Everything about Attack On Titan story

Everything about Attack On Titan story

Everything about Attack On Titan story

Today, we will be explaining the entire Attack on Titan‘s story. Well, no time to waste, let’s get started. Ymir, a young slave of the Aldean tribe, gains the power of the Titans from an unknown anomaly, becoming the first founding Titan. The king of the Eldian tribe flees with Ymir’s power and accomplishments, takes her to bear his children. Ymir Fritz defends her king from an assassination attempt at the hands of a Marlin soldier, choosing to succumb to death from her wound.

Everything about Attack On Titan story

The king of Eldia feeds Ymir’s corpse to his daughters Maria, Rose, and Gina, who inherit Ymir’s power over the Titans. Ymir Fritz’s consciousness survives in the Paths, a metaphysical timeless space where she creates the bodies of the Titans and carries out the commands of the living royal family through the Founding Titan. Ymir’s daughters bestow their power of the Titans under their grandchildren, leading to the eventual creation of the Nine Titan powers.

Two thousand years later, Marley sends out Vertolt, Reiner, Annie, and Marcel from the Levai-on Tournament Zone to commence the Paradise Island operation. Before leaving for the interior, Grisha promises his son Eren that he will one day show him the secrets kept within the basement of their home. After arriving at Walmaria, Bertolt Hoover as the Colossus Titan breaches the outer gate of Shigan China District, allowing countless Titans to enter the city.

Dina Fritz’s pure Titan enters the city, finding and eating Grisha’s wife, Carla, in front of Eren and Mikasa. Grisha Yeager travels to the Reese Chapel and urges Frederic to stop the Titan invasion. He battles Frida’s Titan and defeats her, taking the Founding Titan. He then takes Eren into a forest and passes the Founding Titan onto him. The Colossus Titan breaches the outer gate of Tross District, resulting in a Titan invasion for the first time in five years.

Eren Jaeger is eaten by a Titan but emerges in his first Attack Titan form and begins to slaughter Titans in the city. Eren uses his Titan powers consciously for the first time, biting his hand to create a huge Titan skeleton to protect Mikasa and Armin and himself from a cannonball. Eren is held on trial before a military tribunal judged by Commander-in-Chief Darius Zackly. He is eventually given over to the custody of the Survey Corps.

The Survey Corps embarks on the 57th expedition outside the walls. Annie disrupts the expedition as the Female Titan. Commander Irwin leads her into a Titan forest and successfully uses special target restraining weapons to capture her, but she manages to escape. Eren battles Annie in the Titan forest but is defeated and kidnapped by Annie before she can escape. Mikasa and Levi arrive to rescue Eren in Stow House District.

The Survey Corps attempt to quietly capture Annie Leonhart, but she transforms into a Titan. After failing to escape the district, Annie encases herself in a crystalline substance to avoid capture. Zeke Yeager invades while Rose as the Beast Titan, using his abilities to turn the residents of Rigako into Titans under his control. Ymir transforms into a Titan to protect the remaining recruits at Utgard Castle.

Reiner Braun and Bertold Hoover reveal their Titan identities to Eren and transform. A battle ensues on Wall Rose. Eren and Ymir are captured by Reiner and Bertolt. They attempt to flee to Walmaria but are intercepted by the Survey Corps, who manage to rescue Eren from their grasp. The Smiling Titan appears in front of Eren and Mikasa. Eren unleashes the power of the Founding Titan unknowingly after striking the Smiling Titan’s hand. Reiner and Bertolt retreat to Shigenchina district with Amir in Trost.

Erwin Smith and Dot Pixas begin to fight against the royal government. Levi forcefully convinces Astoria to agree to her role as queen. Squad Levi receives Erwin’s plan for overthrowing the monarchy. Kenny Ackerman’s squad ambushes Squad Levi, and the battle breaks out over the streets of Stohas. Erwin Smith is brought before King Fritz and the assembly as they order him to the gallows. Darry exactly intervenes, arresting the nobles and dethroning Fritz. Eren awakens in a cave below the Reece Chapel. By placing their hands on his back, Rod and Historia trigger Eren’s memories of Grisha’s final hours.

Squad Levi arrives at the Reece Chapel and battles with Kenny’s anti-personnel control squad. Rod Reiss drinks from the Titan serum, shattered by Historia, becoming an enormous pure Titan. With the combined efforts of the Garrison, Eren, and Squad Levi, Rod’s Titan is defeated at Orvik district, with Historia landing the killing blow. Kenny Ackerman is found by Levi outside of the collapsed cavern. He reveals that he is Levi’s uncle and gives Levi a Titan serum he stole from Rod before dying. His story. Eris is ceremonially crowned queen of the Walls.

Zeke arrives in Chicago district, meeting Reiner and Bertolt. Squad Levi visits Keith Shadus to learn of his involvement with Grisha Jaeger. He tells of his past with Grisha. Erwin Smith leads over 100 soldiers of the Survey Corps on an expedition to Shigan China. Eren uses his hardening ability to seal the breach in the outer gate. Zeke, as the Beast Titan, traps the Survey Corps in Shigan China with a Titan army. Eren and Reiner battle in their Titan forms.

Bertolt transforms into the Colossus Titan above Shiegan China. The Beast Titan bombards the Survey Corps. Erwin Smith leads a last-ditch frontal charge into the line of fire as a distraction for Levi. Levi successfully defeats the Beast’s Titan, cutting Zeke out of its nape. Zeke is rescued by Peak, and the two flee toward Qigon China. Armin Arlett sacrifices himself in a diversionary attack against the Colossus Titan, whom Eren defeats after leaving his Titan form, cutting Bertolt out of its nape. Both Armin and Erwin are found to be alive but on the brink of death.

Ultimately, it is decided by Levi that Armin will be given the serum. Armin eats Bertolt Hoover, and Erwin Smith dies. Eren, Mikasa, Levi, and Hanji investigate the basement of the Jaeger household, where they discover three books left by Grisha. The nine survivors of the Battle of Shigun China district are honored in ceremony by Queen Historia. Zeke Yeager meets with Kyomiya Zumabito in private, revealing his true allegiance to Eldia.

The Survey Corps sets out beyond while Maria, reaching the borderline wall in the shores of the ocean. Marley sends out their first survey fleet to Paradise Island; they are intercepted by the Survey Corps. The anti-Marlene volunteers on board defect to the people of the wall side. Marley’s war with the Mid-East Allied Forces culminates at Fort Slava. The results of this battle bring an end to the Marley Mid-East War. Eren Yeager infiltrates Marley using Eren Kruger’s identity.

The Tiber family comes to Liberia to make preparations for an upcoming Festival of World Ambassadors. On the night of the festival, Falco brings Reiner Braun to meet with Eren, who is hiding in a basement behind the festival stage. When Willy Timer declares war on Paradise Island, Eren transforms into the Attack Titan and kills him before going on a rampage. The younger sister of Willy transforms into the Warhammer Titan and attacks Eren.

The Survey Corps enter the battle and engage the Marlene soldiers. The Jaw, Kart, and Beast Titans join the expanding battle. Shortly after, Armand Arler uses his Colossus Titan to destroy the docking fleet. Levi neutralizes the Beast Titan, and Eren uses the Jaw Titan’s powerful jaws to crack open the younger sister of Willy’s crystal, inheriting the Warhammer Titan. Gabby and Falco also board the airship where Gabby shoots and kills Sasha.

Eren Yeager is arrested and placed in an underground cell on account of his insubordination. Zeke Yeager is placed under house arrest in a forest of giant trees and kept under close scrutiny by Levi. A group of Survey Corps recruits plan a bomb to assassinate Zackly. That same day, Eren Yeager uses his Titan powers to escape his cell. Peak successfully infiltrates the walls once more. Zeke is defeated by Levi after transforming the cervical guarding him into Titans.

As Levi rides back to the walls, Zeke detonates a thunderspear. He is saved by Pure Titan, who stuffs him inside his stomach, allowing Ymir Fritz to rebuild his body in the Path’s dimension. Peak and Gabby are taken to the roof to point out the location of said Marlene infiltrators. When Porco, in his Jaw Titan form, attacks Eren as a part of the Marlene surprise attack, Eren narrowly avoids getting eaten before transforming. Marley initiates its attack on Paradise Island.

Everything about Attack On Titan story

Reiner Braun and Porco Galliard engage Eren Jaeger in combat. Onion Coupon releases the imprisoned soldiers in the hopes that they will help protect Eren from being killed by the invading forces. Zeke Yeager arrives atop the wall of Shigun China District, assisting the Altean counterattack by throwing rocks and Marlene airships, downing all of them. The Beast Titan is brought down by Theo Mageth operating anti-Titan artillery mounted on the Cart Titan’s back. Colt tries to reason with Zeke not to scream as Falco ingested his spinal fluid.

Zeke ultimately decides to go through with his plan. Falco, along with everyone who drank the wine, is transformed into a Pure Titan. Eren escapes his Titan form and rushes towards Zeke. Gabby shoots Eren through the neck, blowing his head cleanly off the rest of his body. Zeke catches Eren’s head before the latter’s brain activity ceases, transporting both of them to the Path’s realm.

Inside the paths, they go through Grisha’s memories. All the walls on the island start to crumble as the Wall Titans emerge and the rumbling is set into motion. Eren telepathically speaks to all Eldians across the world and explains that he will destroy the entire world for LDA’s safety. At the same time, all hardening has come undone and Annie Leonhardt is set free from her crystal. Reiner is put out of commission after getting his armor stripped, and Gabi Braun goes out to save Falco Grice.

Everything about Attack On Titan story

Peak and Magath watch the airship’s retreat as Hange and Levi approach to meet them. They agree to team up to stop the rumbling. Armin, Connie, Gabi, and Falco reach Frost and find Annie, who decides to go with him to stop the rumbling. In Shiganshina, China Peak rescues Onion, Gophen, Elena, and Jean. Others ride out to find and recruit Reiner. They find him and convince him to join up in the new alliance and stop Eren. The group heads out towards the port. Pete comes back from scouting and relays that the Jaegers have the port captured along with Kiyomi and her engineers.

The global alliance’s fleet is destroyed by the rumbling as it finally reaches Marley and begins to trample everything. They begin to plan their attack of rescuing the Azumabitos and stealing the flying boat. After rescuing Azumabitos, they arrive in Hodiha. The group bids farewell to Annie, who has decided to stay behind. Before the group can depart, Floch reveals himself and shoots holes in the boat’s fuel tank. Mikasa fires one of her anchors into Floch’s throat, killing him. They depart just in time to escape Eren’s titan.

As Hange stays behind to slow them down and dies, Eren approaches Fort Salta. He summons Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Connie, Levi, Reiner, and Pieck into the paths to speak with them. His former comrades beg him to stop the rumbling. As the flying boat reaches Eren, the boat becomes under fire from the beast titan. As the group attempts to reach Eren’s nape to destroy it, Eren summons all the past titan shifters to protect him. Despite this, the soldiers eventually manage to reach Eren’s nape and blow it up.

Eren’s head transforms again into a new colossus form. He is met by Armin, who chooses to engage him in a hand-to-hand fight. Eren manages to defeat him, but Armin manages to immobilize him long enough for Mikasa to enter his titan mouth and kill him by severing his head from the spine before kissing him goodbye. In the three years following the battle of heaven and earth at Fort Salta, Armin and the other survivors are appointed as diplomats to facilitate peace talks between the outside world and Paradise Island.

Mikasa and Armin decide to bury Eren’s head at the foot of the tree he liked to nap under outside of Shiganshina District. And there you go, guys! That’s the whole story of Attack on Titan explained.

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