All About Haikyuu Couples – Interesting Thread For Fans!

All About Haikyuu Couples - Interesting Thread For Fans!
Here are the best Haikyuu Couples according to you!
haikyuu couples

Haikyuu BoyxBoy Ships – Main Choice of Haikyuu Couples

Haikyuu is an anime that has a lot of male characters and not many female ones. This means there’s a lot of yaoi ships with the series’ characters, but they’re not canon, since Haikyuu doesn’t have any official romantic relationships. I’m only listing some popular gay ships within Haikyuu in my article- for this poll was conducted without any fan input and so on.

Hinata and Kageyama – The Most Popular Haikyuu Couples

Kageyama x Hinata ship name: KageHina
As the main characters duo of the anime, Hinata and Kageyama are a perfect example of the old adage, “adversity makes strange bedfellows.” and also one of the most popular Haikyuu Couples. When they first started spending time together, they couldn’t stand each other. But as they continued to play volleyball together, they began to understand each other better than anyone else. Eventually, they were so comfortable with one another that they were able to trust each other enough to push each other forward toward success on the court without fear.

Oikawa and Iwazumi

Iwaizumi x Oikawa Ship Name: Iwaoi
‘From Friends to Lovers’ may be the best quote to describe this Haikyuu Couples. Iwazaumi and Oikawa are the closest team members, even though Iwazaumi always appears annoyed when dealing with Oikawa. They’re also childhood friends. You can always find them together on campus, watching matches from other teams, etc.

Daichi and Sugawara

Daichi Sugawara Ship Name: DaiSuga.
Daichi and Sugawara are like the mother and father of the Karasuno team. They’re seniors and thickest friends, so they understand each other very well.

Akashi and Bokuto

BokuAka is the ship name for Akashi and Bokuto.
These two are complete opposites. Bokuto is always loud and energetic while Akashi is calm and collected. However, opposites attract. Bokuto seeks attention from Akashi and wants him to approve of his actions. Even though he is typically a pro at handling Kokuto’s whims, Akashi can get annoyed by him sometimes as well.

Kenma and Kuroo

Kenma x Kuroo Ship Name: KenKurokuroken
Did you know that Kenma and Kuroo have been best friends since they were children? They’ve known each other for years, and while Kenma might not realize it, Kuroo is always looking out for him. He’s more like a caring father to Kenma, always motivating him and urging him to do the right thing. It may seem one-sided, but Kenma does appreciate everything Kuroo has done for him.

Tsukishima and Yamaguchi

Tsukishima Yamaguchi Ship Name: TsukkiYama
Years before they met at high school, Tsukishima and Yamaguchi had met. When some bullies were picking on Yamaguchi, Tsukishima stepped in to defend him. They became very close friends after that. We can tell this by the way that Tsukishima doesn’t mind when Yamaguchi calls him “Tsukki.” However, if someone else were to call him by that nickname, both Tsukishima and Yamaguchi will get angry.

Ushijima and Tendou

Ushijima x Tendou Ship Name: UshiTen
This is a perfect example of “opposites attract.” Both are part of the strongest Volleyball team, and they’re both genuinely skilled, whether they’re on the court or off it. Though they’re intimidating enough, they also have a gentle side. We can even see them spending time together as they stretch, and we know that Tendou laughs at Ushijima’s jokes. That shows how close-knit their team is.

Nishinoya and Asahi

Asahi x Nishinoya Ship Name: AsaNoya
Asahi is the Karasuno Ace and Nishinoya is a libero, so this dynamic pairing works out really well for the team. We’ve seen Nishinoya encourage Asahi to rely on him, and he seems to have given his ace a sense of security a lot of times. Though Asahi looks wild, he’s actually a soft person at heart. That contrast in their personality makes this pairing work so well!

Ukai and Takeda

Ukai x Takeda Ship Name: UkaTake
Initially Ukai was annoyed by Takeda because he kept asking him to become Karasuno’s coach, but after becoming the coach, things have been going great for both of them. They’re literally the guardian angels of the volleyball team and they support the boys in their own unique way.

Yaku and Lev

The name of this ship is LevYaku.
This is by far one of the best Haikyuu ships. There’s a major height difference between the two and think that’s adorable! Some fan-made Haikyuu ship stories portray Yaku as someone who struggled with his height throughout the series. But Lev was the only one who saw past Yaku’s tough personality and helped him accept himself.

Kindaichi and Kunimi

Kunimi x Kindaichi Ship Name: KuniKin
They have a lot in common. For example, both Kindaichi and Kunimi didn’t like Kageyama! Well, Kageyama was always serious, so we can’t really blame them. Besides, they’ve been friends since their childhood days. So, they know and understand each other like the back of their hand.

Hinata and Kenma

Kenma x Hinata Ship Name: KenHina
If you’re a fan of Haikyuu, you’ve probably noticed a love story that develops between Hinata and Kenma. They don’t always get along, but this is one instance where opposites attract.

Yahaba and Kyoutani

Kyoutani x Yahaba Ship Name: KyouHaba
While Akiteru and Yahaba have comparatively few scenes together on the show, this ship is still popular. One possible reason for this is that after Akiteru got a scolding from Yahaba, he changed his bad behavior and became obedient.

Kuro and Bokuto


Bokuto and Kuroo’s ship name: BoKuroo.
Here’s another awesome badass ship of two cool individuals. Oh, and they’re great together as a couple too! What else do you need?

Kuroo and Tsukki

Kuroo x Tsukishima Ship Name: KuroTsuki
I think this ship really started gaining fans during the training camp, when Tsukishima got a little help from Kuroo.

Haikyuu BoyxGirl Ships

Finding ships for straight shippers in Haikyuu is a difficult task, given the relatively small number of main female characters. Most the ships listed in this list can be summed up in terms of pairing these two female characters with other male characters.

Tanaka and Kiyoko

Tanaka x Kiyoko Ship Name: TanaKiyo
Some Haikyuu couples are fake, but not these two! These characters get married in the manga.
Kiyoko is an angel to the team boys. Literally everyone on the team had a crush on her, but who did Kiyoko like? It’s–surprise!–Tanaka. There are plenty of hints in the anime that show how she liked Tanaka in return, like how she was always there for him when he was having a tough day (like when everyone starts panicking and she’s the only one not) and how she was making sure he wasn’t wearing shoes indoors (because it’s unhygienic).

Yamaguchi and Yachi

Yamaguchi x Yachi Ship Name: YamaYachi
What other Haikyuu relationships are worth a mention? Well, these two probably have the best chemistry of all. They’re both kind and they tend to pay attention to others’ needs, too; Yamaguchi even looked out for Yachi more than anyone on the Karasuno team. You can’t help but find that adorable, can you?

Kuroo and Yachi

Kuuro x Yachi Ship Name: KuuroYachi
I love the dichotomy that these two characters represent, as Yachi is soft and cute while Kuuro is rough around the edges. Through this, we see a common theme in manga and anime: the bad boy x good girl trope we all love so much!

Kageyama and Yachi

Kageyama x Yachi Ship Name: KageYachi
This ship is not as popular. I mean, these two barely speak to each other for more than a couple sentences at a time. Even if they did, Kageyama seems too reserved anyway and prefers to focus on volleyball. But if one person put in the effort to create this artwork of this ship, you can’t say that it’s hard to believe that there are people out there who’d love to see Yachi and Kageyama together.

Hinata and Yachi

Hinata and Yachi
Hina x Yachi ship name: HinaYachi
This feels like a ship that should happen. If we go by anime logic, the male MC will end up getting together with the female MC. This ship may have the potential of becoming canon. Not to mention, we’ve seen how Yachi has been impressed each time she sees Hinata in a game. So, she might have feelings for him as well.

Haikyuu GirlxGirl Ships

There aren’t many ships in Haikyuu when it comes to lesbians. One possible ship is KiyokoxYachi.

Kiyoko Shimizu And Hitoka Yachi

Kiyoko Shimizu x Hitoka Yachi
Kiyoko x Yachi Ship Name: KiyoYachi
Kiyoko x Yachi might be the only possible lesbian couple in the Haikyuu universe, but they’re the best! This ship is literally best girl x best girl.
That’s it for this post! These are All About Haikyuu Couples – Interesting Thread For Fans!

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