The Ultimate List of form: Uncovering Ichigo’s Top 10 Secret Forms in Bleach

The Ultimate List: Uncovering Ichigo's Top 10 Secret Forms in Bleach

The Ultimate List: Uncovering Ichigo’s Top 10 Secret Forms in Bleach

In today’s video, we’ll cover all of Ichigo’s forms in Bleach. We’ll start with his regular form, but in later parts of the video, we’ll explain some of his most powerful legendary forms. In his human form, Ichigo is incredibly strong for a high schooler. Ever since Ichigo was a child, he used to go to a dojo to train with Tatsuki. Although Ichigo wasn’t as strong back then and used to lose a lot, he changed after his mother’s death and became very strong. Since then, he has repeatedly shown great agility and coordination in his attacks.

The Ultimate List: Uncovering Ichigo's Top 10 Secret Forms in Bleach

What’s really impressive is that Ichigo is also very courageous and doesn’t care for the number of enemies he has to fight to protect his friends. Ichigo stopped training for a short time, but the constant attacks from bullies and his father kept his skills fresh. Although this is Ichigo’s weakest form, his natural talent and hard work will lead him to becoming much stronger in the future.

Shinigami form: Ichigo obtains his Shinigami powers for the first time when his family is in great danger of a hollow attack. At that time, an injured Rukia could no longer fight, so she gave Ichigo her powers to defeat the hollow. Surprisingly, a complete novice like Ichigo managed to defeat a massive Hollow effortlessly, which even a skilled Shinigami like Rukia had trouble fighting. When Awakening his Shinigami Powers, Ichigo also obtains his Zanpakuto, a soul-cutter sword.

The base form of Zanpakuto is the same for all Shinigamis, but what makes a difference are the powers obtained in the Shikai and the Bankai forms. The borrowed power allowed Ichigo to fight alongside Rukia and his friends who also unlocked their abilities due to the Hogyoku inside Rukia.

However, even with his natural talent and newfound powers, Ichigo wasn’t untouchable in this form. Therefore, he suffered his first serious defeat against Renji and Byakuya, who came to the human world to take Rukia back and punish her for staying in the human world for too long. I also heard these guys punish people who don’t hit the subscribe button, so make sure to click it just to be safe. Anyway, after the fight, Byakuya took the borrowed powers, leaving Ichigo completely powerless.

However, with Kisuke’s help, Ichigo obtains his own Shinigami powers and finds out the name of his Zanpakuto. Ichigo uses this form most of the time, especially in the Soul Society Arc. His newly obtained powers paid off as his rematch against Renji went exceptionally well. The last time the two met, Renji had easily beaten him even with his powers restricted. This time, however, the tables had turned, and Ichigo defeated Renji, who fought against him with everything he had.

The Ultimate List: Uncovering Ichigo's Top 10 Secret Forms in Bleach

What truly showcased his strength was the battle against the captain of the 11th division, Kenpachi Zaraki, who’s well-known for being a beast in combat. Ichigo has one of the most thrilling fights of the series with Zaraki and pushes him to remove his eye patch, which was limiting his powers. The guy defeated a captain despite being an amateur Shinigami who didn’t even know how to control his own spiritual power. Around this time, Ichigo’s strength had increased even more from battling strong foes in the Soul Society.

Moreover, his speed significantly increased as well, which even impressed Byakuya, who’s well known for his flash step. However, Byakuya is a formidable foe and can’t be taken down that easily. Therefore, Yoruichi trained Ichigo to obtain a much stronger state of his “Impact Toe” so that he could have a chance against the captain of the sixth division’s Bankai form. With all the captains of the Soul Society on his back, Ichigo had to gain more power to save Rukia, but he had no time to waste.

So, Ichigo obtains a new form, Bankai, through special training with Yoruichi. It’s important to note that only captains and powerful lieutenants have Bankai, which cannot be obtained easily. What’s more, it takes over 10 years of practice to completely master this form and use it properly. As our main character didn’t really have 10 years, he fights on Getsu physically for two and a half days and manages to achieve his Bankai. This power did wonders for Ichigo as a zanpakuto’s size decreased, increasing his speed and destructive power. It proved to be a game-changer in the fight with Byakuya as he managed to actually see the Akea’s flash step and effortlessly dodge his attack.

The Ultimate List: Uncovering Ichigo's Top 10 Secret Forms in Bleach

What’s more, Ichigo started using a strong attack called “Getsuga Tensho,” which gave him an edge in the battle. However, it would be highly unrealistic for Ichigo to defeat a captain of Byakuya’s level when he was just a novice, and he realizes this pretty soon. This eventually leads him to awaken an even more powerful form – Hollow form. Unable to move his body and being repeatedly cut instead by Byakuya, Ichigo is on his knees and almost about to die.

However, just as Byakuya is about to land the final blow, Ichigo’s transformation begins. During this period, Ichigo has no control over his Hollow self, and the power he showcases is immense and chaotic, making him faster, stronger, and more reckless than before.

His powers completely changed the course of the fight, pushing Byakuya to go on the defensive. After the Hollow form severely damages Byakuya, Ichigo manages to retake his consciousness by breaking the mask and proceeds to fight with his Bankai, eventually winning the fight. Later in the series, Ichigo forms a companionship with ex-Soul Society captains and lieutenants who were hollowfied by Aizen and are known as Vizards.

The visards then helped him tame his inner Hollow through tough training by making him enter his inner world. In there, he had to fight Hollow Ichigo to access the powers as he pleases and remain conscious while using them. While Ichigo was fighting his inner Hollow, the visors fought unconscious Ichigo in the real world while he was fully hollowfied (04:58). After retaking his consciousness, Ichigo stopped his hollowfied self and broke the mask.

Ichigo could use the mask for only four seconds at a time, and after training with the visors, his limit increased to 11 seconds. However, his growth didn’t stop there, as the time limit of his mask further increases during his third rematch with the sixth Espada, Grimmjow Jaggerjack. Here, we see Ichigo using the mask for an extended period of time in order to fight on equal grounds with Grimmjow’s second form, Vasto Lorde. For him, during Ichigo’s fight with the fourth Espada, Ulquiorra Cifer, he realizes the massive difference in their powers and couldn’t do much against him.

On the brink of death, Ichigo is lying on the floor after Ulquiorra shoots Acero Oscaris through his chest that even Orihime couldn’t heal. Everyone thought that Ichigo died at that time. However, as Orihime begins to cry, Ichigo pushes himself, and his inner Hollow takes over again, but this time with a massive change in his appearance. Ichigo becomes a Vasto Lorde, having long straight hair all the way down to his waist. What confirms that he’s a hollow now is the hole in his chest which he didn’t have any of the previous times he hollowfied.

The scariest part of this transformation is his Hollow mask that covers the entirety of his face, looking like a skull with big menacing horns. This form of Ichigo is entirely mindless and chaotic with the only goal of crushing everything in front of him, both friends and foes. Vasto Lorde Ichigo has new very powerful abilities, one of them being Assetto, which can cause widespread destruction. He also gained immense strength, allowing him to destroy a significant portion of Los Noches with just one swing of his blade.

The guy easily tore off Ulquiorra’s arm in the blink of an eye. This alone should be enough for everyone to realize just how powerful he really is now. Furthermore, Ichigo also demonstrates several more abilities like fast regeneration and Sonido, a high-speed movement technique utilized by Hollows and Arrancars. Moreover, he almost killed Uryu, but Ulquiorra broke his horn, which reverted Ichigo back into his normal state. Although he never utilized this form again, some of the forms we will soon cover are even more powerful than this one.

Next is Ichigo’s Dangai form, which he obtains after witnessing just how inferior he is to Aizen. At that time, Ichigo gave up to despair, losing hope to fight due to the massive difference in power. However, Ichimaru and Ichigo’s father saw his potential. Therefore, Isshin takes him to Dangai, a corridor-like dimension connecting the Soul Society in the human world.

Time flows faster in Danga compared to the outside world, so Ishin teaches Ichigo the final gatsuka 10 show in under 3 months, which will help him greatly in defeating Eisen. Afterwards, each go rejoins the battle with a completely new appearance, now much taller and with his hair grown. In this state, it appears that Ichigo has his Bankai released, but the difference now is that getsuga is also merged with him. Ichigo’s spiritual power was so strong that even Eisen couldn’t sense it.

The donkey form considerably increased Ichigo’s speed and power, allowing him to battle Eisen without even getting a scratch. What’s more, Ichigo even returned the favor by easily catching Eisen’s sword, much like he did Ichigo’s back in the Soul Society Arc. The guy really made Eisen eyes and delusional, making him think that all the destruction around them was his power, but in reality, it was all Ichigo’s doing. Although Eisen continued to grow due to the Hogyoku in his body, Ichigo still managed to slice him in his fourth fusion and easily blocked his attacks.

Final gets a good 10 show to put an end to Eisen once and for all. Ichigo uses the final getsuga 10 show form. In this state, Ichigo becomes gatsuga himself, meaning he uses the entirety of his soul as a source of spiritual power for one significant attack. Ichigo explains that if he uses this technique, he loses all his abilities as a Shinigami, making it the final gatsuka 10 show. Ichigo learned this ability in his inner world while fighting zangetsu for three months.

Zangetsu was entirely against teaching Ichigo this last technique because he wanted to protect him from the dire consequences of the method. Eventually, Ichigo convinces him, leading zongetsu to stab Ichigo with the blade, telling him that by accepting his sword, he will acquire the final gezigaten show. In the end, Ichigo had to resort to using this technique because Eisen became Immortal and would regenerate incredibly fast, which meant that he had to go all out and quickly end him.

Ichigo’s appearance changes as his hair grows longer and turns black, giving him a very mysterious yet terrifying look. Ichigo swings towards Eisen, doing so causes a massive veil of black spiritual power to erupt upwards and approach the target, heavily damaging anything caught within the blast. The technique is strong enough to severely damage Eisen, forcing him to use his weaker transformation. After this attack, the black spiritual power disappears as Ichigo falls to the ground in severe pain, losing his Shinigami powers.

But in the end, this form had weakened Eisen enough to allow Urahara to seal him away. There were only three forms left to cover, and trust me, you definitely won’t want to miss these. Full ring form, after losing his powers as a result of his previous transformation, Ichigo finds out that becoming a full-bringer would help him become a Shinigami again. Fullbringers are spiritually aware humans born with the eponymous ability fullbring, which allows them to manipulate the souls that reside in all physical matter. This power is awakened in children whose mothers were attacked by Hollows, and since Ichigo’s mother falls into that group, Ichigo gains access to fullbring powers.

The Ultimate List: Uncovering Ichigo's Top 10 Secret Forms in Bleach

In this form, he Ichigo becomes much faster and also gains the ability to jump high into the air, which greatly helps him in his fights. In addition, fullbring Ichigo can generate swirling blasts of spiritual power comparable to gatsuka 10 show in appearance, maybe even in strain. Ichigo eventually regained his Shinigami Powers after being stabbed in the back by Rukia with a special sword containing spiritual energies given by all of the captains and lieutenants.

Before we cover Ichigo’s most powerful form in the entire show, let’s first quickly cover (10:26) his Shinigami rebuild form. During the Thousand Years Blood War Arc, Ichigo fails to defeat Yhwach and undergoes training in the Royal Palace in preparation for the war. There, Nichigo discovered that he also had Quincy’s Powers. Ichigo’s father, Isshin, is the reason for his inheritance of Shinigami energy, while his mother, Masaki, is responsible for both his inherited Quincy and Hollow Powers.

After mastering Zangetsu, Ichigo is transformed into a new and powerful Shinigami form with two zanpakutos, one representing the hollow form looking like his old blade, and the other his spiritual Shinigami, which is smaller. After reclaiming his powers, he also got improved versions of his attacks. Now he can release an exceptionally powerful gatsuga 10 show with his knife-like sword and giant shock waves with the other one.

Additionally, he gains a new attack as he combines the two blades, releasing an attack named getsuga tensho al Bankai rebuild. Ichigo achieves this state by placing his swords together in a specific way. In this form, the outer section of the blade turns white with the addition of a chain connecting the hilt and the edge of the blade. In short, Ichigo combines all his power and obtains the ultimate form beyond holification, which even you, Havoc, noticed. Unlike his Vasto Lorde form, he was completely conscious, assuring scared Orihime that it really was him and not a mindless creature thirsting for blood.

Ichigo then explains how his mother’s and father’s powers were constantly at odds with each other, but now they finally have found balance. His appearance changed again, making him look like a mixture of his Vasto Lorde and Shinigami forms with the giant white horn on his head. The Bankai rebuild gave him great speed and strength, allowing Ichigo to pose a threat to Yhwach, even making him draw his blades out. Although Ichigo managed to perform a very powerful attack by combining his getsuga tensho with Grande Cerro, in the end, it was easily blocked by Yhwach.

He then proceeded to break Ichigo’s Bankai and overpower him rather easily. However, after Yhwach leaves to destroy the Soul Society, Ichigo’s Zangetsu is fully restored with the help of Tsukishima with his book, and Orihime’s Soten Kishun. In the end, with the help of Eisen and Uryu, Ichigo swings his blade one last time and finally defeats the father of Quincy.