Top 10 Most Recommended 3D CGI Anime

Top 10 Most Recommended 3D CGI Anime

Most anime that people adore and cherish often uses 2D animation. However, for more than 20 years, there have been ongoing attempts to create 3D CGI anime. However, because they are typically subpar, these so-called 3D CGI Anime have a negative reputation in the anime community. But it makes sense why this animosity exists. After all, it’s challenging to recreate the adorable 2D emotions in 3D. Not to add that the combat sequences don’t have any “impact,” if you know what I mean.

3D CGI Anime

This was the case, at least, until a few Chinese anime began to produce superior, video-game-like anime character designs and eventually succeeded in producing flawless 3D CGI animation. (Side note: Most of these Chinese anime will not be included in this list. I will only include Japanese 3D CGI animation, then.)

However, if given the option, I would personally pick a well-animated 2D anime over a well-animated 3D anime. I won’t, however, deny that there are some incredible 3D anime available as well.

10. BanG Dream!

BanG Dream!

An idol anime called BanG Dream! portrays a group of adorable ladies who desire to form their own band. Recently, the idol genre as a whole has utilized several 3D animation scenes, particularly during the dance and singing portions. Thus, any anime on idols from now might simply be included.
However, the majority of BanG Dream’s animation is in 3D, so I’ll just discuss this one.
Although this anime’s story may seem uninteresting and formulaic, it is heartening to witness the characters strive to fulfill their ambitions.
If you’ve never heard of idol anime before, BanG Dream! is a good place to start even if it may not be the finest title in its category.

9. God Eater

God Eater

Another video game that had its own anime adaptation was God Eater. Animation in it combines 2D and 3D styles. Monsters, tools, and other items are in three dimensions while the characters are in two.
In the year 2071, angry gods govern the Far East. Twenty years ago, unidentified “Oracle cells” started consuming all life on Earth in an unchecked manner.
Humanity simultaneously reveres and fears these entities, known as “aragami.” They are impervious to all weapons, and there are less and fewer people who are human. The most current “God Arcs” weaponry, which utilise Oracle cells to defend themselves, are the last hope. The “God Eaters” are an elite group of the weapon-users.

8. King of Fighters: Destiny

King of Fighters Destiny

As an anime, King of Fighters is probably obscure, but it is a rather well-liked video game. It started out as a fighting game and was first made available in the 1990s. Since then, other sequels to the game have been developed for various platforms, turning it into a franchise. This animation chronicles the narrative of two protagonists, Kyo and Terry, from the video game (which is obviously being promoted).

7. Kengan Ashura

Kengan Ashura

The finest 3D anime in the fighting/martial arts genre is without a doubt Kengan Ashura. I’d even go so far as to claim that it is on par with Baki, a well-known and adored 2D martial arts anime. It features some fancy characters, some spectacular animation, and an epic music.
Tokita Ohma, an underground fighter who is paid to fight, is the subject of Kengan Ashura. The gruesome elements including blood splatters and heavy strikes are portrayed throughout this nasty, bare-knuckle combat. The portrayal of combat is also pretty current, as one might anticipate from a contemporary anime that incorporates martial arts. Kengan Ashura is not constrained by a particular system and contains a diversity of combat techniques.

This anime’s plot is simple to follow. To face the person he harbors revenge against, the MC must first rise up the ranks and win bouts.

6. Ajin


17 years ago, immortals first emerged on African battlefields. Later, mysterious, new immortal life forms known as “Ajin” started to exist among humans (demi-humans).
Just before summer break, a high school student from Japan is instantaneously murdered in a car accident while returning from school. But after being resurrected, a price is put on his head. A little boy’s life of hiding from others starts in this way.
With only 13 episodes, the short supernatural thriller 3D CGI animation Ajin will have you on the edge of your seat.

5. Beastars


Beastars chose a difficult route. It is a furry animation as well as a 3D anime, both of which are uncommon in the anime world (another unpopular niche in the community.) It did, however, demonstrate to the audience that it is not a joke.
This is something I’ve stated before and will say again. Beastars isn’t what it first appears to be. Your expectations will be exceeded, and you’ll be completely enthralled. Therefore, avoid dismissing it on the assumption that it is just another furry anime. The fact that all the characters are animals may give it a cartoonish appearance, but the way the plot develops is quite remarkable.
Unique anime Beastars debuted in 2019 and received a second season early this year (2021). The struggles that predators and herbivores have while attempting to cohabit are the subject of this tale.
The story of a carnivorous wolf named Legosi and a tiny rabbit named Haru illustrates nicely how love can blossom between two distinct animals despite their differences.
As amazing as the aforementioned aspects are, the mystery/thriller is, in my view, the finest aspect of this anime. The way they manage aspects of surprise and suspense is GOLD.

4. Hi Score Girl

Hi Score Girl

Most likely the only 3D anime in this category is Hi Score Girl. It is an anime Rom-com that chronicles the tale of two kids from the 1990s who become friends via video games. As you may already be aware, arcade games were quite popular in the 1990s. And this anime does a wonderful job of showing how two gamers first meet, develop rivalries, fall in love, and go on with their life.
The primary protagonists in this program spend the most of the time playing competitive arcade games like Street Fighter. The thing I like best about this anime is how well it depicts the 1990s and how fascinating it is to watch.

3 . Kingdom


Another tremendously underappreciated anime of all time is Kingdom. Some individuals even despise this anime and label it “ugly” (although that is slightly exaggerated). This is possible since the manga is regarded as a masterpiece. Fans were unhappy to learn that the company had chosen to use 3D animation.
I was one of them, if I may be honest. The show’s opening animation offended me. But the tale engrossed me more and more as the anime went on. The narrative matters more than animation, though. At least, it seems that way to me. I couldn’t help but binge watch it since it was one of those animes.

3. Tiger & Bunny

Tiger & Bunny

The animation Tiger & Bunny is not entirely in 3D. The characters are only in 3D in their superhero versions.
An underappreciated superhero anime is Tiger & Bunny. Although it debuted five years before My Hero Academia and enjoyed some success in Japan at the time, it hasn’t had as much success in the west as MHA.
The protagonist of this anime is a parent and formerly incredible superhero named Kaburagi, whose abilities are gradually fading. similar to All Might He can only keep up his superhuman appearance for another minute. Despite this setback, he is adamant about continuing to be a hero and aiding others in need, even if it means being pitiful in front of the media.
Tiger & Bunny does a fantastic job of capturing the commercial side of being a hero. The hero organization compensates the heroes and makes money off of selling advertisements featuring them. As a result, Kaburagi is viewed as a “failure” as a hero because he can’t be used to produce money.
In any case, he hangs onto the slim chance he has to continue being a hero and discovers some of the deepest secrets about his world
Through and through, this anime is amazing. It includes every genre: comedy, rivalry, action, and battle.

1. Land Of The Lustrous – Best Recommended 3D CGI Anime

Land Of The Lustrous

The most popular 3D CGI anime of all time is called Land of the Lustrous. It now has the highest rating among 3D animes.
Microorganism-based beings that together attracted gemstones and developed human-like intellect have congregated on a desolate area and are now residing in a tiny community on an island by the sea.
The Lunarians, phantom humanoids riding weird, ghostly boats, are equipped with arrows that are tipped with jewels from the deceased Gem-people, and they often pose a threat to the gems, under the leadership of Master Kongo.
One of these gem-people is phosphophyllite, also known as Phos. Phos has a Hardness rating of only 3.5, making it too weak for fighting but brilliant and colorful. Phos, while being indolent, is more than willing to assist in battle. The responsibility of developing an encyclopedia of the local animals is instead given to her by the Master.
Phos makes a commitment to work hard every day in order to find the two of them more fun employment when she encounters Cinnabar, a lone gem who is forced to undertake night patrols despite the fact that Lunarians never emerge at night.

That is the end of our Top 10 Most Recommended 3D CGI Anime

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