Top 10 Most Popular Attack On Titan Girls

most popular attack on titan girls

When it comes to Attack on Titan, in the span of only few episodes, we’ve been taken on a rollercoaster of feelings. Everyone from the main characters to even some side characters have made this show what it is today. So, let’s take a look at some of the best Attack on Titan Girls who have made this anime amazing for us.

Petra Ral – First in the list of top 10 Attack on Titan Girls

attack on titan girls

Petra was a Special Operations Squad rookie who became an important member of Levi’s team. The strength, determination, and courage to join the team given her by her mentor makes her unique. What made Petra different from other characters in this story is that she was caring and compassionate.

From the beginning, Petra was responsible for integrating Eren into their squad and seemed to always be looking out for him. While many characters in Attack on Titan tend to be emotionally detached, Petra would never let something like that stop her. She was also a valuable utility character because she helped with planning team-based expeditions, making her an invaluable member of her unit.

 Number two is Hitch


Hitch is one of the most underrated Attack on Titan Girls of all time. A lot of the time, she’s only in a few quick scenes.

After a long day of training and graduation from the Training Corps, Hitch had no intentions of joining another service. But that’s when she met a woman who was assigned as her instructor for an entire week. After learning about the woman’s desire to be retired, Hitch decides to join the Military Police Brigade, which is located within the innermost walls of the city.

The only reason her job as a military officer is tolerable is that the Titans outside the wall had to stay away from the inner walls and she does not have to engage in any fighting. She also has a very sarcastic tongue and enjoys annoying her co-workers at every opportunity.

However, after her experience with Annie in the OVA, she evolved into a respectable person who handled herself awkwardly when meeting new people and deserves a position at top of Attack on Titan Girls.

Yelena Is In The Third


Yelena is one of the most enthusiastic members of the Anti-Marleyan volunteers. Their main job is to work together with the Marleyans and find a way for them to overthrow them. Despite being liked by the Anti-Marleyan members, she has problems in relationships because of her desire to always worship Zeke Yeager.

Since she believed in the ideologies of their organization, Yelena didn’t hesitate to kill anyone she felt was not aligned with them. She excelled at executing plans like Zeke’s euthanasia plan, using her expressions to make them a viral sensation.

Some people enjoy watching the yandere waifu genre for its sheer intensity and often violent results. However, others would have found it a bit creepy to watch.

Pieck Finger – Fourth in Attack On Titan Girl

Pieck finger

Pieck, who ranks 4th in the list of Attack on Titan girls, is a recurring character in Marley, who has been involved in many important events. She may not seem to be the most prominent character but she is nonetheless involved in such incidents that happen as the series progresses.

In her continuous use of the Cart Titan form, Pieck has picked up a habit of walking on all fours, even when she’s not in her Titan form. She is among the most intelligent and intuitive Titans associated with working for Marley, having always been able to pick up on things others struggle to notice most of the time.

Ymir – Mystery Girl


As one of Attack on Titan girls, Ymir has been shrouded in mystery ever since her introduction. She typically stays with Historia most of the time and considers it to be her life’s ultimate mission to protect her. It was quite a surprise when she transformed into the Jaw Titan because Historia’s life was in danger.

Ymir was always nice to Historia, and she wasn’t very confrontational when it came to interacting with others. Fans loved her dedication to Historia and the effect she had on her. That’s why she is one of the best Attack on Titan waifus ever–even though she’s not human.

After eating one of their friends, it was clear that she could only be human again. She agreed to help Reiner and Bertolt find the others.

Hange Zoe – The most interesting Attack on Titan girls

Hange Zoe

The titans of Attack on Titan are a powerful, cunning race that are very effective at what they do. For the most part, females have been shown as equally capable fighters with very few exceptions. Hange Zoe is an exception to this trend and excels in her department of studying titans.

Hange Zoe is one of the series’s most interesting Attack on Titan girls. With her fantastic quips, wit and clever commentary, she’s become a fan favorite among both viewers and fellow cast members. Her interactions with Levi have also sparked a lot of romantic fan fiction, unlike their lack of romantic connection.

Sasha –


All foodies out there can relate to Sasha in this aspect. Sasha was a girl that always used her meals to enjoy quality time with friends. Her first time as a favorite character came when she kept eating a potato in a tense situation.

Although Sasha has been overlooked by most, she has served as an integral part of the series from time to time. It’s been great to see her develop into a seasoned fighter while providing that comic relief after each intense scene in Attack on Titan.

Historia Reiss – Attack On Titan Girls ‘The Queen of War’

Historia Reiss

As soon as Historia Reiss made her appearance, she became a fan favorite and quickly gained popularity. Perhaps this is because of all the hardship and suffering she had to endure in her childhood. She’s an extremely interesting character with her royal lineage.

With her little sister as the only other member of the Reiss family, Historia never had to wonder what people would think when she was announced as Queen of the Walls. It turned out perfectly though, and she had never been happier with her decision.


Annie Leonhart

When you mention Attack on Titan Girls, Annie is the one that is a must. Annie can be seen as the antagonist in Attack on Titan. Despite this, she is one of the most popular waifus in the anime. She was part of the group sent by Marley on a secret mission to Paradis Island and was disguised as a member of the Training Corps. Annie had powers that mimicked those from the Female Titan, which allowed her to infiltrate them.

Annie was eventually recruited into the Military Police Brigade and it wasn’t until later that her true identity was revealed. Annie’s always had a tough personality, because of what she had been through. Fans slowly began to understand her in the flashbacks of her childhood.

Mikasa Ackerman – Best Attack On Titan Girls

Mikasa Ackerman

It’s no coincidence that Mikasa Ackerman has become so wildly popular. Her popularity is a testament to the fact that she may be the best girl in Attack on Titan. She is a childhood friend of Eren, hails from the famous Ackerman bloodline, and is a seriously powerful fighter.

When Mikasa began to get the taste of blood at a young age, it was a turning point in her development. She hasn’t looked back since then and has grown into a more badass character with each passing season.

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