Unveiling Asta’s New Power and Ryu’s Tengentsu Eye and Ability

Unveiling Asta's New Power and Ryu's Tengentsu Eye and Ability

This blog will contain SPOILERS from the Manga.


Ladies and gentlemen, Arthur has done it! He has fulfilled the legend of splitting the heavens!

That’s right, chapter 352 of Black Clover manga confirms yet again that Asta is, in fact, the next Wizard King. Whether you like him or not, there’s nothing you can do about it because he’s number one.

The truth behind Yuno’s Tangetsu I has been revealed, and how it all connects to Odysseus. So, Arthur uses his Master Zetter and cuts the dragon, but it regenerates.

See, now that’s something to understand. To get the full picture of Asta’s insane new feat in chapter 352 of fulfilling the Hino country legend, we must rewind the clock a little to learn the truth behind Yuno’s Tangetsu I.

Ryu’s Tengentsu Eye and Ability

Unveiling Asta's New Power and Ryu's Tengentsu Eye and Ability

We learn in chapter 351 that Yosuga and Ryu share a close history together as they were both the strongest Yojutsu users around. Yosuga was next in line to rule the Koshu domain and had been the strongest since he was a kid, whereas Ryu was the young lord of Goshu, the next domain over.

They frequently went head-to-head in training battles to see who was fit to become the next Shogun. But then their two domains got hit with the terrible plague of plot convenience sickness, with no accessible cure. Oh no, anyway, truly the worst kind of sickness any character can endure.

They simply had to try to find the thought-to-be-extinct Soul-quickening grass as soon as possible. Whatever will they do? Well, luckily for you, with the power of the Tangetsu I, which can see through anything, they could find it. There was one drawback though: the one who took it would lose all of their Yojutsu magic, and only Ryu and Yosuga had enough to offer in exchange.

Yosuga couldn’t bear to live without the power of his Yojitsu, going as far as even contemplating sacrifice in the week.

However, Ryu was the one who proved on that day that he was the true strongest, as it’s not his magic that makes him strong but his conviction to drop everything that made him special in the eyes of the people, in return to save everyone, in a display of courage and power that nobody else had.

Which is something that Arthur himself is also teaching the world outside of the Hino country with his new Tangetsu I. Ryu saved everyone, gaining merit from the people, which resulted in him becoming the new Shogun. Against all odds, even Yosuga, the actual strongest and most likely candidate, acknowledged and declared Ryu to be worthy of Shogun.

So essentially, Ryu was that guy and became a child, he’s number one. This not only parallels Asta’s journey of gaining merit throughout the Clover Kingdom like Julius told him to in chapter 22, but it also foreshadows the end of the story.

Yosuga represents Yuno in this flashback, whilst Ryu is Asta. They were both friendly rivals who would clash to see who would become Shogun, the same as Asta and Yuno or Xenon and Alan.

Tabata is showcasing how different circumstances and environments cause different outcomes, but it’s your belief, humanity, and willpower in yourself that makes your dreams come true.

The difference in Asta and Yuno’s rivalry is that they both have the same qualities, so when they defeat Lucius and have one final clash, Yuno will likely fight Asta for the Wizard King position in a friendly duel rather than out of hatred, jealousy, or something else that previous magic users have done in the past .

The difference in Oster and Yuno’s rivalry is that they both have the same qualities, so when they defeat Lucius and have one final clash, Yuno will likely fight Oster for the Wizard King position in a friendly duel rather than out of hatred, jealousy, or something else that previous magic users have done in the past.

As they are breaking the wheel of generational trauma, Yosuga clearly has an eye for this kind of stuff, as he straight up declares that Arthur will be bound to reach the same heights as Ryu, further proving that Asta will become the greatest Wizard King. Um, sorry Yuno fans, but you can argue in the comments.

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But this brings us back to the present day, as Ryu asks Asta to put everything he’s got into his next attack, as the Reusen 7 will set the stage for him. Guys, think about it. Asta has already made the strongest people in the entire Yuno country. He is [ __ ]. He achieved a power that only a select few could master in just a few days, whereas it should take years at the very least. We’re talking about this [ __ ].

Means something to me, man. Ryu then takes his eye patch off to use his Tangetsu, and that is the Sharingan. Wait, what? Come on, man. People always really try to dodge those Naruto clone allegations.

Once again, isn’t he? Ryu is officially a member of the True Cloud now, guys. He’s got that nice homework going on. Bruh, this looks like some 2013 manga Coke Sharingan. Clickbaiting you, remember those star stuff back in the day? Let me know if you do in the comments.

But seriously, you know that we love to barter, so I want to give him a platform to defend himself [Music]. The community is claiming that you have copied Naruto. Is this true? Hello, you there? Okay, we seem to have had a few technical difficulties there.

But before you make this claim out of ignorance, I’m here to defend Black Clover. [ __ ] Mal, just like Kishimoto’s Sharingan, Tabata has been inspired by Japanese mother, an ancient piece of jewelry that was also attached to sacred boats, mirrors, swords, and placed at Temple shrines. Thought to be the source of spiritual power and good fortune that can still be bought today in Japan.

But more importantly, they’re the defining feature of the Gin and Gang symbol. The dragon and tiger have long been symbols of these two forces. The dragon, a mythical animal thought to reign over the heavens, stands for Yang, symbolizing warmth, positive energy, active motion, and the sun.

Do you really think it’s merely a coincidence that Tabata made Ryu’s name in English mean Dragon? Coincidence, I think not.

We even see in Chapter 351, when he and Yosuga face off, he is accompanied with a symbolic dragon. And what’s this? Yosuga has a tiger? Well, what do you know? He just so happens to have magatama when using his Yojitsu too. And to further prove that this is where Tabata got his inspiration from, when we look deeper into where ryu’s tangetsu gets his name from.

We find what is known as Tengen Jutsu, this translates to fortune telling and just so happens to be based on yin and yang. There you go, Black Clover fans! I just gave you the ammo to defend the series. Sensational in regards to the eye, Ryu states using that tangetsu which sees through everything.

That is, now we will move towards the most favorable future for us. This statement continues to parallel Ryu’s similarities with Lucius, who said, “for the sake of a just future” in chapter 333.

His power, of course, also works very similarly to Julius’s time magic, as well as the Witch Queen’s prophecy ability. Lucius can see countless different futures but has to make a calculated guess on which one will come true. Ryu, on the other hand, can seemingly see multiple outcomes too, but in his case, can see what actions have to be taken to achieve his goal.

This explains how Ryu knows that in order to properly defeat the five-headed dragon, all five heads need to be cut at the same time with anti-magic.

We know that in chapter 338, Ryu saved the family from the bandits moments before it happened. He saw the Paladin’s arrival with enough time to evacuate the area, and he even knew Oster would arrive in the Hino Khan Tree in chapter 337. Ryu revealed to Asta that his eye told him he could not win against Lucius and forced Asta into severe training to master Zetan.

When the Paladins invaded, Ryu demanded Arthur to keep training, as he could physically see that he was not at the level needed to win by using his tangetsu. Using this eye, Ryu has put all the chess pieces in the right place in every scenario to get the best outcome.

Unlike Lucius, whose futures have failed him twice already, we’ve also seen Asta and Sister Lily changing back to normal. Now, you’re probably gonna say ABD ABD, is this sheer plot convenience?

Noel, Black Clover’s entire story is about people who defy Fate. The Fate that Lucius seems to wholeheartedly believe in due to his future sight, stating that humans are weak and destined to die. If Arthur gave into the idea of being useless due to having no magic, then he never would have been able to defeat Lucifero.

That is why, in chapter 316, for example, he specifically states he would defy Destiny by making his own choices. However, this power is so OP that Ryu cannot permanently keep it up, as we see his tangetsu’s eye patterns dissolving away right after the future he saw of the Dragon losing came into fruition, indicating that he has to keep its usage in check.

Asta new power

Unveiling Asta's New Power and Ryu's Tengentsu Eye and Ability

So yeah, Asta can now add the Hino country to the nations he has single-handedly saved from complete doom, adding even more merit. Do you know that claim? Oh my God, you know fans are gonna come off to be after this video, but it’s true! Come on, guys, like Star Wars in the comments in order to coordinate the seven reuses.

This dude cast his sound yojitsu fist Fighters cheering song spell, which sends a reuse voice everyone so that he can perfectly direct them. Another example of him putting all the pieces in the right spots. As a result, each reason moves in a separate direction and tends to a different neck.

However, Juzo’s wound is too severe, leaving Ichika to come in and take his place as one of Arthur’s supporting pillars. Her tsundere arc has come to an end, ladies and gentlemen, as she has finally acknowledged her own shortcomings and accepted that Arthur was right all along about, well, everything.

In chapter 363, Ichika declared to ask her that he has no determination, no conviction, and no real strength, and that is the reason why he can never reach the rank of wizard King. Doesn’t she look silly now, women? Of course, this was nothing new to Oster. His dream was mocked in the Clover Kingdom due to classism, where he was a peasant with no magic power.

People judged him on these pillars. That, of course, is no problem in the land of the sun because Ryu over here is doing just fine. The problem was the xenophobia plaguing. The country foreigners are known in this land to cause problems, evident in chapter 339, which meant Ichigo immediately hated and disrespected Asta despite Ryu’s nice nature to support him.

This, along with how asked the Sympt for Yami, really rubbed her the wrong way. But these last few chapters, Asta has proved to Ichika that her entire life has been a lie. Her brother wasn’t an evil monster. ‘You can’t be talking like that, but no Mana sinful.’ You know I’m playing, pause.

So, this is where things come full circle, as Ishika is relying on a foreigner to eradicate the Lamb’s problems rather than cause them. Which is when we see Arthur unlock a new ability.

He has mixed his Demon Slayer sword with his anti-magic satin that makes him 100 times stronger. This gives him a precise long-range zetan strike that cuts all the dragon heads simultaneously.

But let’s cause your mind back to chapter 341 where Ryu stated that Heavenly Severance received its name from a legend that its creator was able to split the sky with one attack. And you guessed it, Arthur that looks like he split the sky, mate. He fulfilled the legend. Asta is a living legend, think about that.

This metaphorically signals a new era in the legend of the final country, as Oster will now abolish the xenophobic tendencies by saving them from Lucy’s grasp. His feat of splitting the sky will be known around the entire country. Lucius is a false prophet that would not stop manipulating humanity until he is viewed as a God.

I’m here to tell you right now, we don’t care. But after splitting the sky symbolizes him splitting the heavens to achieve his goals of saving those in need by going as far to go against this so-called God that is Lucius.

Thank you and give me a comment.

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