Top 10 Strongest Demon Slayer Characters Ranked

Top 10 Strongest Demon Slayer Characters Ranked
If you’re looking for a highly-rated series that perfectly depicts emotion and power, Demon Slayer could be what you’re looking for. This series is filled with characters who are raw and very real, which is why it was so popular from its first season. In this article, we will create a Top 10 Strongest Demon Slayer Characters in the show.
Top 10 Strongest Demon Slayer Characters
For the successful demon slayers, using this powerful weapons should be easy.
The protagonist, plus the evil villain, and other supporting characters make up a unique cast of characters in The Demon Slayer. This makes this anime stand out from the rest, because it’s not something we see very often.
In this series, each character contributes to the creation of this beautiful world in their own unique way. In the entire show, there are many powerful characters who demonstrate incredible strength during fights.
Top 10 Strongest Demon Slayer Characters strength is only ranked by their power, but there are other points of consideration to think about: strategy, skillful play, and tactical ability. These three things will tell you what a character is truly capable of.
Here we will only discuss the top 10 characters people recognise as having power until the Entertainment District Arc. So without further delay, let’s look at the top 10 strongest Demon Slayers.
Top 10 Strongest Demon Slayer Characters Ranked

10. Inosuke Hashibira – Th First in Top 10 Strongest Demon Slayer Characters

Inosuke Hashibira
Inosuke Hashibira is a demon slayer who travels with Tanjiro and Zenitsu at all times. They have fought to protect the peace of the villages from all types of demons, including boars and mountain animals. Born to an impoverished family he grew up on a farm in rural Japan and has natural talent. The most potential he has is to become one of the strongest characters in Demon Slayer.
Inosuke is a rude, impatient and tough fighter. He always rushed into battle without any plan or strategy. He impressively passed the final selection despite having no professional training.
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One of Inosuke’s many powerful abilities is his extraordinary flexibility. He can quickly relocate organs and subdue the demon by pinpointing its location. His body has ultra-high toleration for poison, which makes him a formidable opponent to face in battle.
All methods, techniques and strategies of fighting are created on their own; the only difference is that of the means. He learned how to fight in combat through all the drills and practices he did by himself, perfecting his technique as well as creating eleven different forms within it. All this knowledge was transferred to his son training him to become a true beast when it comes to fighting.

9. Zenitsu Agatsuma

Zenitsu Agatsuma
Among Top 10 Strongest Demon Slayer Characters, Zenitsu Agatsuma is one of the main characters and he’s also a demon slayer. He’s an awkward, cowardly young man who suffers from low self-esteem and feels entirely useless because he can’t be a hero. However, when Zenitsu falls asleep or feels threatened by demons, he reveals his inner strength and becomes a powerful warrior.
Skills & Abilities
Zenitsu is an incredibly talented customer service agent who, in addition to being able to hear the sound of people’s hearts, always manages to land on his feet when he falls down. His superhuman sense of hearing allows him to detect danger and stop an enemy from attacking all while still landing on his feet. Finally, his strength sets him apart from other agents as he can jump many times higher than other agents at a high speed.
His ultimate speed comes from a technique called Thunder Breathing. He learned how to do this technique from his teacher, Jigoru Kuwajima. His life was saved and he could defeat troublesome demons when he mastered just one form. However, his advance skills are still being developed as he only has mastery of one form of the technique for now.

8. Daki

Daki is an antagonist who serves as one of the main antagonists of the Entertainment District Arc and in Top 10 Strongest Demon Slayer Characters. She’s one of the twelve total moons of Kibutsuji and has a rank of upper-class Moon Six.
Daki is a very selfish, arrogant, and unenthusiastic person. All she cares about is herself and torturing people before killing them. Worse still, she finds it hilarious to tease her victims before death hits them a hard blow.
Daki is one of the most powerful demons, having killed seven Hashira on her own. Now you can fight your way through this demon’s territory and all hell to save her!
Skills and Abilities
Nimue had an ability she could manifest to a great extent – she can regenerate her muscles and hair rapidly. Her regeneration powers are extremely fast, and they allow her to regenerate limbs, organs, and other parts of her body while fighting.
Daki’s attacks are the “Obi Sash Manipulation.” They allow her to manipulate her sashes, which are made of muscle. She uses these sashes as both offensive and defensive in fights against Hashira. These strings also help her to harness people for her meals later. Her fighting style is called “The Eight-Layered Obi Slash,” which lets Daki kill from a distance.

7. Tanjiro Kamado

Thanairo Kamado is the main protagonist of the series. He joined the demon-fighting corps as a way to cure his sister and protect others so that, ultimately, all demons would be eradicated from Earth. He was also intent on destroying Kibutsuji Muzan, who is both opposed and goes hand in hand with Kamado’s purpose.
Tanjiro is a hard-working and determined character, who is always kind to his friends. He also helps those in need like he does demons, with empathy for them as well. Tanjiro excels by overcoming challenges through hard work and determination.
Skills & Abilities
Among Top 10 Strongest Demon Slayer Characters, Tanjiro’s excellent senses and analytical mind have proven to be quite useful in many occasions. His keen sense of smell not only enables him to locate the demon near by but also identify any other danger nearby.
Tanjiro defeated a powerful demon with his sharp intellect and unbreakable willpower. One of the techniques he learned that helped him was called “water breathing.” His previous master, Sakonji Urokodaki, taught him all ten forms of this unique skill. He mastered every one of them.
Tanjiro has a technique called “Hinokami Kagura” that he learned from his father when he was just a boy. By combining these two techniques, he can easily overtake the moon’s power and defeat it handily. He carried a blade with an ordinary size and black standard design.

6. Nezuko Kamado – Strongest Female Character In Demon Slayer

Nezuko Kamado is the second main character of the Demon Slayer series, and she’s undoubtedly one of the strongest characters. She’s Tanjiro Kamado’s younger sister and a demon, who takes on a human personality when in her transformed form. While she struggles with her dual nature–part demon, part human–Nezuko remains kind and protective of those whom she thinks are close to the family. Rewriting this sentence would change Nezuko from taking on a human personality into a “human” like form while still maintaining her kindness.
Skills & Abilities
Nezuko has the amazing power to recover her strength without devouring any people and can’t be replicated by any other creature. In the fight against Daki, she demonstrated how strong a true demon can be and showed just how powerful her legs were in their onslaught on Daki. Her ability to create, shape and adjust her body was used widely during the fight.
One of Nezuko’s strengths is her self-control. Her blood demon art, “Pyrokinesis,” is how she heals, using fire against demons and to destroy them. This ability also has the potential to heal others, as we saw at the end of the Entertainment District Arc.

5. Gyutaro

Gyutaro is a male antagonist in the TV series who is the primary holder of Upper Moon 6. He’s very cruel, arrogant, and envious. Gyutaro believes that anyone who has a better life than he did when he was human deserves to die. Despite being a demon, however, he holds great affection for his sister, Daki
Gyutaro is one of the most powerful Upper Moons because he has killed fifteen Hashira without any help from anyone else.
With skills and abilities, you can create blog content that resonates with your audience.
He has a tough body that is difficult to damage, and he also has the ability to manipulate his flesh on a great scale with ease. He has excellent reflexes and reaction times, which are greater than those of Tengen Uzui, Hashira’s fastest runner. His healing ability is quick; in just a few seconds after taking a kunai, he quickly regains all his strength.
“Blood Manipulation” is the name of Gyutaro’s blood art and one of the unique in Top 10 Strongest Demon Slayer Characters. He can control his own blood in a number of different ways thanks to it. He also employed deadly poisons on his kama. The term “Kama Techniques” refers to his fighting style. He spins around his two kama in this move to stab the opponent’s throat. His muscles are a razor-sharp battle instrument called Kama.

4. Kyojuro Rengoku – The strongest stone pillar in Top 10 Strongest Demon Slayer Characters

Kyojuro Rengoku
Kyojuro is the protagonist in the Mugen Train Arc and one of the Flame Hashiras, a powerful organization of shinigami. He is a very gentle, charming, and kind-hearted person who has great passion and dedication for his duties.
Rengoku has always been recognized for his amazing talent, which is often considered a gift from Shaman King. He was able to save anyone, even those who were considered weak and weaker than him. It’s why they call him the “Hashira of respected and honorable actions.”
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His keen intelligence and analytical mind enable him to deduce a way to save lives while defeating his powerful enemies. His unbreakable willpower and excellent swordsmanship skills enable him to fight Akaza in epic battles.
Rengoku is widely considered the most skilled fire-wielding warrior of his generation. He began studying fire-elemental attacks at a young age under his father, but it wasn’t until he put in an immense amount of work and training that he eventually became the master of six forms of the Flame Breathing technique.
His most powerful attack is the “Ninth Form: Rengoku.” This technique has tremendous power, carving a deep impression in your opponent’s heart and destroying the ground where it is released. He used this technique against Akaza at the end of the Mugen Train Arc, but he was unable to defeat him because he was able to regenerate. However, he was successful in saving the lives of everyone on the train, including his comrades

3. Tengen Uzui

Tengen Uzui
Tengen Uzui is the primary character in the Entertainment District Arc. He is the epitome of confidence and positivity, and very fashionable. Overall, he’s blazing with both sheer power and endurance beyond imagination. He is a ninja who classifies him self as a Sound Hashira because of his mastery of sound-based attacks.
Skills & Abilities
A keen sense of hearing is one of Uzui’s natural gifts, which is also a unique point of him among Top 10 Strongest Demon Slayer Characters. He can see his opponent’s rhythm and predict where they will be by analysing the sounds their attack generate when it comes in contact with the environment. With excellent muscle control, a poison-resistant body, and more top-notch speed, he uses his incredible willpower to go toe-to-toe against Gyutaro and fight back through even the most intense version of this brutal rematch.
He’s also an expert at using explosives and poisonous kunai in battle. He invented a breathing technique called “Sound Breathing,” which he created himself. He used two large swords, one of which is held together with chains.

2. Akaza

Akaza is a powerful demon among Top 10 Strongest Demon Slayer Characters who serves as the primary antagonist of the Mugen Train arc. He’s the third strongest in terms of ranking, and he’s always happy to fight strong opponents. Akaza enjoys fighting and admires those with power. He despises those without it, because they’re weak and need his help.
We only see Akaza in the last part of the Mugen line. As a result, we have no way of knowing how strong he is.
Here are some of the skills and abilities we offer:
According to the anime, Akaza is a powerful martial artist with incredible physical strength, reflexes, durability, and endurance. During the battle with Rengoku in episode 9, he killed Rengoku using his bare hand.
While fighting, he demonstrates one of his impressive abilities – the “Compass Needle.” It increases precision and self-awareness by sensing the opponent’s battle spirit. The other is “Disorder,” which allows him to launch fierce mid level punches in front of him when needed. He used this ability to counter Rengoku’s powerful attack, “Flaming Tiger.”
Akaza’s most powerful attack is what he calls the “Annihilation Type.” He used this on Rengoku and it killed him.

1. Kibutsuji Muzan – Strongest in Top 10 Strongest Demon Slayer Characters

muzan strongest

Although he may not be the most powerful demon among  Top 10 Strongest Demon Slayer Characters and in the series, Kibutsuji Muzan does have a lot of influence. He is part of the Twelve Demon Moons and has been a leader of demons for centuries. In general, he’s been involved with a lot of negativity in Demon Slayer’s world, but it would not be possible without him.

Muzan is a narcissistic demon who is completely self-absorbed and doesn’t care what humans think of him. His sole ambition is to be immune to death and achieve true immortality.
Skills & Abilities
Muzan has yet to show us the full extent of his powers in the anime. So far, we’ve seen that he has a variety of powerful abilities, including great power with just his fingers. He was able to strike Akaza so hard with his ability to shapeshift and change colors to hide his identity when needed.
It’s no secret that Muzan has an ability that can change anyone into a demon. However, the power of these newly turned demons varies depending on what they drank while they were changing.

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