Top 10+ Best Kakegurui Quotes

Top 10+ Best Kakegurui Quotes

Best Kakegurui Quotes With diversity characters!

About Kakegurui

An anime with a gambling theme is called Kakegurui. Every decision at a school intended for the wealthiest families is made through gambling.
The standing of the pupils in the school hierarchy is also defined by their gambling habits.
But when Yumeko Jabami, a wild gambling addict, enrolls there, the school’s order is put in jeopardy. Jabami Yumeko takes every gamble seriously, unlike the majority of pupils at the school, merely for the joy of it.
She relishes the anguish and dread of betting everything. The focus of Kakegurui is on the student council members who are the best gamblers in the school and sit at the top of the social structure.

Top 10+ Best Kakegurui Quotes

Yumeko Jabami 

Best Kakegurui Quotes

Gambling is my life’s purpose. I don’t need anything else.

Best Kakegurui Quotes

I despise people who move the goalposts because they think they can’t win.

Best Kakegurui Quotes

Choosing the way in which you die is also choosing the way in which you live.

Best Kakegurui Quotes

Instead of living on in ignorance, wouldn’t you rather die, knowing everything?

Sumika Warakubami

Best Kakegurui Quotes

Why win? Because to stop moving forward means death.

Mary Saotome

Best Kakegurui Quotes

The resolve to pick out one hopeful path from uncertain and unlimited possibilities with your own violation. That resolve is the core of gambling.

Itsuki Sumeragi

Best Kakegurui Quotes

Someone controls your life, so what? Put some wins under your belt and turn the tables. It’s no reason to give up your ambitions!

Kaede Manyuda

Best Kakegurui Quotes

Even lacking trust, people can be manipulated with the promise of profit.

Yumemi Yumimite

Best Kakegurui Quotes

If I want to go places I could never imagine, I need to win!

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