Nichirin Swords Demon Slayer – Outstanding Point Of The Show

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Demon Slayer is well-known for its amazing animation and its jaw-dropping Nichirin Swords Demon Slayer fighting sequences. The weapons that are used in this anime are specially forged swords called the “Nichirin Swords.”
nichirin swords demon slayer
One thing to keep in mind when reading about demon slayer weapons is that there are layers of detail to be found.
In this article you will learn about these Nichirin Swords and all the different information about them. Now, without any further ado, let’s dive into the article.

What makes Nichirin Swords Demon Slayer different?

demon slayer weapons

A Nichirin Swords Demon Slayer can kill an entire class of enemies with a single well-placed hit. Other weapons simply aren’t up to the task in this instance.
The Demon Slayer Corps are a single combat unit found in the Imperial Palace of Lin. They use only the best weapons made by skilled swordmakers.
A nichirin, or “color-changing sword,” is a type of blade that changes color based on what the user has been taught. Each of these colors have a certain meaning, which we will cover later in this article.
Cutting off the creature’s head is one of the most effective ways to kill them. It can also cause serious blood loss in certain situations, but be careful; it won’t work on everything.

Why Is the Nichirin Swords Demon Slayer able to Kill Demons?

nichinrin demon slayer

These Nichirin Swords Demon Slayer are made from a special ore that’s capable of killing demons.
Demons are weak to sunlight and will suffer when faced with the sun’s energy.
Nichirin are a type of sword that act as a portable sun. They would get soaked in the sun’s energy and kind of act as an “airtight” solar panel that was embedded in the weapon.
These blades were built in the height of Japan’s samurai tradition. The Nichirin are very durable weapons, made for warriors and able to store up all the sun’s light energy. This is why these swords kill demons so well.

These Nichirin swords were made in what manner?

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A Nichirin Swords Demon Slayer is forged by mixing metal with Scarlet Crimson Iron Sand, Scarlet Ore and sunlight throughout the year.
The Demon Slayer Corps is known for its difficulty to make these weapons, but only those who have proven themselves are given them.
The examinee will get the choice to select their desired weapon type after the final selection exam.
Then, the ore will be sent to the secret swordsmith village to be made into a sword. The nichirin blade will then be delivered to the Demon Slayer.
It is a tradition where the swordsmith meets with the demon slayer and hands over a forged weapon.
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Where Makes These Demon Slayer Swords?

swordsmith village

There is a secret village for the people who make these swords. People live there, but it doesn’t have that many people in it.
The importance of nichirin swords is that they’re critical for demon slaying. The village’s role as a supplier is vital to their industry.
The location of the village of the titans is strictly kept secret. That’s why, when you visit, you’ll find yourself blindfolded and escorted by someone.

Nichirin Sword Users.

nichinrin swords users

Here are some of the various swords and katana that possess will with a brief description each. Note that we have only mentioned these two weapons below, we’ve also not mentioned guns or cleavers as they are not part of the available categories.
The following sentence lists all of Nichirin Swords different weapon users.

Tanjiro Kamado

Sword color: black obsidian
Adachi Tanjiro wields a powerful sword of legend, the Black Nichirin Blade, to lead his team of loyal samurai. This blade, which is supposed to have brought bad luck for its original owner, brings Adachi success and power due to its bright color, elegant design and powerful allure.

Zenitsu Agatsuma

Sword Color: Yellow
Zenitsu manages to make the Nichirin sword look like a normal sword with a slightly unusual design. It boosts your natural abilities and makes it easy to concentrate your power naturally. The circular guard has four indentations where it looks like the wearer’s hand is resting, with a silver center and golden triangles.

Inosuke Hashibira

Sword Color: Indigo-gray
Inosuke is one of the rare demon slayers who uses dual blades. He’s part of the majority whose blades are katanas, but his are shaped differently from the rest. After breaking pieces off to fit his needs, Inosuke realized they looked totally cool and he’s been using them ever since.

Kanao Tsuyuri

Sword Color: Light Pink
Kanao’s sword is an ordinary weapon. It doesn’t have any special features that make it stand out because it’s meant to be a standard. However, it still the perfect weapon for her.

Kyojuro Rengoku

Sword Color: Red
The Nichirin Blade, a katana with a blade made of red and orange metal, caught in its fire-like handguard.

Muichiro Tokito

Sword Color: White
Tokito’s blade is very beautiful with a shining white metal. This is a really unique color for a weapon.

Yoriichi Sugikunih

Sword Color: Obsidian Black
Yoriichi is one of the select few to own one of these blades. Its black-red color combination is also a striking feature, just like its historical significance. This blade will normally be more brown in color when not in use, but changes to a red color when wielded by this particular person.

Urokodaki Sakonji

Sword Color: Dull Gray
Urokodaki’s sword is yet another normal-looking nichirin katana that is grey in color. This weapon was also what Tanjiro used before obtaining his own katana.

Mitsuri Kanroji

Sword Color: Dark Pink
Mitsuri Kanroji is part of the Gonta Squad and her role as Love Hashira is perfect for her. Her pink Nichirin Blade is one-of-a-kind, and it allows her to perform magic like no other.

Obanion Iguro

Sword Color: Lavender
Obanai’s Nichirin Blade is lavender and serpent-shaped, which reflects his breathing technique. Serpent Hashira was powerful and just one of the best weapons there are.

Sanemi Shinazugawa

Sword Color: Green
Sanemi’s blade has a pattern on its sides as well as a sleek handguard with an 8-pointy petal-like overlapping design of dark green along with silver lining and is constructed from premium materials.

Giyu Tomioka

Sword Color: Blue
Tomioka’s katana, Nichirin Sword, was a regular katana that perfectly augmented and complimented his abilities as the Water Hashira. He acquired another sword with a whirlpool-looking handguard during a fight with Muzan.

Shinobu Kocho

Sword Color: Lavender-Blue
Shinobu’s sword has a very sharp and thin needle like tip, something that is perfect for her because she uses poison to kill demons. Now she has the perfect weapon for slaying her enemies.

The Colors Of Nichirin Sword And Their Meaning

color nichinrin swords
The swords of the nichrin are divided into four colors, which have a certain meaning and tell you about an individual’s breathing style.
Sword Color Meaning
White Mist
Indigo-Gray Beast
Amber Sound
Dark Pink Love
Lavender Serpent
Lavender-Blue Insect
Light Pink Flower
Gray Stone
Green Wind
Yellow Thunder
Red Flame
Blue Water
Light Purple Moon
Black Sun

Would you like to learn more about what a demon slayer sword is? You can get one in the real world!

nichinrin swords real
If you’re a fan of Anime, then you may know of the Nichirin Swords Demon Slayer. These swords are forged with attention to details, to create an almost exact replica of the show’s swords. The blades are not sold in stores, but can be made at home by special order.
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