Top 5 Anime Series Like My Hero Academia The Most!

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If you’re looking for more Anime Series Like My Hero Academia, feel free to browse this list of other options! So without any further ado, let’s jump in and take a look at the list.
New anime similar to My Hero Academia that you can watch.

1. Assassination Classroom – A Must in List of Anime Series Like My Hero Academia

Assassination Classroom
MAL score:  8.21 (season 1), 8.64 (season 2)
Episodes: 47
“Aired: Jan 10, 2015 to Jun 20, 2015 and Jan 8, 2016 to Jul 1, 2016”
When talking about Anime Series Like My Hero Academia, Assassination Classroom is an must. An anime story about a group of kids who were deemed as “losers” in an educational institution. Now, the government has tasked them with a mission: to kill their new teacher – a mutated being. They’re given rigorous training like in U.A. academy to make up for their lack of tactical skills and succeed in their mission.
There are a ton of similarities between My Hero Academia and this anime, including characters such as Deku and the villain Katsuki.
Class 3-E has an amazing story and a ton of help from the bonds they establish with each other. If you loved the setting in My Hero Academia, then you’ll love this show.

2. Tiger and Bunny

Tiger and Bunny
MAL score: 8.03
Episodes: 25
Air Dates: April 3rd, 2011 to September 18th, 2011
At first glance, Please Twins may seem like a simple anime with an amusing title. But when I actually watched it, I was rewarded with a story that left me amazed and be Anime Series Like My Hero Academia! This show taught me not to judge something by its simplistic name.
One of the best superhero anime series, Black Clover is set in a world much like the one found in My Hero Academia. There are awesome fight sequences, plenty of comedy and an amazing plot.
There’s an entertainment company in this city that makes superheroes fighting for justice a source of entertainment. In order to be the next “King of Heroes”, you have to fight villains, and hero points are how you pick your opponent.
What makes My Hero Academia likely to relate to Death Note is the focus on students’ mundane lives as well as their supernatural endeavors.
“You’ve never experienced a hero like Himawari!”
The above sentence has been rewritten as: “It is an anime about superheroes disguised as humans, much like MHA.”
A hero organization exists.
The main character is a rival and has a relationship similar to Bakugou and Deku.
If you love a protagonist who is loyal to their friends and never gives up to achieve their goals, then you’ll love the main protagonist found in this anime as well.

3. One Punch Man

One Punch Man
The MAL score is 8.71.
Episodes: 12
Aired: Oct 5, 2015 to Dec 21, 2015
One Punch Man is a superhero anime about an overpowered protagonist named Saitama, who defeats all the villains in one punch. Seeing his capability, 19-year-old Genos, a cyborg, decides to become his disciple. Together they join the Hero Association and fight villains and save the planet.
This anime is perfect for those who love action mixed with comedy. The unique characters and hero vs villain story line make for a great spectacle.
Anime like My Hero Academia make a lasting impression on the audience that is recognizable. This can be seen in their strength of character and development arc.
It’s an Anime Series Like My Hero Academia.
There is an organization for heroes and villains, where heroes are given aid to hunt down and destroy their villains.

4. Re:Creators

MAL score: 7.66
Episodes: 22
Aired: Apr 8, 2017 to Sep 16, 2017
Re:Creators is a movie where characters from manga and other fictional worlds come to life mysteriously. When the society of humans created their entire world, they had to divide into two factions.
Some members of the fandom are angry with the authors for making them and their true world (the world they came from) suffer. Their goal is to force the authors to “write” a better world. In contrast, some members of the fandom have come to forgive their authors, so they decide to work with them to get them back to the world they came from and prevent the other faction from destroying this world.
Similar to what makes My Hero Academia stand out from other anime is the high-quality animation.
My hero academy fans might agree that the anime is a great selection for viewers who are looking for fun, character-driven anime shows. Most notably, My hero academia has flexible characters with complicated and interesting tactics which fans might find to be enjoyable.
Heroes and villains, good and evil– these are the most common themes in movies and literature.

5. Charlotte

MAL score: 7.91
Episodes: 13
Aired: Jul 5, 2015 to Sep 27, 2015
Charlotte is a Japanese manga about teenage superheroes. The protagonist, Yuu Otosaka, runs afoul of a government-organized superpowered academy that tries to recruit mutants for the purpose of scientific experimentation, then he must join the student council when caught using his powers to cheat on a test.
What makes My Hero Academia similar to Anime?
This anime is for you if you’re looking for a show with a wide variety of quirks. Unlike My Hero Academia, the settings here are much different and include abilities for just about anything.

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