Black Clover Anime Review: A Journey Of Chilhood

black clover
WARNING: Some spoilers ahead. If you haven’t seen Black Clover and you aren’t ok with them, watch it after reading this. If you are, then continue on as normal! Ok! Lets come to Black Clover Anime Review: A Journey Of Childhood


black clover anime review

Black Clover Anime Review
Years ago, when I was 14 and still awkward, I decided to attend my high school for the first time in years. I spent my free hours at the local library reading and hanging out with my family. The staff there were helpful in making sure I was able to take full advantage of their amazing resources and books. My brother suggested the manga series, which were black-and-white artwork. It looked interesting so I tried one out; my thoughts going from “Comic books are fun so why not try it?” to “Huh, these are in black and white. Interesting.” then “Hey, what’s this all about; you’re supposed to read top to bottom left,” because there was a small note on the inside of one of them that said: “Start reading here, follow along until near the end.” Odd.
After years of watching anime, I read the series that had caught my eye and fell in love with them. There were so many other titles to try—both new and old—and each title was special in its own way. The time just passed by while I studied at university; my schedule was busy, yet somehow, the time flew. Now that I have more time to spare, I’m still catching up on the latest!
One Piece, Kaguya-sama: Love is War, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Golden Time, Gabriel DropOut, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, My Hero Academia, One Punch Man, Nichijou, Toradora and some other things.
So, after all that exposure, I saw this. Black Clover Anime Review

I got spoiled and liked it

Black Clover

Black Clover Anime Review
YouTube is a great place to keep up with what’s new in an industry, so I went there and started browsing videos of the 10th opening for Black Clover. It had some mysterious magic that made people post reviews, subscribe, and even leave comments on the video. The next series I’m hoping to binge watch? Danbooru’s Animeverse!
So Black Clover came out in 2017 and was never mentioned to me by anyone?
I don’t know what it was that finally caught my attention from the deep and dark pool of shonen anime, but I’m glad it did.
yuno asta
I’m the type of person who doesn’t mind getting spoiled on something as long as I know how the story gets to that point. However, I also appreciate intensity and suspense from a show, knowing that some of the twists have yet to be revealed to me. This particular instance, some of the reactors (the people who reveal spoilers) saw things differently and spoiled me on a major plot point near that point in the series. But somehow that actually caused me to give it another chance, because I could tell this was a reveal worth waiting for. There are different kinds of reveals like this, and as a storywriter I thought about how they would land and feel natural or earned in this particular story.
I started watching the show, expecting to get all my feelings and emotions on it, but instead, I found myself analyzing different aspects of life; trying to figure out what they really meant. The characters made me feel like I was part of their future and I watched them grow in such a way.

The Atmosphere and Attitude of anime

Manga Black Clover

Black Clover Anime Review
I was deeply intrigued by the premise of Black Clover, with the initial setting and characters, and how Asta acted. The protagonist came across as incredibly genuine and made me feel a lot better about myself. I’m not sure I could stomach another shonen that felt the same. However, I’ve got more patience than most folks, so I stuck it out; it wasn’t like there was anything better to do at that time.
Asta and Yuno don’t start off as friendly rivals in the way that you normally see this type of relationship, but their conflict soon leads to a realization of mutual understanding. All the fighting is only for the sake of Naruto, in order to complete their story.
My Hero Academia and Black Clover
In MHA, Midoria and Bakugo are both cool, but unlike in Naruto where the two rivals share one goal. They both have different personalities with interests than in the beginning but their friendship is still strong and lasts an entire volume because it’s not just about him being the best, it’s about them caring for each other and wanting to see the other succeed. From flashback of a snowy night when they were drunk, they support each other and work hard to find out who would win against someone else. They also grow together watching each other triumph over adversity and trials.

Growing Apart, Keeping a Promise

Manga Black Clover sẽ trở lại vào đầu tháng 8 | ONE Esports Vietnam

Black Clover Anime Review
Honestly, that would have thrown me off. I watched it thinking it was another mass-produced shonen anime. Never did I expect a dynamic relationship between two of the characters so early. And I love how Asta and Yuno are separated, by joining two different Magic Knight squads, so they all can keep their promises to themselves in two entirely different environments: Black Bulls, the misfits and outcasts that the Wizard King comes to rely on, and Golden Dawn, the perfect selection of only the most individually powerful and royal individuals from Clover’s highest classes.
I remember in Naruto Shippuden when Sasuke reminisces for an entire 2 episodes to show us how he felt the entirety of the time major events happened in the story. But I didn’t have to wonder with Yuno; you can tell exactly how he feels when he is given his room and not treated with any respect by other members of squad. It was an immediate contrast from the warm welcome that Asta received. At that moment, I drew parallels between them and saw the two paths their respective stories took. That’s when I first recognized this potential issue with Naruto Sasuke’s story.
Black Clover llegará a su tramo final tras una pausa de 3 meses
Black Clover Anime Review
If you’re not a fan of Black Clover yet, have no fear! You’ll be totally hooked after this episode. Little summary to give you: Noelle is royalty, with no family control over her magic power, and her family has been mistreating her for her entire life. I couldn’t find a better recipe for the main character than that.


Black Clover (TV) Episode 7 Discussion - Forums -

Black Clover Anime Review will be a mistake if we don’t talk about Tsundere. This cliché archetype is thrown into almost every show. The girl who falls in love with another character and then is subsequently afraid to express her feelings, and being rejected by the person she loves.
There was this one time where I had a fear of being rejected again. And as usual, all I felt was rejection. So, Asta pushed me and said something that changed it all. He recognized my magic, and he helped me realize that sometimes it takes someone to help you see the light.
Though it would be a shock, I can’t really blame her if she believes me. It would be quite the jolt to see this happen after fifteen years of heartache.
Compared to the Naruto characters, Shoto Asta is radically different from Naruto. . . unlike him, he actually likes fighting and enjoys it. Yuki Tabata made sure to set these three apart from each other by giving Noelle her own distinctive personality and past. She seems to do things all the time, and in contrast to Asta she’s a key player in center of the conflict right next to him. Her position isn’t stagnant or under used early on; instead her creator designed her to break preconceived limits and become a force to be reckoned with throughout the story.

“I’m a girl, and I can fight too.” – SPOILED Black Clover Anime Review

Black Clover girl

Another quick pause here to cover the bases of relativity. Various other Black Clover reviews point out how much “more useful” Noelle is to the conflicts in the story when compared to Sakura. But, as an avid Naruto fan myself, I can attest that Sakura is by no means useless. I think the issue is expectation. Fans expect Sakura to always be on a level playing field with Naruto and Sasuke because she was part of their team after all. But that’s not how the world Kishimoto created operates; Naruto and Sasuke were a duo that transcended their former team 7 .
From a story point of view, it would make sense for Asta and Noelle to be on the same side. Not only that, but she has latent power with an aptitude for spellcasting. In the world of Akatsuki Noelle, magic is gained through hard work and talent, but also written by emotion.
 female characters in Black Clover
When Saussy’s clan was decimated by an evil tyrant and her tribe was banished, she looked for a way to make things right. With the help of this character-developer concept and a week’s worth of intense prodigy-level practice, she somehow learned how to better protect her newfound village.
The themes of the show were what impressed me most.

With Thematic Sense

Black Clover - Opening 1 | Haruka Mirai - YouTube

Black Clover Anime Review
In Black Clover Anime Review, I want to talk about how Thematic Sense of this film.
The Clover Kingdom is divided into physical tiers of living with powerful magic users at the top and commoners in the lower areas. The Forsaken Realm, as they are called, have very low levels of magic and belong to the working-class or peasant class. The children raised in an orphanage on the edge of the land are close to the remains of a once-powerful monster.
Then there is a huge multi-steppe plateau covered with dense living spaces and markets. The first level of this is the Common Realm, where we find an analog for the middle class. Above this lies the castle town and royal palace, which house the nobles and royal families. This all sounds about right for a medieval setting until we are told that each person’s quantity of magic power is essentially defined by their status, with few exceptions. The rich get richer and the poor remain poor.
Yes, I have read similar stories. It sounds like something that happened to me or someone I know.
What I enjoyed about this series was how real it felt. The sneers of the nobility that just grate your bones, and the pitiful sorrow of the misfortunate. Both hit hard and asked me to root for Asta.
Black Clover' Is Getting a Movie - mxdwn Movies
When it comes to his character, what makes him stand out is his love for society and the world around him. He’s not shaped by some central ideal he lives to pursue, nor does he make everything tie into a singular place in his mind. Instead, he faces everything head on with curiosity and a mind that asks why people do anything they do. He addresses every individual by their own merits instead of giving easy interpretations.
“Why?” he asks. “We’ve both lost loved ones. We’re just the same as them.” So, why can’t we understand each other?”

Big Evil Right – Black Clover Anime Review

Black Clover: 10 Strongest Villains In The Anime

Black Clover Anime Review
Naruto is a character who represented selflessness and compassion in a way I never did before. Watching him take his revenge in the final manga chapter made me realize how much I loved him. The moment he stood in front of Pain and refused to take any revenge on him was the most meaningful moment for me.
The show has seen many twists and turns but the moment that convinced Asta and the elves to finally stand up for themselves was when they saw the devil who started it all: Naruto.
As part of the ultimate evil’s story, Asta seems to be just another victim. In truth, he is actually playing an important role. He has this irritating loop in his head that makes playing with records seem like a necessity and peeling back layers of reality will save the day. He isn’t simply living a fulfilled life; he’s fighting for something real. The reality that surrounds him is shattered by conflict, death, and mysteries, but things won’t ultimately end because even this snake-shaped demon has a point of view and chooses to act according to what it believes best.
Black Clover Reveals The New Evil Power Of Asta | Manga Thrill
When it comes to the devil who lives in Asta’s grimoire, some people mention him early on. I’m not a reader of this series, so I don’t know much about him yet. I do see effects of his power, and how Asta is mastering it. We don’t want to leave any final comments on this device at this point because he could go many different ways in the future. Black Clover Anime Review
But the “hidden dark power” Asta has does not function as a temptation to fall into evil, or a boost of inexplicable power. Asta doesn’t have that much danger surrounding it, and he’s been around friends who are magicless. You’ll just have to get used to it!

Good Development Even At Side

Crunchyroll - Amigos y Rivales: Por qué la rivalidad entre Asta y Yuno es la forma más pura de amistad

Black Clover Anime Review
In Black Clover Anime Review, more recently, even minor characters have started to undergo internal development. They face their own problems and try their best to solve them. By the end of the show, they learn something valuable that adds meaning to the story. It’s great to see side characters being given more depth and developing in a way that mirrors what they do with the main characters.
One thing that I’ve been enjoying since the start is Secré. She’s always finding new ways to surprise us. She started at Asta’s exam, and she even convinced him not to give up in their fight against one another. This is a strong indication that Tabata knew exactly what he was doing before we started watching, which I respect.
🍀....🍀 on Twitter: "One of the most iconic things about black clover is asta and yuno's fist bump" / Twitter
When I watched Game of Thrones and found out who Arya was, it really felt like I had accomplished something. It was so gratifying to finally know what happened to her as soon as we reached episode 117. Imagine for a moment that you saw the slaughter of hundreds of people during a wedding–the same people who should be protecting them–using a device that she helped create. Then, she saw King Joffrey forced to destroy his best friend. She did the only thing she could think of–she sealed them, and woke up years later in the form of a bird.

Feeling vicariously – Black Clover Anime Review

I found it strange how easy it was as a viewer, to see through her eyes. I could imagine how it would feel to watch Asta grow up and take hold of the item she was trying to protect, how it would feel to watch him all that time. And I was able to imagine how tired she would be after watching the Clover Kingdom grow in its injustice over hundreds of years. But also what it would feel like to hope again, when she joined the Black Bulls. It is such a warm feeling.
Black Clover - Theme OST - YouTube
I wanted to talk a little bit more about the story and characters in Black Clover Anime Review, since those are my areas. Of course, I thought it was important to also mention the animation and music, as well.
The animation for the show is not always consistent, but over time it looks like a mountain range graph. Sometimes the animations had blown me away and other times I was just paying attention to the plot because it was difficult to watch. The consistent quality averages out at what I would expect from most popular series. As recently as a few episodes ago, the episode quality ramped up, especially with their opening and ending 12.
I would have been able to write only about music, had I chosen to do so. The opinion that I’m giving is based solely on my love for the musical counterpart of the show. Besides just that, all of the ten pieces of opening and ending music are works of art in their own right. In particular, work from two artists in particular- Vickeblanka’s #10, and TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s Everlasting Shine are two pieces that stand out to me.
And that’s all about Inspired Black Clover Anime Review for today!
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