Top One Piece Luffy Forms – Oldest To Newest In Anime One Piece!

Top One Piece Luffy Forms - Oldest To Newest In Anime One Piece!
One Piece is an anime popular with all ages, but I’m going to focus on just a few of One Piece Luffy Forms till today. Characters in One Piece sometimes take on new forms or weapons, but I’ll do my best to keep this post updated whenever they release new techniques.
One Piece Luffy Forms
Luffy calls his main transformations “gears.” He has a few other forms, like Nightmare Luffy and Afro Luffy.
The following is a list of all Luffy’s forms from the manga and anime One Piece, including his past forms in the distant past and all future forms.
A list of all the different One Piece Luffy Forms the protagonist Luffy has throughout his adventure:

Gear Second – First One Piece Luffy Forms

Gear Second
The first transformation in list of One Piece Luffy Forms is when Luffy took his gear-second form after he pumped and sped up his blood.
This form increases his speed and power, nearly 10 times over. However, before 2 years of training with Rayleigh this form exhausted his stamina and even threatened his life. As a result, part of it reduced his lifespan.
After the two-year training, the study participants who attended had more control over the computer tasks, and it didn’t exhaust them or reduce their lifespan.

Gear Third

Gear Third
Luffy broke a gear that saved him from the army’s cannonball-like attack and turned it into a form where he blows up his arm to gigantic proportions. This allowed him to wreak havoc and create an enormous amount of physical power. That make the second form in One Piece Luffy Forms. 
In the two-year time skip, Luffy’s body grows to allow him to use Kaiōken without shrinking.

Gear Forth

Gear Forth
When Reyleigh Luffy worked with himself to create Gear fourth, it included: Bounce man, Tank man, Snake man which will be mention below in the list of One Piece Luffy Forms.
The goal of these exercises is to increase lung capacity and pressure while blowing into his arms, assuming he has a machine that uses Haki as the air source.

Bounce Man

Bounce Man
This is the first shape form of Gear fourth and in One Piece Luffy Forms. He transform into a bouncy ball which makes most attacks bounce off him. This form has incredible defensive power and can take care of any attackers with this form.
Luffy’s arms and legs are tucked away within his body so he can move at explosive speeds. Because they’re retracted and locked, they can’t get in the way of some of Luffy’s most devastatingly powerful attacks.
In this form, he’s capable of flying by retracting and releasing his legs as fast as he can.

Tank Man

Tank Man
Luffy used this form only once while fighting Charlotte Cracker, who is able to create Biscuit warriors. Luffy ate all the Biscuit warriors until his immense size grew larger
Luffy transformed into “Stuffed version” of Tank Man.
This form is coated with experimental and powerful silver, which allows the recoil of any weapons that are directed at it.

Snake Man

Snake Man
Luffy begins his latest transformation with a snake form called Snakeman. He has mixed it with Gear fourth in order to fight Carlotte.
Forma allows him to travel at incredible speeds and attack enemies with overwhelming amounts of power. This also allows him to attack enemies in every possible direction, making him an incredibly deadly fighter.
Luffy’s fruit of the poisonous plant Paradox Will create a long-lasting stamina, so he won’t need to worry about losing his endurance in the upcoming fight. He’ll also be able to use Haoshoku Haki for 10 minutes before recharging.

Nightmare Luffy – The newest One Piece Luffy Form

Nightmare Luffy
Nightmare Luffy is an evil spirit that he was able to transform himself into while in Thriller Bark.
Battling 100 shadows and containing them within him, Luffy transformed into another form. Fortunately, he managed to neutralize all bastion of the gears’ power of their wills in time.
If you turn off the light or leave it in a dark room, Luffy’s body becomes several times bigger and his skin turns blue.
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