Top 9+ My Hero Academia Quirks List From Strongest!

Top 9+ My Hero Academia Quirks List From Strongest!
Here are the Top 9+ My Hero Academia Quirks List From Strongest!. They are cool and powerful, each with their own strengths and uses.
My Hero Academia Quirks List

20. DECAY – The Weakness Among My Hero Academia Quirks List 

The first Quirks to appear in My Hero Academia Quirks List is Decay, not only gives your enemies something to think about but allows you to disintegrate almost anything that your fingers touch. This quirk, which works on both living beings and inanimate objects, is quite powerful at close range.


The Hell Flames is an upgrade to Endeavor’s standard fire powers in My Hero Academia Quirks List. He can use it to manipulate and generate flames that can burn almost anything, as well as fly and blast people away with it. However, the flames can overheat the body; it should not be used without a suit of armor.


Explosion is a power that Katsuki Bakugo possesses. Katsuki can store sweat and then release his explosiveness with great destructive power. He can also use this quirk to fly and create grenades that explode upon contact.


Todoroki has the ability to harness both fire and ice; it is a unique power that is vital in battle. More specifically, it is a combination of his father’s hell flame and his mother’s ice power, making it difficult for opponents to overcome.


Erasion allows the user to disable the opponent’s ability to use quirks. It is really powerful, but if the user has low physical strength, he may be defeated by natural strength. This quirk is quite useful, but it will not work against a large number of opponents and still ends when the user blinks.


Muscle Augmentation belongs to the villain Muscular. This quirk allows him to augment his muscles, granting him superhuman strength and speed. Even Deku was unable to defeat this quirk without 1000,000% of his power. That proves how powerful this quirk is.


In order to better manage the risks associated with their powers, Rewind grants its users the ability to rewind themselves back in time. This can be done anywhere, but it has some exceptions. If someone does this on a living person or anomaly like Kai or Shin, they are able to separate them from their current form and possibly cause fatal injury. Things like inanimate objects cannot be rewound from.


All for one is a powerful quirk that lets the user steal quirks from other people, and use them to their advantage. This quirk can make the user very powerful, but it cannot steal one of your quirks. All for one’s power comes from his ability to combine multiple quirks into effective attacks.


One of Kai Chisaki’s powers is called Overhaul. This quirk exists in the form of holes at the base of his hands, and can be activated by touching anything or someone. It caused me and Yuya to fuse together and helped Magne to be completely destroyed within mere seconds.

1. ONE FOR ALL – The Strongest among My Hero Academia Quirks List 

Of all the My Hero Academia Quirks List, ONE FOR ALL is the strongest in  My Hero Academia Quirks List. All might’s One for All is a quirk that amazingly gives its users superhuman strength and speed. One for All provides the user with the power to take down any opponent, but this power can be too much to handle. This is obvious when you see Deku, who had been training hard and lasted barely three seconds before having his life knocked out of him.

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