Top 16 Remarkable JoJo Dio Pose

Top 16 Remarkable JoJo Dio Pose
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is full of characters who will be instantly recognizable. There are many spectacular poses that have been exhibited in the anime and manga’s several arcs, but today we’ll be looking at Dio.
jojo dio pose
The protagonist of all three parts of the story, he has a nasty habit of staying up close and personal with his enemies–some might even say too close for comfort.
So lets see all about Top 16 Remarkable JoJo Dio Pose

1. “It’s me Dio!” Pose or “Kono Dio Da” JoJo Dio Pose

Kono Dio Da” JoJo Dio Pose

Top 16 Remarkable JoJo Dio Pose
This one of many popular Dio Brando poses. In it, the character points himself and says “It’s me Dio,” though surprisingly this simple gesture has become a viral meme in the Jojo community. Thanks to that, we can see tens of thousands of these “kono Dio da” memes popping up on the internet today.

2. Dio’s gravity defying Wryy Pose

2. Dio’s gravity defying Wryy Pose

Top 16 Remarkable JoJo Dio Pose
This is one of the craziest Jojo poses ever! Not only this pose would be difficult to pull off in real life, it’s the weirdest stance. Imagine talking to people doing that pose that pushes your legs to the limits. But that doesn’t stop this pose from being popular among Jojo cosplayers. Thousands of cosplayers have attempted this Wryy pose and some have even succeeded with it!

3. Za Warudo Pose

Za Warudo Pose

Top 16 Remarkable JoJo Dio Pose
Dio is known for his simple poses, and one of them that he does frequently is summoning his stand. While doing this, he raises his hands up and shouts the name “The World” victoriously. It may seem like a simple pose, but when Dio performs it, its still impressive.

4. Oh you’re approaching me pose

Oh you’re approaching me pose

Top 16 Remarkable JoJo Dio Pose
This is a great example of “battle pose” that became a meme. Jotaro closes in on Dio to fight him. Here, Dio strikes this pose and says “Oh? You’re approaching me?” with a condescending tone. In this posture, Dio keeps his arms open as if saying “come and defeat me if you can.”

5. Muda Muda Pose


Top 16 Remarkable JoJo Dio Pose
As Jojos flies through the air and throws a barrage of punches at his opponent, Dio shouts out “Muda Muda Muda” for a few seconds. The Japanese meaning of the word “muda,” or meaningless, means that no matter what his opponent does will be pointless – so basically, any attack they make is futile.

6. Dio Pointing


Top 16 Remarkable JoJo Dio Pose
It’s a very normal thing to point someone. It’s not cool in any way, but JoJo makes it look like he is! Everybody knows how to make themselves look cool, so this guy can do it too!
Blackhole sentence:

7. Dio And The World Pose

7. Dio And The World Pose

Top 16 Remarkable JoJo Dio Pose
Dio and his stand, “The World,” are such a menacing pair that simply standing next to one another looks godly. Not only does Dio have the condescending look on his smug face, but he poses like a model!

8. Dio’s Stampede pose

Dio’s Stampede pose

Top 16 Remarkable JoJo Dio Pose
How about that pose? It looks pretty fun from what I’m seeing. Depending on your perspective, he either jumps or is trying to stomp!

9. Sitting Dio Pose

Sitting Dio Pose

Top 16 Remarkable JoJo Dio Pose
This particular image of Dio is up-close and personal. When you see him, you can tell he means business.

10. Dio Brando’s Intro Pose

Dio Brando’s Intro Pose
Top 16 Remarkable JoJo Dio Pose
When introduced to the family, Dio murdered Jonathan Joestar’s dad and made his first move by destroying his competition. He used boxing as a way to stay out of sight and competed with Jonathan. With every new match he surpassed more and more expectations. As an outsider he didn’t feel comfortable so he wanted to take over the Joestar company for wealth.

11. Dio’s Graceful Rugby

Dio’s Graceful Rugby
Top 16 Remarkable JoJo Dio Pose
Sports have always been a major passion of Dio’s life. He was a huge fan of rugby as a teenager and he crushed everyone around him. Just watch as he effortlessly pulverizes the ball with his mighty grip!

12. Dio & Knives

Dio loves knives, and is always carrying a handful of them around with him. Here’s Dio striking a pose in front of a dozen knives.
Dio & Knives
Top 16 Remarkable JoJo Dio Pose

13. Dio Posing With Hands On Hips

Dio Posing With Hands On Hips

Top 16 Remarkable JoJo Dio Pose

One of Dio’s signature poses is to stand like this with a confident and superior look. This posture mirrors that of his character as a whole and creates a sense of all-powerfulness around him.

14. Dio Brando menacing pose

Dio Brando menacing pose

Top 16 Remarkable JoJo Dio Pose
Once you’ve had time to process the look on his face, you’ll have probably noticed something. After all, he’s a very serious character. It turns out we were wrong. He isn’t like other characters at all. He’s dominated the Joestar family without bonds or family pushing him back.

15. Dio’s back pose

Dio’s back pose
Top 16 Remarkable JoJo Dio Pose
One of the most iconic visual moments in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure happens right here. This posture is incredibly important to understanding a lot of the story, and why Joseph Joestar killed his father, Jonathan Joestar
Physically, crossing both your arms over opposite sides of your body is a great way to tighten and tone your chest, abdomen, and hips.

16. Crazy Dio pose

Crazy Dio pose

Top 16 Remarkable JoJo Dio Pose
Despite everything Dio was able to endure, the end of his journey brought about a complete change in him. His personality altered and his hair style shifted due to the immense power he had taken in. Even crazier than that is that where his finger had been there was now a hole and he tried to enter it with his other hand.

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