All The Guilds In Fairy Tail Ranked To The Strongest – Top 11!

All The Guilds In Fairy Tail Ranked To The Strongest - Top 11!

The idea of mage guilds is central to the anime Fairy Tail. This anime features a variety of guilds, including autonomous, dark, and lawful ones. According to the combined power of each guild, we will rank ALL the Guilds In Fairy Tail in this article in order of strength.

What Are the Guilds in Fairy Tail?

All The Guilds In Fairy Tail

In Fairy Tail, a collection of wizards that support the same cause are referred to as wizard guilds. Wizards have groups, known as wizard guilds, much like pirates do.
There will be a guild master for each guild, who will often be the person who founded the guild or the person to whom the post was transferred from the previous guild master.
The magic guilds have their own symbol that is highly significant to them, much like every other club. They also recognize one another in this way.
The guilds in Fairy Tail are distinct in that each member is required to display the guild’s emblem on their body in some way. This demonstrates their participation in the relevant guild.

Types Of Guilds In Fairy Tail

In Fairy Tail, there are essentially three different kinds of guilds. Other guilds exist, albeit they receive less focus in the program, hence they are included below under “others”, here are a sum of ALL the Guilds In Fairy Tail
  • Dark Guilds: The Magic Council does not formally recognize Dark Guilds as guilds. They are typically criminal groups with wizards that carry out evil crimes like murder, village pillage, etc.
  • Independent Guilds: An independent guild is a unique situation. They are not regarded as a criminal group even if they are not recognized by the government. They are still an illegal guild, so they are not being hunted down for being criminals.
  • Legal Guilds: As the name suggests, Legal Guilds are legal. The magic council’s regulations must be followed by these guilds.
  • And Other Guilds in Fairy Tail

List Of The Strongest Guilds In Fairy Tail

11. Blue Pegasus

Blue Pegasus

The residents of Fairy Tail are fond of the guild Blue Pegasus. They don’t have any superhuman mages like the other guilds, but they do have a talented group of people.
Ichia, who is unquestionably one of Fairy Tail’s weaker characters, is the guild’s focal point. But his charisma inspires his companions, which makes him an ideal leader.
Additionally, Blue Pegasus and the Fairy Tail guild have a very cordial relationship. On important missions, they are virtually always present together.

10. Mermaid Heel

Mermaid Heel

All-female guild Mermaid Heel features some of the most stunning female characters we’ve ever seen. There aren’t many people who belong to them.
But don’t let that fool you into thinking they’re helpless. The mermaid heel guild has good wizards among its members. But Kagura Mikazuchi, their commander, is an outstanding magician and unquestionably one of the strongest figures in the drama.
Kagura and Erza and Jelal have a past, which is crucial to the development of the plot.

9. Phantom Lord

Phantom Lord

One of the first wicked guilds in the program to be presented is The Phantom Lord. They were officially regarded as good, but they were only pretending to be.
The former leader of the Dark guild Blue Skull Dark, which the First Generation Fairy Tail members vanquished, founded this one.
This guild’s only objective was to obliterate Fairy Tail.
They perpetrated a major prank and attempted to eliminate every member of the Fairy Tail guild in order to accomplish their purpose. But they utterly failed, and the guild was abolished.

8. Raven Tail

Raven Tail

Ivan Dreyar, the father of Makarov, founded the guild Ravel Tail. Although it had criminals in it at first, it was miraculously authorized as a legitimate guild just before the Grand Magic Games.
Ivan took advantage of the occasion to publicly humiliate Fairy Tail members by crushing them at the game. He put Fairy Tail through a lot of hardship and engaged in a variety of unfair practices without being caught.
Ivan’s son and the main character of Fairy Tail, Laxus, intervened and, acting alone, destroyed the whole Ravel Tail guild and revealed their fraud.

7. Lamia Scale

Lamia Scale

Another well-known guild containing some of Fairy Tail’s most powerful characters is Lamia Scale.
It is the residence of Lyon, Grey’s adversary, and Jura, one of the top ten wizard saints. This guild, which has a large number of competent wizards in addition to these two, is one of the strongest in Fairy Tail.

6. Oración Seis

Oración Seis

Dark guild Oracion Seis has intriguing members. They attempted to revive an antiquated magic device known as “Nirvana,” which would switch good and evil and render the planet largely wicked.
This organization was led by Master Zero, a person with several personalities. Zero turns into a total beast upon awakening, not even caring about the members of his own guild. He only wants to cause devastation.
Thanks to Natsu’s victory over Master Zero and Jelal’s support, the entire Nirvana crisis was settled without any deaths.
They created the reincarnated oracion seis with several new guild members after the time jump.
Later, the Magic Council imprisoned every member of the guild.

5. Grimoire Heart

Grimoire Heart

One of Fairy Tail’s most potent dark guilds is Grimoire Heart. Hades, the leader of this guild, was really Fairy Tail’s second master.
He was one of the original Fairy Tail guild members, but after seeing the deaths of his closest companions and coming into contact with Zeref, he descended into darkness.
His objective was to approach Zeref, the one and only source of all magic.
Later, during the Tartaros crisis, it was said that Hades was the strongest person ever, demonstrating his wizardry skills.
After viewing Zeref in flesh and being consumed by a demon, Hades met his demise.
4. Sabertooth – The Strongest of All The Guilds in Fairy Tail at final season
Due to the presence of two dragon slayers, Sabertooth was declared the strongest guild in the last season of Fairy Tail.
It had strong wizards, which made it extremely comparable to Fairy Tail. However, the Sabertooth commander was a deranged individual who was fixated on power.
A guild member will be humiliated and expelled if they lose even once. Sting, the white dragon slayer, eventually lost patience with this oppression and killed the guild master to take over as the new leader.
The Sabertooth Guild’s new objective is to develop into a fun guild like Fairy Tail and then overtake them to become the best wizard guild there is.

3. Crime Sorcière

Crime Sorcière

One of Fairy Tail’s most powerful guilds, Crime Sorciere is the sole autonomous guild.
This guild’s leader, Jelal, established it so that previous offenders might atone for their transgressions by carrying out good actions.
This guild is made up of people who lived after the time skip, including two ex-members of Grimoire Heart and the former members of Oracion Seis.
Despite being few in number, the members of this guild are all exceptionally skilled wizards who have experience.

2. Tartaros


The shadowy guild Tartaros is second-strongest among ALL the Guilds In Fairy Tail. The majority of the members of this guild were demons from Zeref’s book.
The demons were all powerful enough to wipe out entire cities on their own. One of Fairy Tail’s toughest fights to date was undoubtedly the one against Tartaros.
Fairy Tail suffered significant harm by Tartaros, and they were nearly wiped out.
The world was almost destroyed as a result of their scheme, but everyone was spared by the Dragons’ intervention.

1. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail

In all the guilds in Fairy Tail anime and manga series, Fairy Tail is without a doubt the best and most powerful guild.
It boasts roughly 100 strong wizards who are like family and have the closest of ties. Each member possesses a strong feeling of camaraderie and a resolute attitude.
They have repeatedly overcame challenges that would have otherwise ended the planet.
They may be a nuisance to the city, but they are also the best guardians a kingdom could have.
Four dragon slayers reside there as well, making it the guild with the most dragon slayers overall.


That is the end of our All The Guilds In Fairy Tail Ranked To The Strongest – Top 11!

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