Top 5 Most Questionable Topic About Naruto And Hinata Relationship

Top 5 Most Questionable Topic About Naruto And Hinata Relationship
The chemistry between Naruto And Hinata Relationship is highly admired in any Shonen anime. For example, when watching Naruto, which has 500 episodes in total, these sorts of relationships are more visible.
Naruto And Hinata Relationship
I’m a huge fan of the anime Hinata and Naruto relationship. But how many people know about their history together?
Naruto became a ninja in the Naruto multiverse, and it is so big that there are moments when it feels overwhelming. But he’s been spending time with Hinata, and even though their fates were sealed long ago before Naruto ever joined forces with Kakashi’s team 7, the bond of friendship and summer made the journey easier for both of them
Lets see Top 5 Most Questionable Topic About Naruto And Hinata Relationship

5. The first meeting

naruto and hinata
Naruto meets Hinata in The Last: Naruto the Movie.
The book illustrates a school bully striking terror into the hearts of his victim, leading to an act of kindness and selflessness from Naruto. The story shows how bullying is an issue that needs to be confronted in both school and outside of it.
Naruto wakes up and exits his house to see Hinata. Before he starts running away, they thank each other, and Naruto appreciates her kindness and bravery. This is the moment where the two of them meet for the first time.
Hinata and Naruto’s unexpected meeting in the latest Boruto anime is foundational to the characters’ development. Both of these moments contribute to the development of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

4. Who confessed first?

Naruto meets Hinata
The most asking question about Naruto And Hinata Relationship is here. In the final episode of Naruto Shippuden’s 165th story arc known as “The Day of Pain”, Pain wipes away Konohagakure with a blast powerful enough to destroy almost everyone in it. Eventually, he meets Naruto for the first time after defeating a number of strong shinobi.
Hinata comes out for the rescue and, as she’s about to go one-on-one with Pain, she finally confesses her love, which Naruto has been secretly harboring for a very long time.
Also, It has been written that Naruto’s transformation into six tails was a result of the anger and rage he felt following Hinata’s supposed death.

3. Naruto was destined to be with Sakura

Naruto sakura hinata
This is  an interesting topic that has been question among fans about Naruto And Hinata Relationship. It wouldn’t be a surprise, but Sakura was first meant to be with Naruto. Throughout the series, she dropped several hints about her interest in him and he saved her several times indicating that there is a possibility of NaruSaku (made with the first four letters of Naruto’s name and the first four letters of Sakura’s) coming into existence.
But to everyone’s surprise, Hinata had put her feelings on the line and opened her heart to Naruto. Sakura was more like herself, remaining a good-friend only and staying in her tomboyish avatar.

2. Hinata and Naruto were alienated from society

Hinata and Naruto
One of the things that Naruto and Hinata have in common is that they’ve been called a monster by people. Above all the differences, Naruto And Hinata Relationship are connected because of this.
Naruto hated the nine-tails inside him and Hinata hated her eyes because they were colorless. People called both of them monsters and how they reacted to criticism proves that they’re similar in that both work hard towards achieving a goal.
If you ask me, they are a perfectly imperfect couple in the Naruto series.

1. Naruto never said I love you to Hinata – The most questionable topic of Naruto And Hinata Relationship

Naruto love Hinata
The plot of Naruto has made some fans and even experts a little bit crazy. It’s easy to think that Naruto never said “I love you” to Hinata because of all the twists and turns, but those three words were spoken without fail. With this knowledge in mind, let me remind you of the following:
In the last Naruto movie, Naruto and Hinata spend a day together. Toward the end of the evening he promises to save her sister Hanami Hyūga. He says it straight to her only in his head so nobody else hears, while passionately saying I love you.
Hinata’s eyes widen in surprise and this is the moment where Naruto confesses his feelings by saying, “I love you Hinata”
This particular moment is a really special one. Many people believe that Naruto never said “I love you” to Hinata and sounded ignorant when he said that, but he does say it in the manga. The discussion surrounding this moment has long since been neglected, and debates about his ignorance about love and relationships are rife among the fandom today.

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