Top 6 Anime Like JoJo Bizarre Adventure The Most

Top 6 Anime Like JoJo Bizarre Adventure The Most
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has a pretty unique art style. I didn’t really notice many others that exhibited the same style as this anime, though there are a few that have taken on Anime Like JoJo Bizarre Adventure.
Anime Like JoJo Bizarre Adventure
If bodybuilding is your art style, then you’ll love seeing the muscle-packed characters with realistic designs and color schemes.
Anime have traditionally been characterized by big eyes and a disproportional mouth with no nose or a line for lips. The following anime have more realistic designs.
Remember, these are anime with a similar art style to Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and not animes like Jojo. That doesn’t mean they don’t share the same plot as Jojo or that’s there is no reason to watch them.
A list of 6 anime with a similar art style to Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

6. Kaiji: Survivor of the Kaijuu – The First Anime Like JoJo Bizarre Adventure

Kaiji Survivor of the Kaijuu
Kaini and Jojo share a lot of characteristics, most notably in their art style which is also similar to 3D CGI anime.
This anime is all about gambling—taking a bet on your future and the lives of others. After being betrayed by his former co-worker, Kaiji must take part in illegal underground gambling to bail out a friend who’s overwhelmed with debt.

5. Sakigake!! Otokojuku

Sakigake!! Otokojuku
There are a few old anime series that have buff, muscular characters. One of them is the Jojo series with the same art style to Sakigake.
This anime production company is quite old – they’ve been in the game since 1988! You’ll find that the animation can be somewhat lacking and that the plot doesn’t really offer much of an Anime Like JoJo Bizarre Adventure.
Sakigake!! Otokojuku is about the lives of high school delinquents who know nothing but fighting – their only goal is to be the most manliest of their school.

4. Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate
The Hellsing Ultimate manga has a convincingly similar art style Anime Like JoJo Bizarre Adventure. 
This show shares one other thing in common with Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure– it stars vampires.
Hellsing Ultimate first appeared on our screens back in 1994. The anime is synonymous with the character, Alucard!
Unlike any of its predecessors in the franchise, God of War includes some of the most brutal, stunning fight sequences ever.


More often than not, whenever we think about anime shows like Jojo, Matt would probably watch the manga or read the book on-hand. This popular show has a masculine, muscular protagonist and one of the most awesome titles, become one of thread Anime Like JoJo Bizarre Adventure.
Berserk is a dark story of an idealistic young mercenary named Guts who makes his living on the battlefield. He’s desperate for purpose in his life, so he joins a mercenary group that ignites a period of beautiful friendship, love and tragedy-filled adventures.
This manga series is hailed to be one of the best manga ever. The anime adaptations, however, are only vaguely similar to it. So I would recommend reading the manga instead.
If you’re only an anime fan, then I would recommend watching Kenpuu Denki Berserk (the older adaptation of the manga) which has a lot more action than the newer ones.

2. Toriko

Toriko’s character design screams as if it had been influenced by the art style of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, make it become one of the  Anime Like JoJo Bizarre Adventure. Those sharp eyes, those muscular neck and ripped shoulder blades are similar aspects of Toriko’s design. Moreover, that wonderful blue hair also plays a part in its unique look.
In the world of Gourmet Hunter, there are many different ingredients which are key to making delicious dishes. These ingredients include mountains, volcanoes and even natural landscapes such as forests. Adventurers from all around the world go on quests to gain these ingredients and the result is a delicious meal!

1. Fist of the north star

1. Fist of the north star
In 2017, Fist of the North Star was being heavily debated for its similarities (or non-similarities) Anime Like JoJo Bizarre Adventure. Now that we know for certain that it doesn’t fit this list, I’ve removed it from the list, so as not to influence your vote.
After falling out with his best friend, Kenshirou is in search of Shin. The man who kidnapped Kenshirou’s fiancee, he wanders the wastelands of the past and future to find him so they can finally settle their old scores and be reunited with the love of their life.
Kenshirou must fight his way through, and save the person he cares for the most!
Isn’t it time you started reaping the benefits of having a good blog? Here’s a little bonus for you:
Kongou Bancho (manga)
Kongoh Bancho has not yet been brought to life through an anime adaptation, but it’s certainly got a lot of cool characters with musculature (see, as seen above).
School meant staying away from bad influences and company, so Akira spent his days playing sports in the school yard. But, when new kids transferred into the school, he found himself leading the fight for control of the gang.

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