Black Clover Asta’s Swords: A Quick Review

Black Clover Asta's Swords
All you need to do is think of the name Asta, and the first thing that comes to your mind is anti-magic.
It’s his trademark that often overshadows his role as a swordsman with tremendous fighting power. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at all the swords Asta has used within the Black Clover anime and manga.
Black Clover Asta's Swords
A lack of magical powers means that Asta has put all of his focus on developing his raw physical power, and we have Black Clover Asta’s Swords. This is one of the reasons he can wield swords which are laden with anti-magic and cut down powerful opponents with ease.
Today we’ll be taking a look at every sword Asta’s used in the story, with a focus on what makes them special.

How many swords does Asta hold in the manga, currently?

Asta currently has four swords.
Asta's 4 Anti-Magic Demon Swords Explained | Black Clover Explained - YouTube
The swords changed according to what attribute Asta was focusing on. However, their original attributes are different. For example, when Licht held the swords and focused on sword magic, the anti-magic attribute turned into sword magic.
Each of Asta’s Four Swords has a simple name:
First Sword: Demon Slayer
Second Sword: Demon Dweller Sword
Third Sword: Demon Destroyer Sword
Fourth Sword: Demon Slasher Katana
What makes our swords so unique?
Black Clover offers a wide variety of anti-magic weapons – Black Clover Asta’s Swords.
Asta’s swords are unique in many different ways. One doesn’t require any mana from its user, whereas the other keeps over-draining mana from its user. But for him, who doesn’t have magic ability at all, these conditions are just perfect.
They also have anti-magic abilities, and can negate or absorb magic powers from their target.
asta swords
Controlling one’s powers can make someone very powerful. In a world where everyone is capable of magic, people with anti-magic powers have the potential to control the many forces around them.
It’s amazing how free Asta was to use the weapons, even though they belonged to famous warriors who lived before him and wielded even greater power than he. But by using his grimoire, these swords now have anti-magic abilities that help Asta take down his enemies.

Black Clover Asta’s Swords First Sword: Demon Slayer

Asta Demon Slayer Sword
The Demon Slayer Sword is a huge sword in size and Asta can summon it from his grimoire.
Asta can use this weapon to cut down his enemies’ magic and even deflect any incoming magic attacks with it. Not only is it effective against magical characters, but it also has other features that make it a specialty pick for Asta.
After receiving this sword, Asta quickly trained in order to utilise its full potential and even use it like a flying broom. Not to mention the use of Demon Slayer Sword: Black Divider spell that increased its already massive size.

Black Clover Asta’s Swords Second Sword: Demon Dweller

Asta's Swords
Second in a series, this is another sword that Asta uses. He got it from a dungeon on an expedition with his teammates. This one specializes in the magical power of people and can absorb them, making it fairly difficult to resist.
The suit has a difference in how it absorbs and reflects magic. Whereas most suits absorb the magic, Asta doesn’t have that pesky ability – because he is the only suit in existence. This power turns their opponents magic back at them as a slash attack.
In Asta’s demon form, the Demon Dweller Sword can emit powerful anti-magic slashes and increase in power. With the intense focus and absorption of energy, good luck getting this sword out of anyone’s hand without being blasted away.

Black Clover Asta’s Swords Third sword: Demon destroyer

Demon-Destroyer Sword | Wiki | امبراطورية الأنمي Amino
The Demon Destroyer Sword is a fantastic magical sword from Black Clover that Asta uses. It’s especially perfect during the reincarnation of elves, as it helps to stop the effects of other spells.
Black Clover is an anime show filled with intense magic battles. One particular spell, “Causality Break,” can temporarily break entropy and alter original forms for all the characters. When cast, black tentacles are emitted that go after the desired target.
Demon-Destroyer Sword | Wiki | امبراطورية الأنمي Amino
In his devil fusion form, Asta was able to counter the spells of two powerful witches with high magical power. The powers they possessed were neutralized, despite their abilities and level of power.

Black Clover Asta’s Swords Fourth Sword: Demon Slasher Katana

Black Clover
Asta is a very important character in the popular anime series, Black Clover. While fighting evil monsters, Asta frequently partners up with Yami to fight as he entrusted him with his shiny new sword: The Demon Slasher Katana.
It originally looked like a normal katana, but once Asta activated his Devil Mode it transformed into the sword he loved so much.
There is no better sword than the Demon Slasher Katana. This amazing sword listens to its wielders will and only cuts down what they want it to.
Even though Yami and William were slashed by Asta’s amazing signature spell, the Infinity Slash Equinox, they were completely unharmed thanks to this magical sword.
Asta's attacks in Black Clover, ranked
These are the 4 swords wielded by Asta from Black Clover series, but there’s still more to learn about him!
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Black Clover Asta’s Swords: A Quick Review

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