All About MHA Couples – 15+ Best Couples In MHA Of All Time

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My Hero Academia features a great cast in an interesting anime series. While there are some hints of romance between characters, the majority of the series is dedicated to fighting and developing characters into something greater than they were before. This is why fans have been shipping them together. This article will go over the most popular MHA ships and couples from around the fandom.
mha couples
Lets take a look at our list of MHA Couples and pick your favorite MHA Couples here!

MHA Couples – BoyxGirl Couples

Want to know about the popular straight MHA ships and couples along with their names? Here’s a list of some of our favorites, including some My Hero Academia ship names.

Kaminari x Jirou (KamiJirou) – Most Compatible MHA Couple

Kaminari x Jirou
There’s no doubt about it – Kaminari and Jirou are a perfect match. They’re both quirky, their personal interests are close, and they have a lot in common thanks to their quirks.
If you recall the climactic moment from a popular anime, this ship is likely to become canon.

Izuku x Ochako (IzuOcha) – Most Loved Among All Straight MHA Ships

Izuku x Ochako
The author of My Hero Academia has created a believable and honest portrayal of Deku’s crush for Ochako, make them half-real MHA Couples. This is clearly shown throughout the manga, which allows her to develop into a stronger hero in comparison to the other members of his class.
In the beginning, Midoriya was really shy around her, which is almost understandable because his body was half of what it is now. But they’ve been able to overcome that into some amazing memories while they’re still friends and even now Midoriya has a difficult time talking to girls.

Todoroki x Momo (TodoMomo) – Most Adorable Couple Of All MHA Ships

Todoroki x Momo
From the anime, it becomes clear that Momo likes Todoroki. She always idolized and admired him.
Todoroki was generous and kind to his classmates. He respected others, and noticed that Momo was capable of much more than she had been given credit for. This led to the vote for her to be class rep, taking her under his wing as a partner in the Cavalry battle.
Get ready to see a lot of couples hooked up in anime shows by the end, because if you know the romance genre then you’ll know how hard it is to avoid couples.

Kirishima x Mina (KiriMina) – The Childhood Friends MHA Ship

Kirishima x Mina
Kirishima, ever the sportsman, remembers Mina. As a kid, she was strong and athletic and he admired her for being able to stop the bullies that he couldn’t. Nowadays, Kirishima’s a lot stronger, but lately he can still appreciate Mina’s strength.
Years later, when Izuku and Mina both became U.A students, she was clearly impressed. She watched him unlock his new form and made her own super move that she called “Acid man.”

Tokoyami x Tsuyu (TokoTsuyu)

Tokoyami x Tsuyu
Nothing’s better than a beloved couple. Their popularity has been celebrated with fan fictions and fan art on the covers, t-shirts, and even hair accessories.

Tooru x Ojiro (OjiTooru)

Tooru x Ojiro
It wasn’t until recently that Tooru’s popularity started to go up. I hadn’t realized that Invisibility would have gotten in the way of him being shipped with anyone. So I never thought he would be shipped with anyone, or at least not so many people all at once.
With the success of my hero academia being included in romantic relationships, many have taken to writing fanfictions about them as a couple.

Bakugo x Uraraka (Kacchako)

Bakugo x Uraraka
Some of the most popular ships are Bakugou x Uraraka and Kirishima x Shinsou
Bakugou never took kindly to confrontation and only liked challenging people head-on. Everyone around him is the one exception who fell in love with his abrasive charm. Uraraka finds it all endearing on her, the only person who’s untouched by Bakugou’s wrath (don’t you dare say he’s absolutely adorable).
In the U.A Sports Festival arc, Bakugou fights Uraraka with all his strength instead of going easy on her. Even though he’s booed by the audience for teasing her, he takes it as seriously as a fight as possible.
These events spiced up the beginnings of Kacchako fandom.

Toga x Dabi (HimiDabi) – Popular Of All Villains’ MHA Ships

Toga x Dabi
Yeah, we said it. No doubt about it, Dabi is the most popular character on My Hero Academia. However, Toga has so much to offer outside of just being a good fighter. She’s also been a major part of the show since her fight with Uraraka and Mioriya, cementing herself as the fans favorite right after that dramatic fight.
Despite being a part of the same villain group, Dabi and Toga have not shown any interest in each other. With this, fans are still interested in shipping them together.
They seem to get along quite well, don’t they?

Todoroki x Uraraka (TodoChako)

Todoroki x Uraraka
For some reason, there is only one shipper for Todoroki x Ochako and fans are either indifferent about it, or they don’t know about it at all.
The reason Todoroki and Uraraka don’t interact that much is because they respect each other as friends and fellow heroes, but that’s about it.

Bakugo x Toga (BakuToga) – Most Interesting Couple Of All MHA Ships

Bakugo x Toga
I’m excited to see this ship come to life and although Bakugou and Toga have a completely different personality, they’re better this way.
When it came to their personalities, Bakugou was very self-responsible and did his best to uphold the rights of others while Toga’s character was much more wild and impractical.
These two would be more interesting than the rest of the MHA ships.

Toga x Deku (TogaDeku)

Toga x Deku
In the anime, Toga was always happy when she was able to meet Deku. She gets really happy whenever she gets a chance to see him, but she also enjoys being able to watch him suffer.
Regardless of her obsession for him, her love is real which led to the creation of this ship.

Midoriya x Tsuyu (MidoTsuyu)

Midoriya x Tsuyu
Because they both have a somewhat unique personality, Midoriya and Tsuyu are very easy to like. They’re both kind, responsible and also a bit oblivious at times.
It’s a nice ship when I imagine them dating each other.

All Might x Inko (InkoMight)

All Might x Inko
I think this sentence is a beautiful example of that. The father figure becomes the father. That’s all I have to say about it.

MHA Couples – BoyxBoy Couples

Todoroki x Deku (TodoDeku)

Todoroki x Deku
One of the most popular MHA Couples is here. At the time, Todoroki refused to accept his real identity. Midoriya spent a lot of time persuading him that he was not just another fire-manipulating villain.
Todoroki’s first encounter with Midoriya opened his eyes to the possibilities of heroes. This event also gave birth to the ship they’re now known for.

Bakugou x Deku (BakuDeku) – Most Popular Of All MHA Ships

Bakugou x Deku
Remember how cute they look together?
Midoriya and Bakugou are enemies. At first, it seemed like Bakugou hated Midoriya. But later on in the series, we can see that there is a genuine care underneath their rivalry. Beside TodoDeku, BakuDeku is also one of the most loveable MHA Couples.

Todoroki x Bakugou (TodoBaku)

Todoroki x Bakugou
Looking just at the numbers, we can see that Todoroki’s giving Bakugou more content while he gets annoyed and sometimes irritated by his antics.
Ak Izumi is usually a very shy guy. But with this premise, he (and presumably the others) would be one of the wildest My Hero Academia couples if they date each other.

Endeavor x Hawks (EndHawks)

Endeavor x Hawks
MHA Hawks came to the public’s knowledge in 2018. They are the equivalent of ”Oblivion” and ”Wonder Woman,” two female heroes in male-dominated fields.

Eraser Head x Present Mic (EraserMic)

Eraser Head x Present Mic
Eraser head and Present mic have known each other for a long time. They pretty much know everything about each other.
Presents transformed Aizawa’s lack of liveliness and enthusiasm into something much cooler. They’d be the couple that fills each other’s shortcomings and creates a complete relationship because they make up for each other’s flaws.

MHA Couples – GirlxGirl Couples

We can see that the woman and man are sometimes sitting next to each other during lunch. We also know that this MHA couple was destined for each other, as they both had a lonely childhood.

Momo x Jirou (MomoJirou) – Cutest MHA Lesbian Couple

Momo x Jirou
Momo x Jirou is one of the most popular hero pairings in My Hero Academia. We see them coming together close with each other more often than not.
He cares for others once he’s seen that they care for him. When Hanta made a crude comment about Momo’s quirk, Jirou defended her and when Jirou became pressured to sing at the Cultural Festival, Momo helped him make an informed decision.

Mina x Jirou (MinaJirou)

Mina x Jirou

The singer and the dancer are both very upbeat and fun people, making them one of the most cheerful couples in My Hero Academia.

Ochako x Mei (OchaMei)

Ochako x Mei
Mei and Ochako don’t get along very well in the acnme. In fact, we can say that they’re doing all they can to stay out of each other’s way. It’s apparent when you see how annoyed Ochako was with Mei during the Sports Festival arc.
Most of the time, fans are either neutral about this ship or they don’t know it even exist.

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