The End of Boruto: Reflecting on Naruto’s Epic Legacy and Heartbreaking Goodbye

The End of Boruto: Reflecting on Naruto's Epic Legacy and Heartbreaking Goodbye

The End of Boruto: Reflecting on Naruto’s Epic Legacy and Heartbreaking Goodbye

Boruto has finally reached its peak. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, Chapter 78 was absolute! It begins with everyone reacting to Naruto and Hinata’s disappearance, pretty much reacting like this. Little Himawari then finds out she’s officially an orphan now. Shikamaru asks Ada to investigate the situation with her, Sandra God, where she reveals the truth of Kawaki’s betrayal. They hastily try to learn of his location, but he’s physically invisible thanks to Ishiki’s Dojitsu, making him impossible to track.

The End of Boruto: Reflecting on Naruto's Epic Legacy and Heartbreaking Goodbye

Boruto rushes home, which is when Ada casually announces that Kawaki plans to kill Boruto again. Sword is all like, “huh, again?” Remember in Chapter 69, Sasuke and the others told everyone not to inform on what Kawaki did in Chapter 66, as it would cause him to be ostracized and panicked the whole nation. So with the truth revealed and Boruto shouldering the entire burden himself, as his death was in order to protect the world from the threat of Momoshiki, she races after him. As Sarada can’t bear the thought of Boruto being in danger and not doing anything to help, she says, “we’re gonna get to that now.”

Let’s start with Boruto being ambushed by Kawaki as he tries to trap him in a portal, but it’s absorbed with Karma. The two are standing upon the Hokage Monument, mirroring the time skip scene from Chapter One. Kawaki admits responsibility for what happened to Naruto and Hinata, explaining that they are in a safe Dimension where time has stopped

Therefore, they won’t age a day or starve to death, but Boruto will never see them again. So, that means if they were to ever be unsealed in the Timescape, Naruto would be three years younger than all his classmates. Do this, he would have won. Let me know your opinion in the comments.

That don’t make no sense, but our young Lord Dodges to choose: I’m stronger, I’m smarter, I’m better. However, one thing he can’t quite master is it just isn’t the same as Naruto’s. Thus, committed to his ideals of wiping all Azuski from existence, Kuaki lands what he believes to be the final blow on Boruto, but it doesn’t do anything. These two brothers got more than just a sushi in them.

Kawaki’s got the dog in him. There’s one risk using the cubes in battle, however, and that’s because it reveals their location. You may think, ‘Well, yeah, there’s gigantic cubes falling from the sky. You can’t miss them.’ And you have a point. However, these cubes’ main purpose, other than just being a swamp, is to disrupt chakra signals, meaning there’s currently an entire section of the city knocked off to Eno’s chocolate division, giving their entire position away. Their battle rages on as Boruto throws a Thunderclap straight towards Kawaki, Dodges with style, a throwback to their sparring in chapter 58.

Back then, Kawaki tried to use his non-existent karma seal to absorb Boruto’s Jutsu and got one shot, but this fight is now a sequel to that one. Beforehand, Kawaki refused to cooperate with this Shinobi training, opting for a more violent approach of physical sparring where Boruto had to come in and protect Serato from Kawaki’s attack. He also was negligent in his charcoal training. This time around, though, Kawaki is 100 down to Shinobi nonsense, taunting Boruto by quoting him, ‘Bro,’ as this relationship has moved past that.

Did you know or notice that Boruto himself says ‘my mother and father,’ and Kawaki states ‘your mother and father,’ instead of ‘our,’ which insinuates Kawaki no longer being the second son? If you didn’t notice that, make sure to hit the notification bell and leave a like on the video because this is when Sarada rocks up to protect Boruto. Kawaki explains that if she doesn’t leave now, he will have to kill her too. This further exemplifies just how far Kawaki has spiraled into obsessing over Naruto’s safety.

In chapter 62, Kawaki begged Code not to harm Connor Hall and even offered up his own life in exchange, but he’s quickly learned that Shinobi are not fit for the purpose of defending the world.

That’s why his karma reactivated in chapter 66 as he realized he needed to save Naruto, hence why he is now threatening Sarada because although she is no threat to Naruto, she is trying to protect someone who is, meaning that in Kawaki’s mind, she is his enemy.

His careful Konoha is quickly dwindling as he is simping for Naruto increases. He even told Naruto that he is willing to go as far as needed to protect him, which is a callback to chapter one when Boruto tells Kawaki he never thought he’d go this far in relation to annihilating the entire Village. Me, hopefully those new generation of ninjas Wills don’t like all dead because we don’t need them

Say that again.

Porter tells Sarada to run, but she shouts out, “all the more reason to stay as the future Hokage,” and pulls out Kijimoto. Did throughout the day, alright? You can’t have her declare her dream to become Hokage only for her to fight with a green eye, not activate her Sharingan at all, and then become a damsel in distress. I know, later, but I guess that’s Kijimoto writing female characters for you. But, in all honesty, Sarada cannot keep up with their power scaling.

She will feel guilty for putting Boruto in danger and losing his eye. (07:30) Atsuki uses “learn everything” about their fighting styles, abilities, and skills over time, gaining thousands of years of experience through a drip feed.

The more battles they fight, Kawaki is still learning because, as you can see, he didn’t use the rods at his disposal. Just like G again, Jigen blocked Sasuke’s sword and made quick work of anything they threw at him. However, Kawaki doesn’t do this. Good news though, very much the Boruto, and so while the ship has been sailed once again, Saruto is going to become Canon. Oh here we go again. Boruto’s promise is fulfilled as in chapter 10 he aspired to become a ninja that can protect Sarada and her dream to become Hokage.

In that moment, Sarada was simping for Boruto, stating his blue eyes are more so than Naruto’s, noticing many things about him as she fell in love.

Mitski claimed in chapter 69 that it’s interesting that humans find it difficult to admit or understand their own feelings, referring to Sarada’s denial of her romantic love.

However, Boruto jumps in to save Sarada from Kawaki’s attack. He emerges with his scar. We waited six years for this moment and it’s finally here. While Sporto bleeds out from his eye, Kawaki approaches to finally end his brother. Now, just before Boruto gets killed for the second time, Shikamaru pulls up by activating his Shadow Paralysis Jutsu, whilst Mitski subdues Kawaki with his stretchy arms. And finally, Connor Hamuru, um, he just stands there doing nothing, so let’s change his name to Again. Remember, so true we all remember what happened.

The last time he faced the Naziski, right? Kawaki is rendered completely useless. He can’t use his Hakuna Matata Jutsu, nor can he use his karma. Now you might be thinking, why didn’t Kawaki summon some of his gigantic tubes or rods towards Shikamaru and Mitsky?

Well, Kawaki, unlike Ishiki, has a lesser chakra pool, and after teleporting Naruto and himself to another dimension, his chakra is running low. There’s also the notion that Kawaki’s battle IQ and chakra control isn’t the best, at least when compared to those of fully fledged Shinobi. Bringing us back to how this battle is a complete contrast to Chapter 58 where Kawaki outright disagreed with the Shinobi way, and training under Gigans tutelage, he had honed his skill as a killer with grueling combat drills.

The idea of training as a Shinobi is a joke in comparison. However, Kawaki’s training was orientated around the use of his karma and scientific enhancements, with the idea of him becoming an Otsuski vessel. Using chakra as a Shinobi was never in the picture. So when he fought Boruto in Chapter 58, he lost.

Kawaki instinctively relied on the karma seal he did not have, but now that it’s returned, he was easily able to pass Boruto. But the flaw of not understanding the advantage of the Shinobi way will ultimately be his downfall. Ironically, the training session Kawaki breaks out on was supposed to be an important chakra control drill. This, finally enough, is the same mindset of Momoshiki and the other Otsuski.

They believe in absolute power, disregarding the concept of Ninshu. Though Jutsu, Jutsu itself, and chakra originate from the Otsuski Hagarama, and the humans were able to utilize this power with their imagination, creating new techniques that even the Otsuski weren’t familiar with, much like the creation of all things technique that Hagaromo used, and Sage Mode. Remember when Urushiki saw Mitsuki’s Sage Mode, he found it interesting and didn’t know what it was?

Likewise, Kawaki, though he wants to rid all the Otsuski, is relying on their power and way of thinking. This ultimately is a clash of ideologies as both parties have proof of how their outlooks are flawed. It’s a debate Boruto will utilize the very thing Kawaki looks down upon and used his ninja way and pure eye to catch up to Kawaki’s Otsuski powers. Kawaki can’t keep up with Ishiki’s use of and will never reach full potential without ninja training.

After all, we know he has a whole new level of power waiting to be tapped into as right now, he’s fighting without Ishiki’s horn, which we saw him use in Chapter 75’s Flash Forward where he unlocks another stage of the karma.

Another important factor to consider is Kashid Koji. Yeah, it’s been a while since we have heard from this guy, but he is not dead. And like Kawaki, he had the goal to eliminate Otsusuki from the world. In fact, he was programmed and created for this very reason, as stated by himself. However, after Ishiki reveals a model played caution Koji 2 as a tool, his goals could have slightly changed

The End of Boruto: Reflecting on Naruto's Epic Legacy and Heartbreaking Goodbye

Being that amazing spy he is, Koji likely knows what is going along with Armada’s intention. Furthermore, Ishiki explains that caution Koji’s Pride as a Shinobi was the human weakness is that a model preyed upon to use him. This is the same weakness Kawaki is now trying to erase from the world. Therefore, it makes sense that causing Koji of old people would resonate with Kawaki’s methods to bring about a new era and help him.

So, to foil Amado’s plan and get revenge for being used as a pawn, he could end up helping Kawaki in his pursuit. Ada and Damon will likely be in their team too. Hawaki admitted he has a similar wavelength with Ishiki in chapter 39, and that has been highlighted with his similar statement of Destiny in chapter 78 as he states, “You Shinobi really are destined to die early,” which parallels what Ishiki states to caution Koji that “your genes are predestined to die here.”

But for the time being, to shut down Kawaki for good, my goal, my guy Batman Sensei, returns to the story to further subdue Kawaki by putting a blade to his throat. Sasuke, yeah Sasuke, tells Kawaki that if he goes any further, he will have to kill him. After all, it’s Sasuke’s job to kill Boruto if Momishiki ever reappears again. But luckily, Boruto has that all of the control again, right? Right? Oh, come on. Momoshiki takes control once again, saving Kawaki, telling him to run and escape.

Now, many people in the community, as well as everyone in the story, are a little bit confused, so allow me to explain. Welcome to my classroom. Boruto has already died once before, and Momishiki sacrificed his full resurrection to revive him so that his own soul would not cease to exist from the living as his body is an anchor point. However, that was a one-time-only move. If Boruto dies again, Momoshiki will too. Thus, he will do everything he can to keep him safe.

But he’s already declared in chapter 54 that he intends to feed Kawaki to the Ten Tails to complete his life’s purpose. That’s right, this dude’s life purpose is to plant a Trinity that fruit. Therefore, although he knows Boruto is Kawaki’s target, he ultimately can’t let either of them die. That’s why Kawaki was able to force Momishiki into absorbing his Flames when he set himself on fire against him. Thus, Momoshiki momentarily switches teams.

Let’s not forget Momoshiki has seen fragments of the future, so he can comfortably act, knowing that he will always be multiple steps ahead. But most importantly, Momoshiki needs to break Boruto’s will to the point that Boruto has no choice but to retreat inside his inner psyche, as stated in chapter 72. As that is the moment when his soul breaks, Momoshiki will overpower him and take full control. That is why Tonori states that Boruto’s pure eye is the star of hope that can.

It’s the only though Jutsu that can fight against the dark future. Momoshiki tells Boruto that you have lost it, that blue eye, and that he is heading one step closer to his prophecy. His eye is gone forever, as even Momoshiki’s Byakugan has a cut in it, meaning Boruto must keep it shut at all times to reduce the risk of Momoshiki who finally unlock the pure eye. Now, while we wait for that though, you can check out more Peak fiction by understanding how Serato will gain a new Mangakoot Sharingan we have never seen before to keep up with them.


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