How Attack On Titan Will End ??

How Attack On Titan Will End ??

How Attack On Titan Will End ??

How Attack On Titan Will End ??

Welcome back to another week’s worth of your Attack on Titan dosage. So far, I explained literally everything you need to know about the Titans in a previous Attack on Titan internal blog, so I feel like it’s timely to delve into some deeper things within this series and try to answer the question: how did Eren Kruger know of Mikasa and Armin before they even existed?

How Attack On Titan Will End ??

Like, how does Kruger have that knowledge or a certain memory of them? Just like Eren Kruger shared his mind with Eren Jaeger, so I’m going to try and break it down so everyone can understand what’s going on. So let’s cue the intro and get right into it.

Alright guys, just a quick reminder: this blog will contain spoilers and for some, it might ruin their enjoyment in finding out the law from the anime itself. If you’re not up to date with the anime, be prepared.

I know even though you guys don’t care at this point, I still have to say it. Sadly, even after my disclaimers, I still get comments saying I ruined the anime and ruined their life. I’ve pretty much blown into everything and I’m sorry.

Alright, I’m sorry, but still, please continue watching this blog and don’t let this spoiler warning stop you. As like always, if you’re here for clarification and a clear breakdown on what’s going on in Attack on Titan, then you’re in the right place. Alright, let’s get into it.

A lot of the points I’ll be making will be using concepts like paths, coordinates, and the will of Ymir, which you can learn more about from our “What are Paths and How Titans are Created” article.

But either way, I’ll try to make things as clear as possible. So, before I get cracking into the theory of how Eren Kruger knew of Mikasa and Armin, let’s quickly go over who he was. Eren Kruger was an Eldian born in Marley. At a young age, he witnessed the death of his family by Marleyan soldiers as he hid in a closet to survive.

This was because his father was part of a revolutionary army led by the Royal Fritz family, but they were beaten, captured, and burnt alive by the Marleyan authorities. Kruger was then rescued and taken in by some of his father’s friends. His hatred for the Marleyan people and the government pushed him to his resolve for revenge.

From then on, Eren Kruger, with the help of an Eldian doctor, faked his blood test and went to work as a Marleyan soldier to turn the tables. He took on the secret identity as the Owl and would pass information on to a revolutionary group known as the Eldian Restorationist.

Unfortunately, though, to keep his secret identity over the years, Kruger helped kill many thousands of his own people, turning them into Titans and sending them off to Paradise Island.

Kruger then met the young Eldian Grisha Yeager as a boy when Grisha and his little sister went outside the internment zone to see the beauty of a flying blimp.

Later, as a result, Grisha’s sister ended up being wrongfully murdered, and the next time Kruger saw Grisha was when he had to tell him the news of his dead sister. And at that moment, Kruger saw something in Grisha’s eyes that changed not only Grisha’s fate to come but also Kruger’s.

What Krueger saw was the same fiery determination and resolve that Krueger himself once had. This ultimately helped Krueger determine that Crusher is more likely going to be the key to fulfilling his plans.

Now, it’s not known exactly when, but around two years after Krueger’s interaction with Krishna, he had managed to obtain the power of that Tap Titan. More than likely, it was passed down to him by someone who knew his father or someone who also had the plan for the Alden revolution, but all we can do is speculate for now.

Through the guise of the owl, Krueger continued to map out his ultimate plan to obtain the Founding Titan. He managed to get Quit to join the Eldian Restorationist and gave him information, along with partly being responsible for Regression’s marriage to a rural Alden. Benefits after a couple of years, the Eldian Restoration was at its end.

Crucially, his wife and the other members were sent to Paradise to be turned into Titans. However, at this point, Kruger intervened just before his sentence and saved him, killing every Marleyan soldier present. Then, finally, he revealed everything to Grizz Shaw, naming him successor to carry out his will and plan along with pausing on the power of the Attack Titan.

But before he did that, Kruger said something which blew everyone’s mind, blew my mind, blew your minds, literally blew everyone’s mind. This was when Kruger urged Christian to find a family and complete his mission for the sake of Armin and Mikasa. Grisha was confused by these names, and so was Kruger, as he admitted that he did not know whose memories he was seeing.

So what’s going on here? Before I explain that, and now that we’ve run through Krueger’s backstory, let’s try to understand his intentions behind his actions, because this will help us further understand why Kruger did what he did.

So looking back, either Kruger had more knowledge about everything than he let on, or Kruger was following someone else’s instructions, or that Kruger was acting impulsively based on the will of the Attack Titan, making everything predestined.

Like Kruger told Grisha, after he saw their hatred of fire in his eyes, he knew Grisha would be the one to carry out his legacy and follow through with his plans. But more importantly, Kruger would pass down the Attack Titan to him, along with the Titan’s will. But was that really the only reason Krueger passed on the Attack Titan to Grisha, or is there something more to it?

Well, one of the other reasons behind Krueger’s actions could have been because Krueger understood the dynamics of the situation between the worlds in Tyrannous Island, and he knew the possible reason why the Royal Company and the successors of the Founding Titan were not doing anything about the aliens outside the wall.

Krueger had a feeling that it might have been a binding vow, which prevented any change from King Halls will.

Hence, due to this, crew ver needed an on royal blooded LDN to obtain the fighting titan to break free of King calls. Wow! Along with the requirement of that Eldon hadn’t some relationship with a royal blooded Altium to then make use of the power of the founding Titan, as we know that a non-royal blooded algin cannot use the power of the founding titan unless they are in contact with a royal blooded elgyn.

But how did Krueger actually know all of this? Like he did have knowledge of all of this, either subconsciously or consciously. Well, the theory goes like this: Krueger could have simply been following another person’s instructions, and that instructor was giving him advice on what to do. Or, Krueger could have been following the will of that Titan he possessed.

Either way, because of this, the whole marriage between Crusher and Dinner Fritz could have been certainly planned from the beginning to build that connection between the royal family, along with the creation of Zeke. Meaning that Zeke’s existence was essential to Krueger’s order attack Titans plan.

Another important thing to note is that Kruger, before giving Grish under Titan power, told him to find someone within the walls to fall in love and make a family. One could look at this as a simple gesture or suggestion to forget about Deena and Zeke and move on with your life to continue the mission, but we are talking about Kruger here, and everything he did was for the mission.

So, this suggestion to start a new family can’t be overlooked. So, simply, it’s fair to believe that Kruger wanted Grusha to start another family and raise a non-royal blooded child who possibly later become his successor if he couldn’t finish his mission.

However, it is also fair to believe that Kruger was once again following the will of the attack Titan, subconsciously pushing Grisha towards the conception of the next successor of the attack Titan, which could also mean that the attack Titan itself was pushing this direction to come in where all is destined host.

know this seems kind of crazy like what they attacked hard to know every single feature host. Well, yeah, it seems like it does. It seemed like there was a pushing force behind the will of these Titans. Now some of you guys are probably confused every time I mentioned the will of the Titans, so let me try to clarify what I mean by that.

That Titan itself has an overall will where the collective memories and values of every user of its power ends up being molded into a unique individual will. We notice this because when the Titan is passed down, the memories of the previous owner also get shared with the new user, and we also know that if the previous user and the new user are related, then the memories are easily shareable.

But either way, the memories are still shared in some ways, like it was the arm in a Bertolt.

We also know that the Titans can influence and even control the users based on its overall will, like how it is done with the founding Titan and the royal family inheritors. Ultimately, though, the Titans are part of Ymir’s soul, so the main driving force would be Ymir as well.

But coming back to the question of how did Kruger know of Armand and Mikasa, like even if the attack Titan was feeding him memories, how did it share something of the future? What’s going on here?

Well, this is where we go into explaining what paths are and how memories will end. Even the power of the Titan itself transfers between the audience, so for those who didn’t watch our blog, on pops paths are basically channels that connect all the subjects of Ymir together. The realization of paths happens after the shifter Titans died without being eaten.

The power seemed to have been transferred to newly born aliens at the moment of the death of the Titan shifters.

Distance and blood relations seem to have no effect, indicating there was a place beyond the material realm that connected all the Adhan people, and this would kind of be logical as not all of the followers of Ymir were related to her, simply following her matches solidify the bond between her power and her subjects, and this connection seemed to be have controlled within the world of paths.

The paths also serve as gateways for the materialization and power of the Titans. They allow the transportation of the power itself, like everything from the skin of the Titan to the meat and bones, doesn’t just pop into existence. Instead, it actually comes from these channels known as paths.

Now Eren’s father, Grisha, compared powers to magic because they are not visible in the physical world and can transcend physical space and time. In the manga, the world of paths is dropped into further as when it is introduced, it shows a land covered in light-colored soil, and the skies showed a magical cloud-like trail of light.

We also know that Ymir entered the realm of paths after she gained the power of the Titans, and so did Zeke after being on the verge of death when a random Titan pulls him into his stomach to somewhat heal him.

After this experience, Zeke said that time itself is irrelevant and he felt like he was there for years at the same time only there in an instant, which ultimately shows in the world of paths that time is irrelevant.

So, knowing that, it is also fair to say that the past and future and present don’t matter when it comes to this world. Hence, the communication from the past and future can go back and forth very easily. So, think of paths as an actual dimension with a rebel directory for every alien, and on the point where the paths that connects all the alien is called the coordinate.

The founding titan power has access and control over this coordinate, which allows the one who has full access to it by the founding titan to control every Alden and titan. But it’s important to understand that every Aldean is connected to this world.

However, the Aldean who possess the power of the titan can also obtain a degree of access to this place and also be granted more of his power by the transfer of memories. But from the fact that Krueger knew Armin and Mikasa, it feels as though he was force-fed memories from the attack titan from the future Eren.

It is possible that Eren found a way to enter this world of paths and share his memory with Kruger. This is in fact possible as if time itself is irrelevant in this place, then there’s no specific point in time where things have to align.

How Attack On Titan Will End ??

Every Aldean in existence can be connected and have access to it. So the theory is that Eren Jaeger managed to enter this realm and manipulate everything to be the way it is so that the destiny of the Aldean people can be fulfilled.

This would probably be possible if Eren has access to all the titan power, making himself as equal to Ymir Fritz. And to prove this point, we have to go back to the first chapter when Eren is dreaming. In his dream, he actually seemed like he saw the future. He sees visions which seem like they happen later on in the series.

This could be because Eren and everything that happened in the series already happened. According to when it comes to memories, it doesn’t matter that Eren has the power of the titan at this point because time itself is irrelevant, and what connects every Aldean is actually beyond time itself.

So the theory of how did Eren Krueger know of Mikasa and Armin is because Eren from the future might have sent his own message and memories through the attack titan to the past. By accessing the place of the paths, Eren Jaeger managed to enter this realm and manipulate everything to be the way it is so that the destiny of the Aldean can be fulfilled.

This would probably be possible if Eren has access to all the Titan power, making himself as an equal to Ymir Fritz.

So let me know what you guys think. Put it down in the comment section below. If you want more blogs like this, make sure to stay updated. With that, guys, I’ll catch you a lot till next time.

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