Top 10 Amazing Anime With Sword Fighting

Top 10+ Amazing Anime With Sword Fighting
Japan has always been recognized for its distinctive, fabled “katana” sword. It is a samurai sword that has appeared countless times in video games, comic books, and motion pictures. Naturally, this has also evolved into the main theme of a number of well-known anime shows. We’ll be looking at some of the best anime with a katana and swordfighting theme in this list!
Anime With Sword Fighting
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Now that that has been stated, let’s get to the list of Top 10+ Amazing Anime With Sword Fighting

10. Akame ga Kill!

Akame ga Kill!

First in list of Anime With Sword Fighting is here. Tatsumi is forced to turn his attention toward the Capitol in the hopeless belief that it will help his starved and destitute town.
When he arrives, though, he learns that the city is not quite as kind as he had been lead to think.
Every part of society is corrupt, and he is perilously near to being corrupt himself.
Fortunately, he is rescued by a woman brandishing a katana. She is a member of Night Raid, a vigilante assassination team whose mission is to kill every corrupt Capitol employee.
Tatsumi decides to follow them in an effort to end the suffering of his people.
10. Noragami
The anime Noragami tells the story of a wandering divinity who must perform menial tasks in order to survive. He uses swords known as Regalia and is an outstanding swordsman.
He will be forgotten if people don’t remember him. As a result, he attempts to provide as much free or low-cost assistance as possible while still making a living.
He meets Hiyori, our female protagonist, one day. Though he should be invisible to humans, she was surprised able to see him.
Hiyori finds herself caught up in the conflict between the gods and other bad spirits as a result of a sequence of circumstances. Yato must safeguard Hiyori while settling scores with old rivals from his past.
In this episode, there is a lot of sword combat because the main character uses a samurai sword.

9. House of Five Leaves

House of Five Leaves

Masanosuke Akitsu, the primary character, is a servile swordsman, and he is the center of the story.
He’s so mild-mannered that he gets dismissed from jobs all the time. He starts to doubt his samurai credentials as a result of this.
A guy called Yaichi employs Masa to be his bodyguard when his life has reached its lowest point.
His duties as a bodyguard are by no means simple. He had to do things that were against the law. He gets more deeply associated with Yaichi’s “Five Leaves” organization. This caused him to begin seriously doubting his resolve.
He decides that in order to learn more, he has to unravel the mystery surrounding Yaichi and his crew.

8. Dororo


A wicked Samurai named Daigo Kagemitsu gives the body parts of his newborn child to a gang of 48 devils at the beginning of the novel in return for total control over the nation.
Following that, Daigo gave a lady the order to drown the baby in the river. However, the woman was unable to do such a terrible deed. She decided to place the kid in a boat instead.
A newborn infant who was born without limbs, eyes, a nose, skin, or any other major organ managed to miraculously make its way into the hands of a prosthetics maker.
The small youngster survived his trauma as a result of this. He is now an adult, his prosthetic limbs equipped with Katana swords.
In an effort to get his body parts back, he goes on a rampage while chasing demons. even if it means overturning the empire that was established as a result of his sacrifice.

7. Afro Samurai

Afro Samurai

Future Japan is the setting for the events in Afro Samurai. In order to get revenge against the world’s finest fighter, the main character goes on a quest.
He felt it was time to face the fighter who held the number 1 place after working his way up to the position of the number 2 fighter.
He encounters a group of bounty hunters, killers, and monks on the way to taking retribution. Along with it, he is joined by a cheery Ninja.
Not to add how crazy the anime’s katana sword battle sequences are.

6. Sword of the Stranger

Sword of the Stranger

The plot of the popular anime film “Sword of the Stranger” features sword and katana combat.
Nanashi, a young guy with aspirations of becoming a samurai, is the main character. He is now being taught the ways of life by a monk who is supervising him.
Nanashi is driven to understand the purpose of existence. But in order to do so, he is forced to carry out heinous crimes in order to defend himself against the evil that pervades China and Japan.
Despite the fact that he despises the thought of doing so, he must suppress his genuine values in order to accomplish his goals and preserve mankind.

5. Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo

A young lady named Fuu is being harassed by a group of evil samurai while she is working as a waitress at a tea shop.
She is nonetheless saved by a bandit named Mugen and a ronin named Jin.
Following that, Mugen and Jin engage in combat that ultimately ends in the death of the local magistrate’s son.
It has been determined that both of them must be executed. Fuu helped to stop the execution and save them. In return, she asks their help in finding the samurai whose fragrance is that of sunflowers.
In this anime, almost every character uses a katana sword in battle. Consequently, if you enjoy sword battle scenes, you must watch this anime.

4. Demon slayer

Demon slayer

The most popular anime series and Anime With Sword Fighting right now is Demon Slayer. One of the most watched anime programs in the world, including katanas and samurai fighting techniques.
The main goal of this anime, as its title indicates, is to defeat the demons who have been terrorizing humanity for eons.
Demon Slayer has added its own flavor to traditional sword combat techniques by developing “breathing forms,” which allow players a broad range of cool yet lethal sword blows.

3. Gintama


Gintama is a distinctive and amusing anime series that merits acclaim for its skillful plot development.
It begins strangely by setting up a world in which Earth has been conquered by aliens during the Edo era.
Naturally, there was a massive conflict in which the katana-wielding Japanese people fought the advanced aliens. However, it was clear that they were defeated and gave up to them. Swords were forbidden by the aliens that reigned over the humans.
Our protagonist, however, carries a wooden Katana with him wherever he goes and lives by the sword, make this show have one spot in list Anime With Sword Fighting.
This anime series is highly entertaining when it attempts to be amusing and includes a variety of subjects. But as the plot becomes serious, it also becomes quite emotional. We give Gintama a perfect score of 10!

2. Bleach


Popular anime Bleach centers on the idea of Anime With Sword Fighting. There are a fair number of katana users in this anime, even though not all of the characters do so.
Whatever the case, you would not want to miss this anime’s amazing sword battle scenes and “Bankai” powerups!
The fantasy anime Bleach centers on shinigami (soul reapers) and the people who interact with them.

1. Rurouni Kenshin – Best Anime With Sword Fighting

Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin is the only renowned samurai anime series that comes to mind when we discuss anime with katanas and swords.
Even after more than 25 years after its first release, this anime series is still one of the greatest with a katana and sword combat theme, even though it may not be as popular as it once was.
A mystery warrior who is determined to use a dull blade that doesn’t kill anyone is the subject of the tale. Not to add, he is so powerful that even a dull blade slices rather nicely under his control.
The samurai’s history, present, and aspirations for the future are all fascinating and superbly described. Things take an interesting turn, especially when the enemies from his past catch up to him!

That is the end of our Top 10+ Amazing Anime With Sword Fighting

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