Himawari: new true power

Himawari: new true power


Sugar, spice, and everything nice. These were the ingredients Kishimoto used to create the perfect little girl. But one day, he added one extra special ingredient – a Tsusky genetics. This ended up creating Himawari Uzumaki, one of the strongest characters in the Naruto universe. I’m serious, guys! Boy, no way! Boy, she’s so strong that she decided to become a ninja for fun, pulling off a side number. And just like him, she one-punched the most overpowered ninja in the world.

Oh my God, Himawari’s true power is busted! And in order for us to pinpoint exactly what that power is, as surprisingly enough, this was foreshadowed many times, I’ve gathered the right man for the job. In chapter 77 of the Boruto manga, Damon, the self-proclaimed strongest character in the entire series, is shocked and impressed by Himawari’s intense presence. Now that type of intense, I mean in terms of power

During chapter 71, Damon stated to Code, after removing his limiters, that although Naruto and Sasuke would not be able to defeat him, Damon is a different case as he is the strongest in the world. He even complained about the lack of serious opponents from Connor Hall for him to fight. So how can this kid, of all people who does not fare Code, Boruto, Kawaki, or any other character we love, suddenly be impressed by Himawari?

Well, what better place to start than with her conception. “I love you, I love you, Hinata.” Himawari’s origins actually stem strongly from the Utsuski through Cargill’s line. The Uzumaki Clan are direct descendants of Hagoromo, while the Hyuga Clan of Hamura, both brothers being the sons of Kagio. On top of that, both of Himawari’s parents received chakra directly from them. Naruto got the Six Paths Gang Chakra from Hagoromo, and Hinata got Hamura’s chakra.

Himawari: new true power

Genetics and Chakra

Their genetics, along with the gifted chakra, would mean the offspring of Naruto and Hinata would bring forth the combination of Hagoromo and Hamura, closely resembling their mother, who is full of Suzuki

This was backed up by Momoshiki, who said Boruto strongly inherited the genetics of the Atsuki clan. This mix has created one of the most gifted prodigies in the Shinobi world. Before beginning her journey to become a kunoichi, Himawari displayed an innate talent for being a complete badass.

We all remember this scene where she knocked out her father and Kuruma. Yeah, yeah, [__] hilarious, but it was equally as terrifying as this three-year-old little girl achieved more than Neji ever did with a single blow. She completely shut down Naruto’s chakra points in one hit and severed Kuruma’s chakra from him, while Neji, a prodigy that trained for over 64 Trigon Palms, only shut off Naruto’s chakra, not Kurama’s.

This event left even Boruto terrified, who never forgot what Himawari is capable of when angered. He knows his little sister is someone he can’t mess with. “I’ve made a severe and continuous lapse in my judgment.”

Early Display of Power

Furthermore, did you know that Hiashi, the head of the Hyuga clan, was shocked that Himawari awakened the Byakugan at such a young age without any prior training? Despite that, her Byakugan was the one in control over her, activating at times when her emotions ran rampant, leaving her with no memory of the destructive power she could produce. This was until she turned 10 years old when she learned to activate it at will.

During her time in the academy, it is revealed that Himawari’s Byakugan’s explosive power exponentially grows to phenomenal levels if she gets emotional.

For example, her bond with Shukaku, the one-tailed Beast, allowed her to instantly save him, risking her own safety. Shukaku began enjoying her company, which foreshadows her perfect Jinchuriki status, which I’ll explain in a moment as let’s be honest must be done if I really watched anime anymore mid, which swiftly brings me to pointing out how the development of the story highlights Himawari’s emotions and selfless nature being a key to upholding the ninja ideals to protect Boruto.

Himawari: Emotional Development and Selflessness

For instance, Himawari was heartbroken when she heard her big brother was defeated in battle and deeply injured. This prompted Himawari’s concern. Hinata, however, insisted that Boruto was a true ninja and desired to be of true aid to others. At her mother’s suggestion, Himawari helped chair Boruto’s training, leaving a note to remind him that he was not alone, which leads to moments such as Himawari joining the Ninja Academy where she amazes the entire class due to her natural talent for ninja skills.

Himawari voiced her new desire to experience all the various jobs in the village to find her path and teasingly asked her brother for assistance. But now things are serious as Kawaki has thrown their parents into another dimension. Once she finds out the truth, Himawari will offer Boruto help to save them by becoming a Godly Shinobi as she will now be firm in what path she wants to take in life. In the latest arc, it is revealed that Himawari’s Byakugan is so powerful that it drains her greatly in using it.

Why, you ask? Well, as MC Boarder Hair pointed out on Twitter, it could all be due to her Godly connections to, well, the gods. Himawari’s Byakugan is like no other. Hinata, unlike other members of the Hyuga Clan, was dubbed the Byakugan princess, referring to her purity of chakra that was passed throughout her clan. Hinata, out of all her descendants, is the one to possess the purest Byakugan and closest chakra to Hamura Utsusuki. Also, let’s not forget the Hyuga Clan had been inbreeding for years to maintain their Kekkei Genkai within their family. Did you guys forget that Deji actually had a crush on her daughter?

So, with the mix of the other half of Kagio’s gene pool and chakra, it would allow never-before-seen phenomena to occur, such as Himawari possessing a stronger Byakugan than any Hyuga we have seen. Himawari’s hidden power was first shown when she knocked out Naruto with her rage-amplified attack.

Even Kurima ran away from her during the day Naruto became Hokage in the manga. It also makes sense from a storytelling perspective that if Himawari is to aid her brother, Border, as a Shinobi against Suski, she would need an Otsusuki-level power of her own. This all explains why she can’t currently control it properly, similar to Boruto and his pure eye, leading us to the idea that Himawari will unlock a Tensegon or a brand new Dojutsu.

Hamura naturally awakened to Tensegon and the Six Paths Senjutsu, as depicted in Naruto: The Last, as well as the movie data book showing him using True-Seeking Orbs. Whereas normal humans and Utsusuki would need to transplant the pure Byakugan of a Hyuga into themselves in order to awaken it. The chakra fruit that Kagya consumed was stated to be more potent than the others in the universe, taking in all the power and genetic material of the planet, which is why her children were born not only with a portion of her power but also a portion of our chakra as well.

In the anime, Hamura was able to awaken the Tensegon naturally, just as his brother, Hagaromo, awakened the Rinnegan by evolving the Sharingan Dojutsu into his final stage. Now obviously, this makes sense because they are the sons of Kagya, making them the most pure Otsusuki-human hybrids on the planet

As normally, the only way a regular person can gain the Rinnegan is to mix the chakra of Ashura and Indra reincarnates like we saw Madara do so. However, Himawari falls into the category with Boruto in that they have inherited strong Otsutsuki genetics, as Momoshiki stated, more so than any other human on the planet, thus making it possible for it to evolve her pure Byakugan into something new. Himawari’s talent is a Hyuga’s evident, which is why in the Naruto Parent and Child Day novel, Hanabi specifically asked to oversee Boruto and Himawari’s training.

Latest Arc and Power Drain

In a chapter that the anime didn’t adapt, Hanabi points out that Hinata’s kids are growing older and can only do so much with Hinata simply teaching them the basics. Hanabi and their father even debated whether to move Boruto and Himawari into the Hyuga compound so that they could help properly train them while making things easy on Hinata as well. After Boruto so far with Hanabi when he thought he had awoken to Byakugan, she tried to convince Hinata that this move would be better for their growth.

Hinata reluctantly agrees because she realizes that both of her children are growing up after they stop coming into her bed when they were crying when they had bad nightmares. It wasn’t until Hinata beat Hanabi in a sparring match to decide the children’s fate that Hanabi gave upon suggesting they should transfer. In the manga and the anime, Himawari would now put this sound to use and decide to be a ninja.

With their parents gone, if her potential is as high as Damon suggested, Himawari might have a bigger ceiling, who wrote some Joanian level two being powerful enough to battle off Susuki because they had a goal in mind. And just to be clear, I did say battle because let’s not forget they did get bodied instantly. However, Himawari now shares a goal with her brother. She stated to Hinata in chapter 72 that she had considered becoming a ninja to help him.

As even in the anime from an early stage, she would make it a priority to save those so she had a connection with, which helped her even befriend Shukaku, who out of everyone he notoriously disliked humans the most. Like her father, Himawari adopted the same loving bond with tailed beasts that Naruto did.

Now another thing to consider is The Rebirth of Kurama. What happened to the original plot of the movie? I know, I know, he’s done. Oh, is he? We know that Boruto and Himawari were born with whiskers, and the Gold and Silver Brothers also had them after eating just the slightest piece of Kodama’s chakra. Yet, it goes deeper than this. Himawari can be a perfect Jinchuriki. Kushina stated in Chapter 500 that this is due to their rare Uzumaki chakra.

This unusual chakra is so rare that it’s extremely uncommon within their own Clan. This is what allowed Kushina to be the Nine-Tailed Jinchuriki as it completely overpowers Kurama. Naruto, of course, then inherited it from his mother, allowing him to be the next generation’s Jinchuriki. It’s only logical to suggest that this is the same case. Rare Uzumaki chakra would be passed down to his children. But what makes Himawari even more special?

Well, let’s take a look at why she’s already way stronger than we think. Using Chapter 77 as an example, where Delta charges towards Himawari for battle, whereas Code got completely speed blitzed by Delta with ease. Himawari was able to react in time to brace herself, highlighting that her reaction time was there. After fine-tuning and becoming a full-fledged Shinobi over the timeskip, she will effortlessly be able to react to the speed of future foes.


This is why Delta himself claims in the very chapter, “Why did you not dodge it? You could have easily done so.” Another factor that is very important to point out is that all of this sounds eerily familiar, doesn’t it? And that’s because we can use the setup of Boruto’s story and draw parallels between it and its main inspirations, Dragon Ball, which, by the way, Kishimoto and Ikemoto admitted in interviews they use Dragon Ball for inspiration. Himawari and Gohan’s early appearances hinted at their hidden strength.

In Dragon Ball Chapter 196, Goku wanted to train his son Gohan since he knew he had great power, but Chichi refused because she thought the world no longer needed heroes after Goku beat Piccolo.

This is reflected in Boruto’s story with Hinata stating that since the number of missions are down, there isn’t as much of a need for Shinobi after Naruto’s efforts.

A three-year-old child was teased with having a hidden power that put her on the radar of her mother as well as her grandfather, Hisashi, who immediately asked to be made aware when she started using her Byakugan, just like how Piccolo showed Gohan’s hidden power and made it his point to drag out Gohan’s power by any means required. Goku refusing to believe what his eyes showed him in the manga and stating that Gohan was only a child led to Raditz correcting him.

Similarly and in parallel, Himawari having her Byakugan rage moment just like Gohan against Raditz. It seems obvious to us where this inspiration is coming from. Piccolo stated that Gohan’s power was greater than he imagined. Himawari might very well be walking on the same path, especially considering Ikemoto has such a fondness for Dragon Ball to the point he references it more than Naruto in his own art.

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