Top 5 DEVASTATING Espada Resurreccion in BLEACH

Top 5 DEVASTATING Espada Resurreccion in BLEACH

Top 5 DEVASTATING Espada Resurreccion in BLEACH

The Espada are easily one of my favorite groups of villains from Bleach. They each have a unique personality with an overwhelming set of skills that make them perfect for being Aizen’s elite soldiers. Each of the Espada is able to transform into a special form called their Resurrection.

This grants the Arrancars with abilities from their time as Hollows, thus explaining why their Resurrection resembles their original Hollow form from before they had become humanoid. Around cars, typically an Arrancar will seal their abilities away into their sword, and when they release their Zanpakuto, it reveals that Ronkar’s true form.

Each Resurrection is unique and different from one another, like Nnoitra’s release form, which transforms his blade into a large scythe-like weapon, or Starrk’s Resurrection, which can merge with his companion Lilynette, who is his fully sentient Zanpakuto.

After activating the first release, it will greatly increase the strength, speed, and general ability of the user as that reacts to in their Resurrection form is more like a Hollow’s rather than an Arrancar’s. Mayuri had even described the Resurrection of the Espada to be similar to the Bankai of a Shinigami. In this blog, I want to rank the top 5 Resurrection forms in the series.

I will be paying particular attention to the uniqueness of the abilities that are granted to the user and how effective they are in a battle setting. Also, I want to preface that I am only talking about the Espada’s first resurrection in this blog, so there is no Segunda itapa or Beyond Resurrection from BBS included in this list. So without further delay, this is my ranking of the top 5 best Ranka Resurrection from Bleach.

Now let’s get back to the topic of the blog.

Number 5: the Queen of Work on Mundo, Tia Haribel

Top 5 DEVASTATING Espada Resurreccion in BLEACH

Starting off at number five, we have the Queen of Work on Mundo, Tia Haribel, with the resurrection of a Zamfacto Tyburon. She releases her Zombokto with the command “destroyed” as she undergoes considerable physical change that makes her physically resemble a shark. This is also in line with the name of her Zambakto, Thiburon, which means “shark”.

Her blade transforms into an oversized weapon with Gill markings running across it. The ability of a resurrection mostly enhances and improves upon her existing powers, and most notably, she is also able to create water from the Gill markings on her blade and is then able to completely manipulate the water she has created.

She has several abilities in this form, including the technique Trident, which makes her blade radiate with yellow Ryatsu as she swings down her blade towards her target, resulting in a powerful, intense cutting wave that is powerful enough to split an opponent in two, as seen in Chapter 356 when she uses this ability against Hitsugaya.

Her technique La Gota allows her to gather and condense large amounts of water near her blade as she finds it, like bullets resembling a shark’s tooth. The resultant blasts of water are strong enough to topple entire buildings, as we see in Chapter 358. One of her most destructive powers that she demonstrates in a release date is the technique Cascada, as it results in a large torrent of water rushing towards her target.

High-pressure water is blasted at the opponent, which literally drowns and carries them away with the resultant force of the water. The attack is also powerful enough to flood and destroy several town blocks. Haribel’s resurrection has a lot of potential for growth, and I really look forward to seeing it used again if she makes another appearance within Kubo’s Hell Arc.

Also, I hope that the Thousand-Year Blood War Arc anime reveals to us a key off-screen battle involving Haribel when she had fought against the Quincy within Hueco Mundo. I’m sure that she had used a resurrection before she was defeated, so it would be great to see this fight finally be revealed in animated form. Hopefully, her resurrection may have some updated powers since the last time that we saw it.

Number 4: the resurrection of the number one Espada, Stark

Top 5 DEVASTATING Espada Resurreccion in BLEACH

In the fourth spot, we have the resurrection of the number one Espada, Stark, with his Zumbuckto Los Lobos. When it is released, he undergoes a dramatic physical transformation as he gains tremendous power that was sealed away within his companion, Lilynette. We learned that Stark and Lilynette had both originated from the same Hollow, thus explaining the close link between the two of them.

In his resurrection form, he acquires two identical guns, and this is what Lilynette transforms into as she takes up the form of the two guns. She remains conscious of what is going on around her, and she’s even able to speak through them. Stark’s Aranca outfit also undergoes a lot of change as he is now wearing fur-lined clothing, including a new jacket and knee-high fur leggings.

Within his resurrection form, he experiences enhancements to his existing powers like his speed, strength, and defensive abilities. This is similar to Haribel’s resurrection. Additionally, he is able to utilize entirely new techniques like an enhanced version of Acero. He can now fire multiple Sorrows from his pistols that are far more powerful than before.

Shunsui had clarified that Starkfire’s more powerful Sorrows come from his right pistol, while the left pistol fires weaker Sorrows that are faster and can be fired more repeatedly. In chapter 363, Stark states that he can fire over 1,000 Saros at once, clearly proving why his resurrection is not to be taken lightly.

In chapter 374, Stark demonstrates an ability called Comilo as he materializes a pair of swords made up of Israatsu. He uses them to battle against the dual-bladed Shikai of Shunsui. We have discussed Stark’s impressive ability to fire hundreds of Sorrows, but the main reason why Stark makes it onto this list of top 5 Resurrection is because of his sole partition technique that he demonstrates in chapter 373.

Similar to how his original Hollow form was divided into two entities, Lili net and himself, he is also able to split his riyatsu into other beings. Once he is fused with Ludinette, we see him materialize a pack of wolves. In exchange for his two pistols, Stark is able to command the pack of wolves to target his opponent as he orders them to explode at the moment that they bite their target.

This attack is pretty similar to Gotenk’s Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack from Dragon Ball. The wolves have incredible maneuverability as they can navigate through rubble and move around at high speed. Stark states that the wolves are far more powerful than his Tarot attacks, and they are able to overwhelm two Captain Clash Shinigami, as seen during Stark’s battle against Love and Rose in chapter 373.

Number 3: Ukiura

Top 5 DEVASTATING Espada Resurreccion in BLEACH

The third-best resurrection has to go to none other than Ukiura, whose zambakto Murcielago releases with the command “in prison.” When Ukiura activates his resurrection, the surroundings erupt with black and green riyatsu, which becomes an ocean of suffocating spiritual pressure that begins to fall from above like green rain.

Like the other Espada on this list, Ukiawa’s resurrection transforms his physical appearance into a form resembling a bat, as he sprouts large black wings from his back. His hair also grows out longer in length, and two oversized horns appear on his head. His resurrection again builds upon his overall abilities, as he has enhanced strength, speed, and durability, with his iron skin becoming strong enough to withstand a holified Getsga Tencho from Ichigo.

What sets Ukiura’s resurrection apart from the others on this list is that he is able to activate a second release, Corsag Gunda Itapa, but I won’t be talking about that, as it would give him an unfair advantage over the other Espada on this list. His released form allows Ukiura to use a technique called Luz de la Luna.

He creates long-range weapons out of his green riyatsu, as we see in chapter 345. He is able to fire these weapons from a distance, targeting his opponent. Another very notable ability that he uses in his resurrection is Cerro Oscaras. It is a black wave of energy with a green outline. It resembles Ichigo’s Hollow fight, Getsgatencho.

This attack is powerful enough to shatter Ichigo’s Hollow Mask, as he completely removes it from his face. Additionally, with this attack, he is able to destroy a large part of the Dome of Los Noches.

Number 2: Szayelaporro Granz

Top 5 DEVASTATING Espada Resurreccion in BLEACH

Now, the second Resurrection on this list is the release of Xylopoto Zambakto for Nicaras in its released State. His Zambakto is a standard size blade. His resurrection is activated by the command ‘sip’ as he proceeds to swallow his Zumbakto down his mouth like some sort of David Blaine stunt. His body then begins to grow larger as he shares a large amount of ryatsu.

The lower half of his body transforms into tentacles. His arms are draped with these purple blob-like extensions, and Xylopoto makes it onto the second spot of this list because of his resurrection’s list of several abilities that grant him the advantage in most battle situations.

Admittedly, the Xylo poddle would have had more success if he wasn’t targeted by the smarter Mayuri Kurosuchi, who was able to perfectly counter his released form after having observed it and prepared for it in advance. Xylopoto is able to use a twisted ability called Puppet Theater after he captures his Target with his wings and spits them back out.

One of the strands on his wings begins to enlarge with liquid as it then bursts open, revealing a small voodoo doll of his Target. Any damage that he inflicts onto the doll affects his opponent. Additionally, he is able to remove the organs from the doll and damage them, causing critical damage to his opponent from the inside.

Xylopoto is able to pick out any particular organ, as each of them is labeled in Spanish. Puppet Theater is one of the most unique powers within Village, and frankly, I was fascinated by seeing the voodoo dolls and the amazing twists that he can pull out each of the internal organs from the doll.

If Xylopoto is eaten, he is also able to dissolve his body and embed himself into the central nervous system of his opponent. He possesses the body of Mayuri’s Bankai, Konjigi Ashisogi Jizo, making it attack Mayuri. But thankfully, the Shinigami was able to foresee such an event unfolding, as he had prepared for his Bankai to self-destruct if anyone other than himself attempts to control it.

Now, one of the most broken abilities of his resurrection is called Gabriel, which allows him to be reborn if he is fatally wounded and is about to die. The technique involves him impregnating himself into his Target, similar to how Xenomorphs reproduce within the Alien movies. Gee Spada is able to impregnate his Target by simply touching them.

He then literally eats his way out of the body of his Target like a butterfly emerging from his cocoon. Xylopoto prides himself because of this ability. He compares it to a phoenix rising from the ashes, as he describes himself as a perfect being because of this technique. This ideology of perfection is contrasted against Mayuri, who believes in the idea of rejecting perfection.

He embodies the quote ‘never say perfect.’ Nemu should have died after Xylopoto was born, but Mayori had already had the necessary precautions in place to revive her. So because of these incredibly unique abilities, Xylopoto makes it as the number two pick on my list. So before we get to the number one spot on the list, let’s talk about some honorable mentions, starting with Grimjao and the resurrection of his Zambakto, Pantera.

Similar to Harry Bell, his body takes up the characteristics of an animal, and it’s no surprise that Grim Zhao takes up the form of a panther with his feline characteristics and impressive boosts in his speed, strength, and overall endurance. It was quite a formidable release, but it certainly has room for improvement, which is the reason why he didn’t make it onto the top 5 list.

The next honorable mention is Nelly yell’s Resurrection, which transforms her into a centaur-like appearance. In this form, she builds a large Javelin that she throws at her opponent while in the air. It builds up Rayyatsu and drills itself through its Target. Its immense power is able to pierce and critically damage anyone.

Now, this one is an honorable mention because of how jaw-dropping Nel yell’s transformation was and how it has a lot of potential for growth in the future, especially considering that we have only seen her use one ability in a resurrection, which was in chapter 296.

Now, the last honorable mention goes to Zamari, as he undergoes a considerable change in appearance similar to Xylopoto, as his lower body becomes oversized, transforming into a giant pumpkin-like shape. His powers are all reliant upon multiple eyes that now cover his body. He is able to control any object with each of his eyes.

This alone is really overpowered, and if not for Byakya’s countless Zambonzakra petals, then Zamadi would have controlled Byakya’s limbs to make him inflict serious self-harm. Additionally, Zamari is able to control an individual’s entire body just by controlling their head.

Number 1: Barragan

Top 5 DEVASTATING Espada Resurreccion in BLEACH

Now we have finally reached the number one spot on this list with the resurrection of the number two Espada, Barragan. His zumbuckto’s resurrection is activated with the release command “Decay”. His physical form completely changes as his flashes burned away, leaving his skeletal structure behind, literally reducing his body down to the bone.

He also wears a purple cloak with several gold chains that complement his Golden Crown that gives him a royal appearance fitting for the former ruler of Hueco Mundo. Typical of every Resurrection, his natural abilities are enhanced, including his iron skin, which allows him to withstand a direct hit from Siphon’s Bankai.

What makes this Resurrection worthy of the number one spot on this list is his ability to Decay any object around him. This includes living beings and inanimate objects. Anyone who comes close enough to him will begin to age quickly and deteriorate before even making contact with him.

His power, called Respira, is the one that we should be most concerned about, as he breathes out a literal breath of death. Respira manifests as a black and purple smoke which emits from his body. Anyone who comes into contact with this smoke will instantly rot and age. It was fast enough to reach Siphon, who was escaping from it at full speed, but she was still unable to avoid it.

The ability had ended up decaying her left arm, leaving behind only the skeleton of her arm. The decaying would have spread across her body if Siphon did not quickly rip off the affected limb, thus stopping the spread of Barragan’s power. Respira is a very versatile technique as Barragon is able to control the speed at which the smoke spreads.

Additionally, he is also able to Decay even Kido, thus allowing him to destroy Kido spells that are used against him. Barragan’s Resurrection is based on the principle that all living things will eventually die, and all things that they create will also die.

This amazing transformation had almost defeated Siphon and a lieutenant, that is until she had teamed up with the Wyzad Hachi and had given it her all. As she was barely able to defeat Barragon, the overpowered and outright broken nature of the first release of Barragan’s zanpakuto is the reason why it has made it onto this list.

So, what are your thoughts after having seen my picks for the top 5 best Resurrection within Bleach? Do you agree with my choices or do you believe that I didn’t mention some of your favorite Arrancar’s release forms? I would love for all of you to continue the discussion in the comments and let me know what your picks are for the best Resurrection in Bleach.

Do you agree that Barragan has the best release or do you think that another Espada has a better form? I can’t wait to read all of your comments. And lastly, thank you for making it to the end of this blog, and I can’t wait to see you in my next Bleach blog. And once again, thank you for sticking around till the end of the blog, and whatever you contribute will mean a lot to me.

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