Most Remarkable And Best Anime Side Characters Of All Time

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It is common for anime to feature a stouthearted hero, or main character, who is charismatic. They can make friends faster than a billionaire can, and they can make even better ones than a billionaire can. Every great main character comes with a good friend – Best Anime Side Characters. An anime’s success depends on a good side character because he or she keeps viewers interested and adds additional depth to the story.
The death of a good side character can feel like the death of the main character. There can even be an entire group of side characters whose deaths are just as devastating as the death of the main character.
Listed below are some of the most beloved anime side characters, adored by all anime fans.

Vegeta – Best Anime Side Characters From Dragon Ball Z

Vegeta Best Anime Side Characters
Fans of DBZ were shocked when everyone’s hero, Goku, discovered he had a brother. A terrifying enemy was bound for Earth. It was hard to believe Raditz told them there was someone far more powerful than him. The terrifying enemy was Vegeta.
Over time, their fickle friendship blossomed into a thick-stemmed, stable rose as a result of the fight between Goku and Vegeta.
It is a given that Goku will be there with Vegeta to fight second and to have his back 100% whenever and wherever a strong fighter appears.

Chrome – Side Character From Dr. Stone

A fiercely loyal companion to the village chief and main character, Senku Ishigami, Chrome is the science user of Ishigami Village.
Senku and Chrome were rivals in science when they first met. Because Senku is from an advanced civilization, Senku was clearly more advanced. Over time, they became close and then virtually inseparable. Chrome became Senku’s right-hand man in science. Together, they persuaded the entire village to become a part of the scientific revolution.

Arataka Reigen – Side Character From Mob Psycho 100

Arataka Reigen
Founder of “Spirits and Such Consultation Office,” Reigen has declared himself “The Greatest Psychic of the 21st Century.” Reigen sweats profusely and doesn’t think twice about exploiting others.
As well as being a good guy, Reigen is a great friend of the hero of his show, Shigeo Kageyama (Mob). Even though Reigen didn’t like Mob at first, he began to care deeply about him. He even began to feel guilty about the manipulation of Mob, and he always listens to him and gives him the best advice.
In addition to being emotionally intelligent, Reigen is also socially intelligent. He is able to stay calm and level-headed in the most stressful of situations.
In spite of his shady business, you can see that he is a man of principle. In fact, he has even helped members of the Claw, a terrorist organization. He sees everyone as equal. After gaining incredible power, he laughed and said it wasn’t a big deal. Those who think they’re superior because of their psychic power are delusional in his mind, and he looks down on them.

Killiua Zoldyck – Side Character From Hunter x Hunter

Killiua Zoldyck
As Gon left Whale Island to become a hunter and find his father, Ging, he gathered a group of friends, among whom one white-haired assassin became particularly close to him.
As the son of an assassin family, Killua has acquired a specific set of skills and personality quirks. Despite his family’s brainwashing, Killua has a good heart and wants to be free.
As a friend of Gon, Killua learns what it means to be one. Because of the way Killua was raised, he was told more than once that he would leave Gon behind and die. Those words devastated him, fearing that it could happen, but time and time again, Killua proved he was a quality friend. Killua has even risked his own life to save Gon’s, a feat that people did not believe was possible.

Itachi Uchiha – Side Character From Naruto series

Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha is a sworn enemy of the Leaf Village. Or is he? He was solely responsible for the massacre of the entire Uchiha clan, except for Sasuke, his younger brother.
In the early seasons of Naruto, Itachi is portrayed as the dreadful older brother of Sasuke Uchiha. He joined an organization of evil rogue shinobi after committing genocide. The Akatsuki is composed of shinobi who have committed unforgivable crimes. Until later in the series, the truth becomes revealed.
The 3rd Great Shinobi War destroyed Itachi’s world, and his father took him to a war-torn battlefield when he was four, just to teach him a lesson. However, it was not the kind of experience you would expect. On that day, he had the first chance to take his own life, and the lesson he learned wasn’t what his father had hoped to learn.
In spite of his actions, Itachi’s intention was clear. He saved Konoha from a Civil War that would’ve caused more casualties than the Uchiha Massacre.

That is the end of our Most Remarkable And Best Anime Side Characters Of All Time

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