One Piece: Enel’s powers explained

One Piece: Enel's powers explained

One Piece: Enel’s powers explained

One Piece: Enel's powers explained

Enel is one of the coolest characters in One Piece, not only because of the way that he acts but also because of his powers. He has one of, if not the most OP devil fruit in the entire series, and a mastery of observation hockey. With these abilities, Enel was able to make an entire country call him God.

Oda even stated himself that if Enel touched down on the Blue Sea, he would have a bounty of 500 million berries, which, by the way, is Luffy’s bounty after he defeated Doflamingo. And all of this is even more impressive when you consider that he’s a pre-time skip character. So let’s take a deeper look into what makes Enel so powerful.

He now possesses the powers of the Goro Goro no Mi or the Rumble Rumble fruit. It is a Logia type devil fruit that allows him to conjure, manipulate, and become lightning. And you might be saying, “Well, Kizaru’s fruit allows him to become light, so what’s the big deal?” Well, while light is faster, you can’t really use it in the same way that you can with lightning.

And this is shown in the multiple amazing ways that Enel uses his devil fruit powers. These techniques include restarting his own heart with electrical currents, moving as fast as an electrical current, changing the shape of his golden weapon by using the heat from electricity, and of course, insanely destructive lightning blasts.

With these techniques alone, he defeated almost all of his opponents on Skypiea with ease. But he now becomes even crazier when you consider his hockey abilities. Using observation hockey or Mantra, as the Skypieans call it, Enel is able to predict his opponents’ attacks. Now, he doesn’t necessarily have future sight, but he can amplify his hockey with his lightning powers.

He now does this by using the electromagnetic currents in the air to perceive everything around him. This is how he convinced the citizens of Skypiea that he was a God. As if any Skypiean ever talked down on him, he would be able to hear and attack them from miles away. Enel was no slouch either, as he was able to use technology to amplify his powers to the point that they can destroy an entire island.

He’s also seen to have great proficiency with melee weapons, as seen in his fight with Luffy. And speaking of Luffy, we have to cover the elephant in the room.

So basically, I find it very plotty that he just so happened to run into the exact wrong person. And while it is funny, it’s one of the only times where I feel like I was taken out of the story. Because usually, One Piece isn’t a story that’s structured like that. You know when the plot kind of forces something to happen or a fight feels very plotty, like the fight between Luffy and Enel. It’s fun overall, but it just kind of takes me out of the story a little bit. But that’s just me.


But back to the main topic though, I remember asking a question on the One Piece Reddit on how far Enel would make it in the New World if he took Luffy’s exact same journey somehow. And I got comments such as Dressrosa and even Whole Cake Island. I don’t know how he would manage that situation, but it just shows how much hype Enel’s name brings and how powerful he is overall. But that’s pretty much it for Enel’s powers.

I know this blog is way shorter than my other ones, and I was supposed to do a Bleach blog this week, but that was going to take way longer than I expected. So, i kind of crunched out this one at the last second. You can tell by the quality and, uh, you know! bye!

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