Top 10 Strongest Black Clover Characters – A Thread!

top 10 strongest black clover characters
Black Clover is one of the most popular manga series among new generations. It’s based on power scaling, as well as other Shonen story tropes like fighting battles, magical energy beings and weapons, relations between different races and nations, and more.
Top 10 Strongest Black Clover Characters
One of the special features of Black Clover is that its villains are a lot stronger than usual. So, without wasting anymore time, let’s take a look at the Top 10 Strongest Black Clover Characters.

Nacht Faust – First In Top 10 Strongest Black Clover Characters

Nacht Faust
Nacht Faust is the vice-captain of the Black Bulls. He’s a reliable guy who appears out of nowhere to give Asta and Liebe advice at times. All along, he specializes in dealing with devils. This was integral to unlocking the “Unite” between them. His four devils upon his own can also perform various united magic for him and overwhelm his opponents.
With the Dark Magic of Yami, he’s able to mix in the magic of shadow. They’ve used Yami to their advantage to better manipulate their opponents. His power has shown itself through this, with his abilities as a King easily holding up against those of Lilith and Naamah.

Yuno – Second In Top 10 Strongest Black Clover Characters

It would be hard to imagine the world without Yuno. The Wind Spirit Sylph made him a host, which served as an additional power boost to his already-powerful Wind Magic.
Combining with Sylph, Yuno’s most powerful attacks are now available. Special moves such as Star Magic (in particular) are a powerful tool against Beelzebub, where he outsmarts him with the help of his new grimoire.

Yami Sukehiro – Black Bull’s Cap In Top 10 Strongest Black Clover Characters

Yami Sukehiro
Yami Sukehiro is the commander of the Black Bulls, and a fierce one at that. His Dark Magic is distinctly powerful and different from what most enemies are capable of. Yami is an integral member of the team, using his raw power to help repel people with his spells.
Yami is known for his katana, which he uses to release extensive a sinister and powerful combination of slashes from one end to the other. His favorite is “Surpassing One’s Limits,” which fits perfectly with how people perceive him.

Licht – One Of The Strongest Elf Top 10 Strongest Black Clover Characters

Licht has a reserve of magical power, and he’s been described as having sword magic. His excellent swordsmanship skills supplement his sword magic, and he can cast powerful spells like a pro out of those reserves.
Licht showed his power by performing forbidden magic and extracting energy from the underworld. He also possesses a five-leaf clover grimoire which is seen as very rare in the Black Clover world.

Beelzebub – The Last Villain Revealed In Top 10 Strongest Black Clover Characters


Beelzebub is the last villain to be revealed in Black Clover, and his association with Zogratis siblings made him Zenon’s target. He chose Zenon as his host after he made a deal with him that seemed too good to pass up. Beelzebub is a master of spatial magic who makes it difficult for his opponents to even approach him.
When his enemies are under the control of his spacial magic, spells used by them become null. They can be very overpowered. Even using genius Yuno’s strategies is not enough to resist Zenon’s battle techniques. His abilities are unreal, and combined with Zenon, he has power over hordes of soldiers without even trying.

Megicula – One Of The Strongest Devils In Top 10 Strongest Black Clover Characters

Megicula is a high-level demon associated with Vanica Zogratis. She is without a doubt one of the strongest Black Clover characters, and has mastered manipulation and used Vanica to fully manifest her own desires.
With its power, Lolopechka and Acier Silva came under her control. She also had a chance to use steel magic and blood magic against them. With those skills, she was by no means an easy prospect for the both of them. She’d even been able to come up with a plan that gave tough competition to FIVE seasoned warriors. What’s more is that she succeeded without allies or companions.

Zagred – The Mastermind In Top 10 Strongest Black Clover Characters

Black Clover Cosplay Creepily Brings the Devil Zagred to Life
Zagred is the mastermind behind the Black Clover saga, and committed a number of atrocities in order to make it his story. His foolishness and hatred for elves allowed him to commit countless atrocities and become famous.
Zagred was a man of secrets and mysteries, who reveled in almost mythical status. He had the ability to create five-leaf clovers out of thin air and use his Kotodama magic to take on the attributes of others. It also allowed him access to ones that were considered rare and powerful.

Lucifero – Strongest Devil In Top 10 Strongest Black Clover Characters

Lucifero | Black clover manga, Black clover anime, Ancient vampire
Lucifero has been a major threat in the Black Clover series until now. He’s an underworld ruler, so to get his plan under way he had to take on both Moris and Dante with just one body. While the other two devils only have one host each, Lucifero made himself connected with both of them to use their powers and abilities to his advantage.
Legion’s incredible control of gravity and magic is frightening, as he can manipulate and counter the most powerful of mages. His true danger is in his power to possess lesser devils and control them at a large scale.

Julius Novachrono – Strongest Wizard King in Top 10 Strongest Black Clover Characters

Julius Novachrono
Julius Novachrono has been the Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom for a while. He is always looking forward to learning and exploring his unknown world, and he still looks great doing it!
But don’t let Albus’ cute, little appearance fool you. His magic is unique and can even best characters with a lot of experience. Besides his transformation magic, he has a grimoire that is huge in size and doesn’t have any cover. It’s hard to miss this charming guy!

Asta – The Strongest character In Top 10 Strongest Black Clover Characters

Black Clover is filled with characters who are strong and have skills that are beyond compare, including Asta. His Anti-Magic can negate any form of magic, giving him a significant power boost. He secured a powerful ally in Liebe, giving him even more power in that department.
Asta’s signature move lies with his four swords. They are super heavy and often require great physical strength to wield for others who don’t have immense bodily power like Asta does. He has shown time and time again that he can stand up to the strongest characters and still find a way to surpass his limits right there.
With this article, we’ve covered the top 10 strongest characters from Black Clover. Hope you loved the article!

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