Top Legendary Swords One Piece – Zoro Version!

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As you may be aware, One Piece is populated with badass anime characters such as Zoro, the legendary swordsman with a bounty of 17. In this article we’re taking a look at Legendary Swords One Piece and giving a brief description of each one.
Legendary Swords One Piece
Our article will provide up-to-date information about the swords that Zoro used. It’ll also reveal their location and what he got them from, as well as other important aspects of the swords themselves.

Legendary Swords One Piece Dictionary

Now that we’ve discussed all the swords in detail, let’s take a moment to define some terms you might need to know. These terms will make it much easier to understand and appreciate the swords and their significance.
In the One Piece-universe, there are several sword classes based on quality. Here’s a list of them.


The term meito refers to any type of blade, not just katanas, that is given a name in Legendary Swords One Piece.
A named sword or weapon is a legendary object that is recognized for its superior build quality. They are rare and not every item can be a named one. After all, not every item on the battlefield is worthy of having a name.
Meito swords have been used by infamous individuals for many years. Tested in conditions that would destroy the sturdiest of blades, the Meito swords still shine with an agility and prowess unmatched by modern weapons.
The Meito swords are a treasure because they are one of the deadliest weapons in the One Piece world.
At a certain point in the production process, Meito blades choose their user. It’s an unusual occurrence because of how rare it is for blades to be able to take on a life. While this phenomenon doesn’t happen often, one of the few known cases occurred when a blade was adopted by the owner of an ancient sword store.
It means, in the hands of the wrong individual, it might actually cost them their life. But with the right person, it just might be the greatest weapon that will bring glory to its wielder and itself.
Zoro is known for his mastery of swords. Despite the difficulty, he’s wielded seven Meito swords so far.

Unknown Grade

Gifted swords with a specific name but no specific grade are called Unknown Grade Blades.
You’ll find old or new swords that fall under any of the categories below. Some of the most popular unknown grade swords are wielded by Shanks, Brook, Franky, Killer, and others.

The Swords of Zoro

The Dual Katanas

The Dual Katanas
Initially, Zoro didn’t have any Meito Legendary Swords One Piece swords, but he used yet another option that broke quickly.
These unnamed dual katana were forged by Shimotsuki Kozaburo, a legendary swordsmith who has crafted two great grade swords.
When a sword appears in someone’s life, it’s a sign of the future and the present. One who is skilled with swords can sense that through their blade. Swords almost seem to have feelings, becoming enchanted when attached to the hand of one that is renowned for handling them well.

Yubashiri – treasure of the Ipponmatsu family

One of the swords awarded to Zoro by the Ipponmatsu was Yubashiri, one of the 50 skillful grade swords. It was given to him after witnessing his sword skills.
Later in the arc, Luffy’s sword was destroyed when he met Shu and got into a fight. It turned into a rusty mess afterwards from fighting strong opponents with devil fruit abilities.

12 Supreme Grade Blades

As the name suggests, these blades are top-notch quality. They’re so well crafted that they’re obvious they were made by expert craftsmen.
These are the toughest swords that can cut or endure almost anything. These swords never break, and they’re superior in quality to all others on the market.
Only the strongest of men have used these twelve supreme grade swords. For example, Mihawk, White Beard and Gold Roger all wielded one of the twelve supreme grade swords.

21 Great Grade Blades

There are twenty-one “great grade” swords in the One Piece world. The next level of blades, below supreme, is the great grade blades.
These blades may not be of the supreme grade but they can still cut through steel like a knife through butter.
Zoro, the main character of the original manga and anime series One Piece who’s also known as Namazuo no Mon (Namazu’s Son), has wielded many different swords throughout his journey. Some of them are named after herbs or spices, one is even nicknamed Policeman because it can grow plants new roots when you sheathe it.
No matter the occasion, sometimes swords are just more appropriate for a great cause. Here are some of the most famous swords in history–if you’re looking for a sword for a special gift, check these out: Enma, Sushi, and Wado Ichimonji.

50 Skillful Grade Blades

This grade of swords is known for being well-crafted and durable. They are not as skillful or sharp as their counterpart grades, but they far exceed the quality brand-new blades.
These swords aren’t the strongest blades or have the best build quality. With them, you’ll be able to attract a broader range of clients, but they’re not indestructible.
Zoro lost his sword in a battle, which is evident in how skilled it was.
Tashigi has two of the three swords found in this grade. We know that the third sword is owned by someone else.

Grade Blades

The lowest class of Meito swords is the Grade Blade. They have poor build quality and are weaker than average, but they are still stronger than a regular blade.
We don’t have a specific number on the total number of Grade Blades available.
Shusui – a legendary blade from the Seto Kingdom
Shusui is a power sword that was forged by cutting through 21 layers of steel. In ancient times, Ryuma from the Wano kingdom owned this blade and wielded it.
Ryuma, the protagonist from Rudyard Kipling’s “The Zombie That Ate Men”, stole a sword as he hid in order to recreate the story events.
After a close battle with Ryuma’s zombie, Ryuma handed Shusui to Zoro as a prize for defeating him.
However, during the Wano arc, Wano was stolen and returned to the grave of Ryuma, the first person it was ever owned by. Zoro let it lie and replaced it with Enma.

Wado Ichimonji – First Grade Blade Of Zoro

wado ichimonji
After the death of Zoro’s childhood rival, Kuina, Wado Ichimonji was handed down from generation to generation. Now at age 19, Zoro carries it around wherever he goes.
Zoro survived his encounter with Mihawk and managed to retain the use of all his swords. The quality of this sword is proof that it’s made from a higher-grade material than Zoro’s other swords.
Legendary blacksmith Kozaburo Shimotsuki made this masterpiece in Wano, which includes a blade and a hilt.

Enma – Latest Sword Of Zoro

Enma is the most recent sword Zoro acquired in the land of Wano. It is one of the twenty-one great level swords.
A legendary warrior, Oden, wielded the sword before his death. The legendary Samurai Oden wielded this blade before his death–a rumored ghostly figure with a near 100% win rate in battle.
As a reward for returning Ryuma’s sword to his grave, Oden’s daughter gave Zoro this Legendary Swords One Piece.
Zoro is an exceptionally skilled swordsman since he has a lot of Busoshoku Haki. His sword was hard to wield at first, but he soon learned to master it and eventually got stronger with the weapon.

Sandai Kitetsu – Zoro’s Cursed Sword

Sandai Kitetsu
Sandai Kitetsu is one of the swords Zoro obtained from Ipponmatsu, a shop owner in Loguetown. It is one of the grade blades in Legendary Swords One Piece.
Nobody dares to take the life-threatening sword because they know that they’ll be vulnerable in its presence. Some say it’s cursed, and others say that there is a story about its destructive fate.
Only a select few people are able to withstand the curse and overcome it. Zoro was one of them, which is why he put down his sword in order to blow the opportunity.

Where Can You Get Zoro’s Swords In Real Life?

There are Legendary Swords One Piece that you can actually get for yourself. They’re hand-forged, and they have a Meito feel to them. These are actual swords that weren’t made by machines. Not to mention, they’re props for display ornaments.
If you’re interested in picking up a real-life replica of Zoro’s swords, then is the place to start. They have options for nearly all anime Katanas, with more being added everyday.

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