Tokyo Revengers: The Kanto Manji Gang

Tokyo Revengers: The Kanto Manji Gang

Tokyo Revengers: The Kanto Manji Gang

Tokyo Revengers: The Kanto Manji Gang


Hello guys, and welcome to this blog of the Kanto Manji gang. Explained in this blog, I will be talking about the Kanto Manji gang. This blog is going to contain manga spoilers from Tokyo Revengers.

The Kanto Manji gang is a motorcycle gang that is led by Mikey, and in this gang, Mikey has many powerful subordinates under his command, and I will be explaining all of them in this blog. The Kanto Manji gang is one of the largest gangs in Tokyo Revengers, and it is also one of the three deities that control all of Tokyo.

The Kanto Manji gang was created two years after the disbandment of Tauman during a time known as the Tokyo Sengoku period. Many gangs in Tokyo started fighting in order to gain power, and at that time, the Kanto Manji gang gained power and became one of the three deities.

Mikey is the president of this gang, and serving directly under Mikey is the vice president, and his name is Sanzu Haruchio. Under Sanzu is the advisor of the Kanto Manji gang, and his name is Koko Hajime.

However, after Mikey’s victory in the Battle of the Three Deities, the Kanto Manji gang was restructured because they acquired all of the top members from the Rokuhara Tandai and Brahman gang, and this resulted in the gang’s number of members growing to 500 in total.

The uniform of the Kanto Manji gang consists of white pants, black boots, and a long white trench coat with the gang’s logo written on the sleeves, and the white jacket has golden lines that are running along the seams, and they also have the gang’s name written in kanji on the back of the uniform.

The official hideout of the Kanto Manji gang is a spacious and luxurious room with a giant couch. We see this hideout twice in the story. The first time is when Coco was doing work on a computer, and we see Mikey, who was just looking outside a window, and the second time is when Mikey receives a declaration of war from Takamichi, and we see all the members of the Kanto Manji gang sitting on the giant couch.

The president of the Kanto Manji gang is Manjiro Sano, also known as Mikey. In this timeline, Mikey has long blonde hair that runs all the way down to his shoulders. He always wears the traditional gang uniform with a black t-shirt. In combat, Mikey is ruthless, and he shows no mercy to his opponents.

For example, he savagely punched South until he died, and half of his face was so swollen that his eyeball wasn’t even visible. Mikey also broke Takamichi’s arm, and after that, he beat Takamichi to a bloody pulp. In this timeline, Mikey is controlled by his dark impulses. He always has a blank expression on his face, and he never shows any emotions. Even after Draken died, Mikey still did not show any reaction at all, and he didn’t even cry or show any emotions.

Anyway, guys, the next member I will be talking about is the vice president of the Kanto Manji gang, and his name is Sanzu Haruchio. The role of Sanzu is to be the right-hand man of Mikey and to carry out all of his orders. Sanzu has long pink hair that is tied up in a ponytail with a loose strand of hair running down the left side of his face, and he always wears the Kanto Manji gang uniform.

He also has four piercings on his left ear, and he has two prominent scars on both sides of his lips. Sanzu is the younger brother of Takomi, who is the vice president of Brahman Gang, and he is also the older brother of Kawaragi Senju, who is the president of Brahman Gang.

Sanzu is always seen using weapons in fights, like how he used a metal pipe when he fought against his younger sister Senju, and he also used a katana when he killed Yasuhiromuro, and he used the same exact katana to kill Kikucho. Out of all the members in this gang, Sanzu was the most loyal to Mikey, so that is why Mikey gave him the position of second in command.

Sanzu is subservient to Mikey, and he sees Mikey as his king, and this means that Sanzu is willing to kill anyone who opposes Mikey. After Sanzu, the next most high ranking member is Kikucho, and he is the defense unit captain of the Kanto Manji Gang. Kikucho has black colored hair that is styled in a buzz cut, and he wears a single golden drop earring on his left earlobe.

Kikucho has a prominent scar that runs from the back of his skull to the left side of his face, and Kikucho got this scar when he was in a car accident, and this happened when he was just a small child. Kikucho is the only character that has two different eye colors. His left eye is white, and his right eye is red, and Kikucho always wears his current gang’s uniform with a black t-shirt.

Tokyo Revengers: The Kanto Manji Gang

The next member I will be talking about is Wakasa Himmashi, and Wakasa is the commando unit captain of the Kanto Manji Gang. His hair is striped in the colors purple and yellow, and his hair is tied in a ponytail with a loose strand of each color on each side of his face. Wakasa is always seen with a stick in his mouth that appears to be a lollipop, and he always wears a signature red drop earring on his left earlobe.

Wakasa has droopy purple-colored eyes, and his eyes are half-opened and tilted, giving him a bored and exhausted look, and he is always seen wearing the Kanto Manji Gang uniform. Under his uniform, Wakasa wears a large white crewneck shirt. Wakasa has an impressive fighting style, and he uses flying kicks and midair spinning kicks as his main method of attack.

The next member that I will be talking about is Wakasa’s vice-captain, and his name is Benkei, and Benkei holds the position of commando unit vice-captain. The real name of Benkei is Kezo Ereshi. Benkei is a tan, tall, and muscular man. His hair is styled in a platinum blonde crew cut that extends to a trimmed full beard, and he wears golden earrings on both of his ears. Benkei has a no-nonsense personality, and he prioritizes his gang responsibilities before anything else.

And Benkei has enormous tattoos that adorn his arms, shoulders, and chest. And according to Takomi, Wakasa and Benkei are the two toughest brawlers in all of Japan. Wakasa and Benkei were strong enough to easily defeat 100 delinquents all by themselves, and this is why they are known as the strongest duo. They also defeated Coco and Inupi.

Up next are the Haitani brothers. First is the older brother, and his name is Ran Haitani. Ran is the Special Attack Force Captain of the Kanto Manji Gang. He has long yellow braided hair that is dyed black, and he has purple eyes. During fights, Ran Haitani is very violent, and he sometimes uses dirty fighting tactics. For example, he often uses weapons in fights like hitting his opponents with his police patent or using a brick to ruthlessly hit them in the head.

Ran can also get teasing and quite cocky at times, and during fights, he mocks his opponents. The younger Haitani brother is Rindo Haitani, and he is the vice-captain of the Special Attack Force. Rindo Haitani has short yellow hair with strands of his hair dyed blue, and he styles his hair in a ponytail with two loose strands of hair running down each side of his face.

Rindo has gray eyes, and he wears a circular pair of golden glasses. Rindo Haitani is shown to be quite an expert at wrestling. His signature fighting tactic is to break his opponent’s limbs by twisting them until they snap. The Haitani brothers both wear personally customized uniforms that are colored black instead of the usual white color, and their uniforms have a skull and crossbones design on the left side of the collar.

The next Kanto Manji Gang member that I will be talking about is Shuji Hamlet, and he holds the position of You Gekitai Hanma. Hanma is a tall and lanky guy with black hair and with a stripe of yellow hair dye running down the middle of his head. Hama has golden-colored eyes, and he wears a long golden earring on his left earlobe. He has the word ‘punishment’ tattooed on his right hand and the word ‘sin’ tattooed on his left hand.

He always wears the Kanto Manji Gang uniform with a black mask. Hanma has zombie-like endurance and very impressive durability, and Hamlet is one of the strongest members in this gang. He was even able to defeat Mitsuya, Hakkai Akan, and Chifuyu all by himself, and he was also strong enough to be able to block Mikey’s signature kick. Up next is Kanji Machizuku, and he is a commanding officer in the Kanto Manji Gang.

Machi is a tall and muscular man with light skin and an imposing presence. He has red eyes with black-colored hair, and he styles his hair in a rat tail Mohawk with a braid that extends to his lower neck. Mochi possesses immense strength, and his punches send his opponents flying.

However, he is also an honorable person and he prefers to fight one-on-one in a fair fight. In fact, Machi is so powerful that he used to lead his own gang and during this time, he defeated both Smiley and Angry, and he beat them all by himself. Next up is Shion Matarami, and he holds the position of commanding officer. Shion is a man of above average height. He has long light hair that is swept to the right with the left side of his head cleanly shaven.

He has a signature tattoo on the side of his head, and he also has a small scar on the leftmost side of his mouth. Shion is nicknamed the Mad Dog because he enjoys fighting, and he is often seen using a pair of brass knuckles in battle. Shien is the former president of the 9th generation black dragons, and he was also one of the four heavenly kings of Tenjuku gang. Anyway, guys, up next is Kokonoi Hajime, also known as Koko.

Koko is a higher up of the Kanto Manji gang, and Coco is also the top money maker for the Kanto-manji gang. The money made by Coco allows the gang to expand its power and influence all over Japan. Koko is a tall man with a slim frame, and he always wears a dangling golden earring on his left earlobe.

He also has black colored hair, and his hair is styled in a deathhawk haircut, which is combed to the right, and the left side of his head is trimmed with four lines shaved on the side of his head. He is also seen wearing red eyeliner, and Coco uses regular punches to fight his opponents, like when he decided to betray the Kanto Manji gang, he punched Benkei in the face with a left hook.

Anyway, guys, this is the end of this blog. If you enjoyed this blog, leave a comment below. And thank you for reading.

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