand. This theory would make sense to why Dragon is so set on bringing the world government down. It makes sense that he knows about this prank and wants to bring them down.
The theory is compelling, but it has a few holes in it. First, if Luffy’s mother is actually the person hiding in the shadows and ruling the world, how did she meet Dragon in the first place? Some fans say that she didn’t reveal her identity at first and Dragon slowly came to know about it as time went on. While this explanation seems reasonable, Eichiiro Oda isn’t fond of sticking to the easy way out.

The theory that love is forbidden

The Hottest Topic Of All Times – Who Is One Piece Luffy Mom?
The theory that I would like to mention here is quite interesting. It kind of has a sad ending, but there might be hope. This theory involves Luffy’s mother being a Celestial Dragon and living in an extremely toxic environment. But when she meets Monkey D. Dragon, she feels it’s a breath of fresh air after years of unbearable toxicity. The two start spending more time together on a casual basis, and an innocent romance starts to develop. She yearns for the freedom that Monkey D. Dragon has, but she sticks it out long enough to have their child together.
So she is tortured to death by the World Nobles, and this naturally angers Dragon. He decides to create the Revolutionary Army and take revenge for what the World Government did, as that’s what they would never allow out of a pirate in order to remain pure. Luffy stays with Garp and Dragon goes away to start that.
Despite this theory contradicting the statement made by One Piece’s creator, it does make sense. It would not be surprising to see Luffy’s mother die in such a tragic scene, especially seeing how often heart-wrenching scenes occur in the series. While there is no evidence of this happening yet, Oda never said that Luffy’s mother is alive.

The Crocodile Theory

The Crocodile Theory luffy mom

The Hottest Topic Of All Times – Who Is One Piece Luffy Mom?
Crazy, right? To think that the villain of the Alabasta Arc would be Luffy’s mother. But considering Eiichiro Oda and his world of twists in One Piece, nothing is impossible. According to this theory, the fans think that Crocodile used to be a woman at some point in the past.
I don’t know if you all remember this, but Ivankov talked about a secret about Crocodile. He could be Crocodile’s real identity and Ivankov was hiding it. The fact that Crocodile was using Alabasta for military practices can also point to the direction of Dragon. It’s possible that the Revolutionary Army came up with a plan to retrieve Pluton and make their case against the World Government as powerful as possible.
Plausibility: It’s not clear who the mother of Luffy is, and this theory brings up a good point. The only problem is that there may be things that would keep this theory from actually happening. For example, there might be steps in the process that have been overlooked until now. There also doesn’t seem to be enough evidence pointing to this theory being factual.

The Betty Belo Theory

Betty Belo luffy mom

The Hottest Topic Of All Times – Who Is One Piece Luffy Mom?
This is another popular theory and it just seems perfect. And with everything that has happened in East Blue, there’s no doubt about her being his mother. She’s the commander of the Revolutionary Army in East Blue, which also happens to be Luffy’s hometown. It also fits that she knows nothing about raising a child and she would have wanted him to grow up to be a king like we see in East Blue.
It’s difficult to believe that Luffy and Bello Betty possess so many similar traits. Is it possible they inherited them from one another? Bello Betty’s devil fruit allows her to rally people for a cause, just like Luffy has a power to rally people by making them feel his spirit.
This theory is plausible because it brings Dragon and the protagonist’s mother – Luffy’s mother – closer together, working towards the same goal. This theory also goes alongside statements made by Oda that she is alive and we’ve already seen her. If this one is true, it will definitely be another ingenious move by Eichiiro Oda.

The End

It’s important to remember that these are called theories for a reason. It’s possible that they won’t come true at all, even though they seem to make perfect sense. For example, Oda has already prepared the whole story and we know how he likes to surprise people with twists. Anyway, it’s always fun to read about these theories and think how they could very well be true.
Let us know in the comments below who you think Luffy’s mother is!

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